So long, Trump Magazine. Hello, Trump Life

trumpmag.jpgThe predicted financial meltdown of Premiere Publishing Group, Donald Trump’s magazine pimp, has finally arrived. And yes, the Donald is taking lemons and making the classiest editorial lemonade you’ve ever seen. I’m telling you, da best!

OK, well, maybe not. But the Bedford homeowner’s already has plans to launch his next magazine, Trump Life. And it’s sure to be better than the deformed Panache-Skymall love child that constituted its three-year-old predecessor. How could it not be at least a slight improvement? It’ll be published by Ocean Drive Media — which already puts out the quality Ocean Drive Magazine in Florida — and, as before, the Trump pub will be sold on newsstands and distributed at Trump’s various hotel, golf, and casino properties.

Most baffling of all, according to the NY Post, Ocean Drive’s Jerry Powers agreed to a five-year, $20 million “partnership deal” with Trump. Which, if I’m not mistaken, translates to about $750,000 per word for his typical editor’s letter.

Say, how much do you guys offer freelancers?