Legion of LoHud celebs donates artistic skills to benefit Brewster charity

The Columbus Day Parade has gone to the dogs!

Well, art shaped like dogs. Whatever. It’s a good cause. Stay with me here.

This Monday, the artwork of celebrities – many with a connection to the Lower Hudson Valley – will be paraded down the streets of New York City as part of an initiative to raise money for a Brewster charity.

gere.jpgAbout 30 celebs painted life-sized fiberglass dogs that will be aboard a float in the city’s Columbus Day Parade. Among the artistic celebs with a local connection are Pound Ridge residents Richard Gere (pictured) and Clive Davis; Bedford residents Chevy Chase, Glenn Close, Robert Kennedy Jr., Paul Shaffer and Martha Stewart; Chappaqua resident Vanessa Williams; North Salem resident and John Jay High School alumnus Stanley Tucci; and former Putnam County resident Judge Judy Sheindlin.

The money raised through a subsequent auction will benefit Green Chimneys, a 60-year-old non-profit organization that operates a special education school, a residential treatment center for children and a farm and wildlife rehabilitation center in Brewster. The auction ends Nov. 1.

For the rest of October, the dogs will be on display at the TimeWarner Center in Columbus Circle.

Among the other celebrities to apply their palates to fake pups were Fiona Apple, Rachael Ray, Robin Quivers, Dan Aykroyd, Jane Goodall, Cyndi Lauper, Soledad O’Brien, Joe Piscopo, Mike Richter and Bill Walton.

Check out and bid on all the dogs at www.CharityFolks.com and learn more about Green Chimneys at www.GreenChimneys.org.

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

EXCLUSIVE: Judge Judy weighs in on Jeanine Pirro’s new TV show

I was in Larchmont today covering a young women’s mentorship program sponsored by Judy Sheindlin, star of the court room show Judge Judy. She said she knows Jeanine Pirro, so I asked Sheindlin what she thought about Pirro’s own court show that debuted this week.tjndc5-5i3tpfwkob51jm8bzfc2_original.jpg

“I haven’t watched the show yet but I will get to see it,” Sheindlin said. “I’m sure she’s terrific.”

As a TV judge veteran, she also had some advice for Pirro, Westchester’s former firecracker district attorney.

“Just be yourself and have a good time,” she said. “Don’t let anyone run you — but you don’t have to tell that to Jeanine.”

Sheindlin lives in Greenwich and is no stranger to the Hudson Valley. Her son Adam Levy is Putnam County’s district attorney and her daughter Nicole Sheindlin lives in Larchmont and is the executive director of Her Honor, the mentorship program I was covering.

You can read my story about the mentorship program here.

( Photo by Frank Becerra Jr. / The Journal News )

Quake shakes up set of ‘Judge Judy’

Judge Judy Sheindlin — and her set — were all shook up during yesterday’s magnitude 5.4 earthquake impacted Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

judge-judy.jpgCheck out the footage via this CNN link. I kept expected the feisty Sheindlin to quip something like, “Don’t throw a banana peel at my feet and tell me it’s an earthquake,” but she apparently cleared out of there in a hurry.

A couple of swaying light fixtures and rattled audience members, but no one seemed to get hurt here. But if there’s a case against Mother Nature, perhaps Sheindlin’s son, Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy, will take it on.

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Celebritize your bicep

Speaking of Susan Sarandon, I just can’t seem to get that image of her brand new back tattoos out of my head. Is it still a “tramp stamp” if it’s on your upper back? What’s the projected lifespan of a tat on a 61-year-old before it begins sagging? Will Tim Robbins get his own ink art to match?

I don’t have the answers to any of these, of course, but the topic remind me of something else: My colleague Audrey Green’s excellent story on Rockland County’s tattoo subculture. If you weren’t one of the lucky recipients of the May issue of Rockland Magazine, you probably didn’t get to read it. But, hey, lucky you, it’s still online. Be sure to check it out.

photo-10-celebrity-skin_-21-tattoos-of-famous-faces-photos-ewcom.jpgAnyway, back to celebrity tattoos. If you’re reading this blog, chances are that’s what you’re mainly interested in anyway. And while I don’t have anything quite as exhaustive as my 2006 index of former Sneden’s Landing resident Angelina Jolie’s body art, Friend of Sububarazzi Amy Vernon did point me to a different kind of celebrity tattoo. Not on celebs, but of them. As in, a permanent portrait of Stepinac grad Alan Alda (as MASH’s Hawkeye Pierce) or former Carmelite Judge Judy surrounded by the phrase “Only Judy Can Judge Me.”

Those are the two locals that made the Entertainment Weekly photo gallery of celebrity tattoos, but there are plenty of others—Napoleon Dynamite, Tony Danza, Bob Barker, Michael Moore—to keep you entertained. Enjoy.

“Celebrity Skin: 21 Tattoos of Famous Faces” [EW.com]

(Photo: Johnny Andres/New Addiction Tattoos)

Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘Go for the jugular’ daytime jurisprudence

We’ve now confirmed what I’ve always suspected: If you want a televised small claims court show, tjndc5-5jw0xaq0n00jpzzunb6_layout.jpgyou better have a first name that begins with the letter “J.” Judge Judy. Judge Joe Brown. And now, Judge Jeanine Pirro. For TV execs — like overworked magazine editors — the temptation of an alliterative show title is just too good to pass up.

Pirro’s new show will begin on September 22, according to Shawn Cohen’s story on LoHud today. It’ll be an hour-long program on the CW, in which the former Westchester County DA will “mete out justice with her own ‘go for the jugular’ style.”

Note to all prospective litigants: If your case isn’t going well, just bring up Hillary Clinton and/or Al Pirro. A surefire way to bring Judge Jeanine to tears and invoke a mistrial.

“Look out, Judge Judy: Pirro gets TV show” [LoHud]

(AP Photo/Warner Bros Ent. Inc., Mark Harmel)

Judge Judy sentenced: two more years on TV

After renewing her deal with CBS Television Stations, Judge Judy Sheindlin — judge-judy.jpgmom of newly elected Putnam DA Adam Levy, and whose hubby practices law in Putnam — is now set to be on the air with “Judge Judy” until 2012. Yes, by the time the contract runs out, she’ll be pushing 70.

In a quote on The Hollywood Reporter, CTD president and COO John Nogawski said, “Judge Judy is the unsung hero of syndication, consistently delivering fantastic ratings to our station partners, and were really proud its the only syndicated show growing year to year.”

Me, I always thought the biggest unsung hero was “The Lost World” with Jennifer O’Dell. To each his own.

Thanks to F.O.S. Amy Vernon for the tip.

(Judge Judy Photo: PRNewsFoto/CBS Television Distribution)

CNN poll voters: Keep Judge Judy away from my legal briefs!

judge-judy.jpgNearly two of every three voters in an unscientific CNN poll said they would not want Judge Judy Sheindlin making legal judgments in their lives.

With 9,477 people voting as of 3:04 p.m. EST, here were the poll results:


Would you want Judge Judy to preside over your court case?
Yes: 38 percent (3,643 votes)
No: 62 percent (5,834 votes)


Perhaps most voters feared that adding insult to the injury of losing a case would be to hear her say, “Goodbye! Have a happy life!�

Judy Sheindlin will return to Larry King’s talk show set tonight at 9 p.m. EST. In a February appearance on the show, she discussed everything from Anna Nicole Smith’s death to her support of a Putnam County District Attorney candidate who just happens to be her son. Sheindlin was in Brewster on Tuesday to celebrate Adam Levy’s uncontested election win, which appeared to tally more than 13,000 votes.

(Photo courtesy of Gannett News Service.)

Judge Judy Sheindlin celebrates son’s election victory

judge-judy.jpgEven Election Day brings the stars to the Lower Hudson Valley.

Judge Judy Sheindlin may be a tough cookie on her syndicated courtroom show, but she was a softie last night in Brewster, where she celebrated her son’s uncontested election victory for Putnam County District Attorney. Adam Levy ran on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines and collected more than 13,000 votes, according to unofficial results tabulated last night.

This evening, WCBS broadcast Judge Judy Productions’ footage of last night’s victory party, which included the following quote from Sheindlin:


He’s worked really hard the last 10 months. My heart is swelling with pride.


OK, enough heart. Back to snapping ungrateful whippersnappers into shape, Your Honor.

(Photo via Gannett Photo Network)

Cross Judge Judy with Dr. Phil and you get … Donald Trump?

Q: How many Donald Trump television shows will we be forced to watch before the network overlords understand that the man has peaked, that the halcyon days of “The Apprentice” are long gone?

A: Four

In addition to NBC’s “Apprentice: Celebrity Edition” (currently filming now in NYC), Fox’s “Lady or a Tramp,” and MTV’s “Pageant Place,” yesterday news broke that there is yet another Trump show forthcoming. Only now, the Donald is taking aim at a whole new section of the schedule: daytime.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the new syndicated show (to be created by Reveille Prods. and Trump Prods.) will star the Bedford resident in what one source called a hybrid between “Dr. Phil” and “Judge Judy” — i.e. Trump acting as mediator for real people with financial disputes.

Hey, that reminds me, Donald: If you’re looking for any people to appear on the new show, I hear Michael Lohan might like a little of that “Apprentice” action coming Stephen Baldwin’s way!

(Associated Press file photo by Dennis Cook)

From Lauer to Leno to Letterman, LoHud celebs dominate Forbes list of TV’s Top Earners

letterman.jpgNorth Salem resident David Letterman earned $40 million from June 2006 to June 2007 through television, ranking him fourth on Forbes magazine’s new list of TV’s Top Earners and tops among celebrities who have lived or attended college in the Lower Hudson Valley.

His newest BFF, Oprah Winfrey, tops the list. And it isn’t even close. She made $260 million in that one-year span, about $200 million more than the runner-up, Jerry Seinfeld ($60 million) and even more over “American Idol” staple Simon Cowell ($45 million).

Suddenly Alex Rodriguez’s contract doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary.

Other LoHudders on the list: Westchester real estate maven and golf course owner Donald Trump (No. 5, $32 million); New Rochelle native Jay Leno (No. 6, $32 million); former Putnam County resident (Judge) Judy Sheindlin (No. 7, $30 million); former Chappaqua, Ardsley and Hartsdale resident Matt Lauer (No. 17, $13 million); Sarah Lawrence College graduate Barbara Walters (No. 18, $12 million); and Irvington resident Meredith Vieira (No. 20, $10 million).

(AP Photo/John Paul Filo, CBS)

Judge Judy mentors our youth


Lots of celebrity sightings today in the LoHud. In addition to Timothy Hutton, Judge Judy was also spotted earlier today by intrepid InTown Editor Jeanne Muchnick during an event at Bonnie Briar Country Club. Here’s Jeanne’s report:


Who Knew Judge Judy was so tiny? Or so short? Her red heels and red jacket screamed “power,� but the girls she was standing next to—eight Mamaroneck High School students—towered over her. It was all part of a photo opp at Bonnie Briar Country Club to kick-off the first-ever mentoring program, funded by Judge Judy and administered by the Westchester County Office for Women. Eight mentors (Myself included!) and their protégées – juniors and seniors at the high school, met for the first time. The girls will start working their four-hour shifts next week; the program itself runs for 25 weeks and was the brainchild of Judge Judy’s daughter, Nicole Sheindlin, a Larchmont resident.

But what I liked the best about the luncheon (besides the decadent cannolis and the fact that I got to meet my mentee – shout-out to Sheri Abramowitz!) was Judge Judy’s advice to the students: “You only get one chance for a first impression,� she warned. In other words, no face piercings, bare midriffs or tattoos in places you can’t see. If I had the choice between hiring a girl with piercings and tattoos, or someone who looked clean, I’d go with the girl without—despite the fact that the girl with the piercings might be a qualified candidate. Some people might tell you that’s not ‘p.c.’,� she said. “But ‘p.c.’ has never been my thing.�

To that, I say you go girl.


(Photo courtesy WestchesterGov.com)

Suburbarazzo finds LoHud stars all over Walk of Fame

Hey, ‘Burbies! Guess where I was for a long-weekend vacation?


For those of you who guessed “Knoxville,” you clearly missed all those Reading is Fundamental public service announcements from the ’80s. Ah, yes. Tinseltown. Even in the warm California sun, Suburbarazzi was on my mind. I mean, how couldn’t it be? Strolling the Walk of Fame caused for moments of celebration and inspiration. Observe:

Sarah Lawrence College alumna Barbara Walters inspires me to strike a pensive pose. What kind of tree would I be?

I can’t really think of a good pose for former Bronxville resident Ed McMahon, so I do my best to look stately and interested. Or just feel inclined to punch my hip. “Yes!”

Here I am next to the star of former Larchmont resident Joan Rivers. I’m pulling the skin back on my face. Botox, shmotox.

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