Fans of Yoko Ono say no-no to the upcoming Lennon Killer movie…and Yoko says thanks

The film, Chapter 23, stars Jared Leto (and about an extra 100 lbs. of fat) as Mark David Chapman, the man who shot John Lennon outside his Upper West Side home in 1980. Some fans of the late singer complained that the film could possibly glorify the killer, who remains in a psychiatric institution. Over 2,000 have signed a boycott petition, according to Entertainment Weekly. Yoko’s response: “It’s very sweet of them. John would have thought so too.�


The famed widow (and onetime Scarsdale resident) also told the magazine what she thought Lennon would be up to, were he still alive:

<blockquote><div>He would be totally into the Internet, giving him a chance to do anything and being able to communicate with the whole world at the same time. He would have loved it.</div></blockquote>

(AP Photo/Paul Hawthorne)

Matisyahu’s music makes men crazy…

tjndc5-5d8rnl9x4txpb9stoq6_layout.jpg…or at least it makes Jared Leto crazy (or maybe he was crazy to begin with). According to the New York Post, the Hassidic Reggae star performed at Harry O’s Tao in Park City (if you’re counting, that’s the third party sighting of the White Plains-bred singer, after Riverhouse Café and the Heineken Party). Leto was in the audience and “stirred things up,� flirting with the girlfriend of Chris Robinson and “bumping into people in the crowded venue as he headed back to his table.�

<blockquote><div>When a fellow patron told Leto to “relax,” Leto grabbed a liquor bottle and held it above the guy’s head. Spies said when bouncers asked Leto to leave, he responded by holding up a beer bottle as he was led out.</div></blockquote>

Real class act, that Leto dude!

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)