And the number of Olympic medals Hudson Valley won is…

Zero. But that really doesn’t matter to me at all because it’s still pretty freakin awesome that we had at least seven athletes compete in the Olympics.olympic_closing_ceremony_msnbc.jpg

They all deserve their props including Yonkers native James Blake. He lost the bronze medal match in tennis, but he deserves a gold medal in my book for beating Roger Federer, the world’s best tennis player, in an earlier match.

(Editors note: According to my research, nobody from the Hudson Valley won a medal. But I may have missed someone, so I do apologize in advance if I am wrong).

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James Blake upsets bland razor spokesman at Olympics

Yonkers native James Blake needed only two sets to upset Swiss phenom Roger Federer in Olympic tennis earlier today.

blake.jpgIt’s his first time beating Federer — the No. 1 player in the world — in nine tries.

Federer, who hocks five-bladed razors with fellow clean-shaven sports celebs Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter, is one of the world’s best athletes about whom few Americans care. To me, he’s like “Gone With The Wind.” I’m sure I’d be really impressed by watching both, but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Blake, however, is a classy, bright guy with a winning combo of personality and humility. And he’s an amazing story to boot: In addition to overcoming scoliosis as a child, in 2004 alone he endured a broken neck, the death of his father and a nasty case of shingles. Plus, he was a high school classmate of John Mayer and attended Harvard University before dropping out to pursue his tennis career.

James Blake: The best a man can get.

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