Sextortionist sent to the slammer for 21 months

After an unusually protracted, painful pre-trail period, Jessica Wolcott has finally been sentenced. Or as the NY Post so artfully put it: “The soda swindler is headed to the can.” That swindler is, of course, the girl who attempted to extort $125,000 from Pepsi exec Gary Wandschneider, and was then subsequently nabbed by the Feds after her mark spilled the whole story in August 2006.

On Dec. 13, Judge Kenneth Karas imposed a 21-month jail term, effectively rejecting please from Wolcott’s attorney, Susanne Brody, for leniency. According to The Journal News account, Wolcott had told friends in email that “she would get ‘a slap on the wrist’ if she got caught,” and Judge Karas in turn “threw those words back at Wolcott, 23, yesterday, sending her to prison for 21 months and calling her a grifter and a con artist.”

Among the other details in the two accounts of the sentencing:

• The judge did not determine what kind of monetary restitution Wolcott would pay.

• Wandschneider either made close to $1 million a year, according to TJN, or $6 mil a year, accoding to the Post (not to play favorites here, but $1 mil sounds far more plausible).

• Wolcott will begin serving her sentence on Feb. 1.

 The Post interviewed Kyle Strait, her ex-husband (who Suburbarazzi also talked to a year ago). We’ll let him have the last word on this subject …


“Jessica has a lot of problems. Anybody can look at the things she’s done in the past and see she needs psychiatric help . . . She’s volatile, and this isn’t going to help. While she’s sitting in a cell, she’s not going to get the help she needs. I was kind of pulling for her. She needs to be doing normal-people things. She needs be in school. Her mind is going to spin out of control.” </div></blockquote>

“Woman who extorted corporate exec gets 21 months” [LoHud]

“Gal gets popped” [NY Post]

(Photo courtesy Kyle Strait)

Sextortionist given another stay of execution

a218b1773d.jpgA quick update on the Sextortionist saga (via our blogging brothers at Business in the Burbs) …

Jessica Wolcott was hauled into a White Plains court yesterday, where U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Karas decided not to keep her in custody until her sentencing on November 15. Wolcott was found to have cut off her electronic monitoring bracelet, been giving tours of a winery, and filling up her apartment with empty bottles of booze (despite a court order to cut out the drinking after she got into a bar brawl this summer).

Sextortionist cuts off court-ordered anklet — and gets brand new, shiny arrest warrant

6972ba2032.jpgAnd here I thought Jessica Wolcott wasn’t due to come back on our radar screen until her next court date of November 15. But apparently she just couldn’t wait that long.

Famous for trying to extort Pepsi executive Gary Wandschneider for $125,000—and threatening to expose his online sugar-daddy life to his wife—Wolcott pled guilty to extortion last year. Since then, she’s caused more trouble by threatening her ex-husband Kyle Strait (after he talked with us about how she cheated on and stole from him), angering the bitter smartmob of investors at, and getting into a bar fight in Seneca Falls.

Now the latest: After being ordered to wear an electronic tracking bracelet and restrict her travel, Wolcott apparently cut off the anklet. What’s more, even though she had been explicitly instructed to stay away from the booze (especially given her bar-brawling ways), she began conducting winery tours and officers found a number of empty beer and wine bottles in her apartment. The police explained to our colleagues at The Journal News that Wolcott removed her tracking device because “she had spilled hot wax on it.”

Thanks to these shenanigans, U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth M. Karas went ahead and issued an arrest warrant for Wolcott. All of which begs the question: Is this girl DMX’s soul mate?

Yes, I know he’s married, but it’s not like that ever stopped her before.

Somebody please sentence the Sextortionist already

wolcott-cu.jpgAnother Jessica Wolcott court date, another adjournment. In case any of you loyal Suburbarazzi readers forget, she’s the girl who attempted to scam an exec at Westchester-based PepsiCo out of $125,000, only to get caught by the feds.

I showed up today to Judge Colleen McMahon’s court in the White Plains Federal Courthouse at 10 am this morning for what I hoped would be the final chapter in USA v. Wolcott, only to find out her sentencing has been postponed — for the third time! — to June 15.

I know Wolcott might not exactly be excited for the slammer, but it’s become obvious that with each passing day she gets into deeper doo-doo. As I reported back on May 2, the Sextortionist was supposed to be under house arrest until her trial, but managed to get into a bar brawl nonetheless. After smashing a woman’s face with a liquor bottle, Wolcott lied to the arresting officers, giving them a phony name. Sheesh.

And since then, even more fuel has been added to the fire. Another of Wolcott’s victims, a Florida businessman, contacted Suburbarazzi for an exclusive interview about how she scammed him … all the way back in 2004. That’s a full two years before she even got to work on Pepsi’s Gary Wandschneider or All of the sordid details are after the jump.

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The Sextortionist II: Wolcott Strikes Back

celebrating4.jpgJust when you thought Jessica Wolcott — the Craigslist extortion artist who attempted to scam a local Pepsi excec, Gary Wandschneider, out of $125,000 — couldn’t get into any more trouble, she goes and smashes a woman’s face with a liquor glass at a bar, while out on bail.

Oh, and then she lies to the cops, giving a different name and SSN so she won’t get caught. Jeez Louise! Last week I posted about how Wolcott’s sentencing had been postponed until May 25, and how the judge had been extra lenient by denying the prosecutor’s request that she be held in custody until her court date. Not to say I told you so, but that post is now feeling a little prescient — especially the appeal for Wolcott to lay off the Captain Morgan.

Clearly, that didn’t happen. According to court documents, on March 10 Wolcott was with friend celebrating her upcoming birthday at a Seneca Falls bar. She then got into an argument with Felicia Yadanza and smashed her Long Island Iced tea in her hand into Felicia’s head.
She was soon charged with assault and, the NY Post reports, during her interview gave her name as “Wilcott” and also gave a false Social Security number “to avoid officers from finding out [she] has pending charges” by federal authorities. Yeah, nice try. Once the feds have your fingerprints in their national database, it’s a little tough to pull the old Wolcott-Wilcott switcharoo.

Many thanks to Wolcott’s ex-husband Kyle Strait for the tip (and the above photo).


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Sextortionist Update: Jessica Wolcott’s sentencing moved to May

celebrating2.jpgI was all set to pay a visit to the White Plains federal courthouse last Friday for the sentencing of everyone’s favorite Criagslist scam artist, Jessica Wolcott. Alas, we’ll all have to wait another month to find out the fate of the Pepsi Sextortionisht; her hearing has been moved to May 25 (10 am).

According to court documents, Judge Colleen McMahon didn’t grant the government’s request that Wolcott be remanded (i.e. held in custody) due to “her behavior while in pretrial release,” but did give Wolcott pretty strict conditions:

• She must remain at her residence at all times unless she has been granted permission by her probation officer to attend college classes, appear in court, meet with her lawyers, go to the supermarket, see a shrink, or work at the “Yacht Club.”

• She can have a telephone, but cars, cell phones, and modems are off limits (not that we would ever rat if you were to comment on this blog as “A Friend”).

• No booze either. So please, Ms. Wolcott, lay off the Captain Morgan.

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(photo courtesy Kyle Strait)

“Sextortionist” Jessica Wolcott’s sentencing postponed so she can see a shrink

celebrating4.jpgSpeaking of court dates, Jessica Wolcott got out of her sentencing hearing, originally set to take place White Plains District Court yesterday. Wolcott, you may recall, is the girl who enticed Pepsi executive Gary K. Wandschneider through Craigslist, seduced him at a Mount Kisco bar, then extorted him for $125,000.

According to court documents, Judge Colleen McMahon granted Wolcott a sentencing adjournment, setting a new hearing for April 20, 2007. Why the delay? As Wolcott’s probation officer put it, “Based on information received during our presentence investigation, it is our position that Wolcott should undergo a psychological examination prior to sentence.”

Well, duh. Could have told you that after our interview with Wolcott’s ex-husband, Kyle Strait, last December!

However, following a few unsettling comments made to Suburbarazzi’s old Wolcott posts, I decided to probe a little further. So I had another little presentence investigation of my own — a conversation with Ashley, a girl who says that Wolcott threatened and attempted to frame her, all while stealing her boyfriend.

The bizarre, sordid details (and cell-phone screen captures) are after the jump.

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Perfume Poll: Smells like celebrity spirit

While regional real estate seeker Derek Jeter tries to convince you that smelling like a chilled grapefruit is a great holiday gift idea, Suburbarazzi asks the question no one else dares: What if other celebrities with a connection to New York City’s northern suburbs released a line of fragrances?

Would you be inspired (read: nuts) enough to fork over $85 for a tinted bottle of pungent liquid and “your free gift (of toiletries nobody wants), while supplies last”?

Well, we care not only about what you want, but also about what you don’t. Have your say on the worst potential celebrity essence money could buy.

<div class=”box”>[poll=2]</div>

Let’s Recap: Lessons Learned from the Sextortionist Saga


• Pepsi does not take kindly to its Somers executives trolling for tarts on Craigslist. [Journal News]

• When extorting adulterers, $30,000 is a perfectly reasonable sum to ask for — especially when you can seduce them with your rockin’ bikini bod. Asking them to wire $125,000 to an e-gold account, however, will cause them to call in the FBI and spill all. [Smoking Gun]

• Waverly, NY, between Elmira and Binghamton, is the last known residence of Wolcott, and is one of the more rural parts of the state we’ve seen. And her hometown, Nichols, NY (population 574) looks positively depressing. So really, we can’t fault Jess for eating spackle and needing to booze it up with the Captain.

• Don’t ever mess with the bitter smartmob that is Prosper. Within less than a week, they’ll have your car’s VIN #, copies of the sonogram you faked to scam an ex-boyfriend, and a scan of your divorce papers.

• Mount Kisco bars have replaced Bronx motels as the rendezvous point du jour for area sleazemeisters and dominatrices.

• Seeing as how former Pepsi Bottling exec Gary Wandschneider likes to think of himself in cinematic terms (see his parting email to employees), and he sports a killer mustache, we’re voting for Burt Reynolds to play him in the movie version of all this. [Cast your own vote at Dealbreaker]

• No matter how flush you are with extortion cash, don’t buy a Saab convertible off eBay — especially if it’s being sold as “salvage.” And if you do, please hide the evidence!

• Philadelphia has fantastic WiFi access! And Walnut Street has amazingly cheap rents! It’s the ideal setup for any would-be extortionist. [Smoking Gun]

• Wolcott may have had a rocky history with her mom, Debbie — at least, according to her ex-husband — but the two now appear to be best buds. So chummy, in fact, that they’ve both had Prosper money-making scams going on simultaneously. [JessM’s profile, with 90k in loan scams; DebbieS’s profile, with $66k in loan aps]

• While hugging is clearly controversial, Hug Boy didn’t have anywhere near as much staying power as the Sextortionist. Oh, how we miss you, Aaron Perez.

• Jess, in case you’re reading this, Mary Aleandri — you know, the mom of that guy you were cheating on Kyle Strait with — is still pulling for you. As she commented to a post below, “You can change, and you’re so young yet.”

• Gawker likes us, they really like us!

Sextortionist’s Private Emails to Angry Ex

celebrating4.jpgYou can also call her The Punisher. At least, that’s the message conveyed in a series of emails between Jessica Wolcott and ex-husband Kyle Strait, in which the now-infamous Sextortionist says, “I punish people who cheat.”

Of course, the would-be vigilante has a few demons in her closet — as all vigilantes must. This we learned when Strait, an Airforce staff sergent (see pic of him with Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero here), explained to us in a phone interview that Wolcott repeatedly cheated on him during their marriage, often with multiple men at the same time.

No matter. She’s a crafty one, that Punisher, and she tries a number of tactics to scare her former husband out of blabbing further to the media, including (a) threatening to “out” a “relationship” that he had with another woman, (b) saying “the airforce is going to be asked for comment and I’m afraid there would be a repercussion for you … the last thing I want is you to be punished in your career now for the past,” and (c ) suggesting that Strait’s current girlfriend would be dragged into all this.

Almost all of Wolcott’s threats are posed in the form of questions, and while her powers of persuasion are clearly diminished in email form (exhibit A: Strait forwarding all of their correspondence to Suburbarazzi), the messages do provide a fascinating look how she coyly phrases her blackmail.

The full emails exchange is after the jump. We took the liberty of putting it in chronological order and highlighting some of the best parts. No matter how troubled your own relationships may seem, trust us, reading this is guaranteed to make you feel better.

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