Fox TV owns Jason Bateman … or is it, Jason Bateman owns Fox?

Given the skyrocketing trajectory of Rye native Jason Bateman’s career of late, it can’t be too long til he starts charging millions for photos of his babies, too.

The latest update, via Variety, is that 20th Century Fox has signed a deal with the actor-cum-mogul to develop TV series (as in series, plural). Bateman, you may recall, was already tapped to direct the pilot for “Do Not Disturb,” a new fall series. He’s also been on a role lately with roles in “Hancock,” the upcoming Ricky Gervais comedy “This Side of the Truth,” and the Russell Crowe flick “State of Play.”

So, what will be the first new project Bateman brings to the table under his new deal? Call me crazy, but I seem to recall a certain affection he has for one of his past TV series, and a lingering desire to turn that series into a feature movie. And no, I’m not talking about “The Hogan Family.”

Meanwhile, sis Justine, when she isn’t out shilling for SAG, is also branching out beyond acting. She’s been writing scripts for Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place.” I’m not exactly sold on the Daily News’s classification of the show as “red hot,” but I will say this: It’s high time we finaly got a sanitized, family-friendly version of “Charmed.” That Alyssa Milano was showing waaay too much cleavage.

(Jason: AP Photo/Reed Saxon; Justine: ABC Photo / Danny Feld)

Podcast: June 19

This week: Ron Howard’s vexing problems with the Vatican, Justine Bateman’s SAG sympathies, and Vanessa Williams return to Chappaqua.

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And the quiz — which, I might add, stumped Stacy-Ann (third week in a row!) — is as follows:

Which actor from the Lower Hudson Valley appears in M. Night Shyamalan’s new thriller “The Happening”?

A. Joseph Cross, of Pelham
B. Bill Irwin, of Nyack
C. Alan Ruck, of Piermont
D. Mel Gibson, of Peekskill/Verplanck

The big trick here: ALL of these actors have, at one point or another, appeared in a Shyamalan film.

The answer, as always, is at the end of the video or after the break.

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Justine Bateman’s SAG solidarity

The Screen Actors Guild appears to be having a hard time luring any A-list celebs to join their potentially strike-inducing cause. But one of the few who was happy to lend their name to the cause is Justine Bateman. It’s just one of the many causes the Rye native has adopted lately.

SAG’s main goal is to block the ratification of a deal that its sister union, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA),  put together with television producers. At issue, according to Variety, are the terms for “new-media jurisdiction and compensation, middle-class actor salaries, DVD residuals, force majeure protections and product-integration protections.” SAG is hoping to persuade enough of its 44,000 members to put the kibutz on the AFTRA deal, potentially throwing a monkey wrench into the fall TV shows currently filming (not to mention several films, like Ron Howard’s “Angels and Demons,” that were already seriously delayed by the writers strike).

Given how much the WGA’s efforts cost the entertainment biz, it could turn out that there’s very little public sympathy for yet another Hollywood strike. Though Batemab was joined at a recent SAG rally by folks like Ed Asner, Marg Helgenberger (who is Rosenberg’s wife), The Office’s Kate Flannery, and Sex and the City’s Willie Garson, according to Entertainment Weekly there weren’t many Clooneys and Pitts — or for that matter, Jason Batemans — to be found at the event.

(Photo: ABC/Sergi Bachlakov)

Justine Bateman goes to Washington … to save the Internet

It’s a question you’ve no doubt asked yourself countless times before: 112605_1774_pre.jpgWhere does Justine Bateman stand on the whole “Net Neutrality” debate?

I’m sure Lawrence Lessig and Kevin Martin have perfectly good arguments on the topic, too, but during late April’s Senate Committee Hearing on the Future of the Internet, it was Bateman, a Rye native (and sister of Jason) who really stole the show. A few choice excerpts for her full statement to the committee are after the break.

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Justine Bateman moves to Wisteria Lane

Mal-o-ry! Rye native and former “Family Ties” favorite Justine Bateman has signed on to do a three-episode stint on “Desperate Housewives” this spring, according to Entertainment Tonight.


This comes after Bateman’s last TV role on “Men in Trees,” where I’m pretty sure she competed with Anne Heche for the attentions of some lumberjack-type guy. I can’t say for certain, since this is one of those shows my wife insists on DVRing, and I will only watch out of the corner of my eye while paying bills.

As for “Housewives,” well, there’s a better chance of me tuning in for reruns of her, Nick, and Alex P. Keaton — or, better yet, DVDs of her “Arrested Development” episodes — than the gang on Wisteria Lane. Still, for all you fans of DH, look for Bateman’s episodes to begin some time after the show returns to ABC on April 13.

(Photo: ABC/Sergi Bachlakov)

Batemans, Unite!

It seems like just about everyone associated with Juno is getting all kinds of Oscar love (Ellen Page, Jason Reitman, Diablo Cody, to name a few), but one of the names sadly missing is Jason Bateman — one of the most unheralded but outstanding parts in the movie. Then again, in a year with both Javiar Bardem and Hal Holbrook duking it out for Best Supporting Actor, he still wouldn’t have stood much of a chance.

But for all you Bateman fans out there, we have some good news on the Rye native: He’s teamed up with sister Justine to create a WGA strike video. It’s the first time the two have appeared onscreen since “Arrested Development.” The best part, though, is that the clip is all done in Peanuts “waaa-waaa-wa-wa-waaaa” speak. Trust us, it works.

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Oh, and here’s a link to the WGA strike blog, United Hollywood, where I found this.

(via Cinematical)