A vote for Obama is a vote for Stephen Baldwin to move to Canada

Still not sure whether to cast your vote for Obama or McCain this fall? Well, if you’re part of Upper Grandview actor Stephen Baldwin’s flock, the GOP supporter (who supported Mike Huckabee in the primaries) would like you to know he’s throwing all of his evangelical endorsement power behind John McCain.

But that’s not all. He’s also vowed, in an interview with Fox News, to move to Canada if Barack Obama is elected.

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Consider that reason No. 2,304 to vote for the Illinois Senator.

Of course, it’s worth noting that another Baldwin bro, Alec, made the same kind of bizarre threat back in 2000, vowing to head north if George W. Bush won the election. And unless “30 Rock” is filmed in Vancouver, I’m pretty sure he didn’t stick to his guns.

Also, Stephen crossed his fingers while making the pledge and joked “let the media have fun with that,” so he likely wasn’t serious. Still, the prospect of an ex-pat Stephen Baldwin in Canada does actually make a little more sense. I hear acting gigs are far easier to come by in Vancouver these days.

“Celebrities who threatened to move out of the U.S. when Bush got elected” [LA Times]

John McCain announces his run for president on David Letterman’s show…or rather he announces his plans to announce his run for president…or actually he confirms plans that have already been announced to announce his run for president

Talk about a scoop! The North Salem funnyman welcomed the Republican frontrunner last night, who told the audience he will announce his candidacy in April. So, if you’re keeping track, the man who everybody knew was running anyway made big news by “revealing” he would announce his plans to run in a few weeks.

“By the way, I’ll be making a formal announcement in April,” is how McCain explained it to Letterman. “This is the announcement preceding the formal announcement. You know you drag this out as long as you can. You don’t just have one rendition. You’ve got to do it over and over.”


Even though McCain formed an exploratory committee in November and has repeatedly told interviewers that there was nothing he could foresee that would alter his plans to run, the surprise announcement seemed to have caught at least a few people off guard—namely Letterman himself and McCain’s political team. Letterman responded to the Senator from Arizona with an, “Oh.” And later, the New York Times reported:

Mr. McCain is known as something of a free spirit, and his aides suggested that his remarks to Mr. Letterman were, if formal-sounding, extemporaneous rather than a result of careful planning by his campaign. Nonetheless, aides said, his appearance clearly fit into the campaign’s effort to stir as much excitement and interest as possible in his plans. </div></blockquote>

In other words, announcement number 572 will be coming shortly.
(AP Photo/CBS)