Bedford Dominatrix ordered to give sponge baths to naughty hospital goers


Sandra Chemero, the S&M specialist who was arrested last year after an undercover investigation of her Bedford Hills home, made InTown Westchester’s “People of the Year” list, but when it came time for Suburbarazzi to rattle off our top 25 newsmakers of 2007, we decided to lay off. And late last month, the so-called Bedford Dominatrix got another bit of leniency.

Despite strong evidence that brains behind a sex dungeon dubbed “The Soverign Estate” (complete with website picturing her brandishing whips and leather chains), Chemero got off almost Scot free. She agreed to a lesser charge of “disorderly conduct” (for operating a business out of her home without a permit) and was only fined $350.

The real punishment: 30 days of community service working at a local hospital. If anyone happens to see her on duty, be sure to alert us if there’s any spanking going on after the bandages up her patients.

“Charges dropped against dominatrix” [Daily New]

(photo: Rory Glaeseman / The Journal News)

Introducing Suburbarazzi’s People of the Year

If you’re one of the lucky subscribers to InTown Westchester or Rockland Magazine, by now you’ve probably received your copy of the December issue. And if you happen to have made it through our 20+ page gift guide, you no doubt came upon our year-end roundup of the local residents “who most affected the news in 2007—for better or worse.”

I’d always planned to bring the lists to the Suburbarazzi faithful, but three things got in my way: 1. Our magazine websites are now three months out of date and unfortunately it doesn’t look like our web team will get caught up any time soon. 2. With 20 people on each list, I should have started in November to get them all in before New Year’s. And 3. Seeing as how the list has so many obvious non-celebs — the Great China Buffet back-alley garlic stomper, the Bedford Dominatrix, the John Jay “vagina” Three still crack me up, but are hardly Suburbarazzi regulars — it would need to be weeded down anyway.

Simple solution: Whittle down the list to the top 25 celebs (sorry, Skip Storch!), both Westchester and Rockland, and post everything here.

The fun begins tomorrow.

In the mean time, take a look at the fantastic design of the printed versions, courtesy of our superstar art director, Ali Burke. (Both files are downloadable as PDFs.)

InTown Westchester:


Rockland Magazine:


A LoHud-tastic Thursday on Gawker

bonnielikeus.jpgToday, it seems, all Gawker posts lead back to the Westchester and Suburbarazzi’s own Robert Zeliger.

It began this morning when the site was good enough to link to an InTown Westchester article written by Robert. The InTown piece was a June profile of the Hastings resident and Star magazine editor, but our celebrity-stalking sisters were observant enough to notice that in our photo of Fuller, which was taken in her office, the website on her computer screen is none other than Us Weekly, her former employer. Yes, look closely, and you’ll see it.

Gawker’s headline — “Take me back, Jann! Bonnie Fuller’s Homepage is Just like ‘Us'” — pretty much says it all. We’ll try to ignore the fact that they credited the story “Lower Hudson Online” instead of InTown, or the blatant theft of our hard-earned photography. Just so long as you keep those plugs coming, G-money, we’re all square.

Following the Fuller post, Gawker had two other interesting tidbits with LoHud/Zeliger ties …

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‘American Idol’ gossip from Croton Creek Steakhouse


Ever since my colleague Audrey Green’s article on the new Croton Creek Steakhouse in the May issue of InTown, I’ve been dying to make the trek up to Croton Falls. In case you haven’t read the story, the restaurant is co-owned by former “American Idol” contestant Kimberley Locke. Alas, when my wife and I finally made it for dinner, Locke wasn’t there. Fortunately co-owner Jim Stake (right, with Locke) was and he had plenty of gossip to share.


Who is Locke’s favorite to win this season of AI? “She’s a fan of Jordan.”

Do you guys know of any good AI gossip? “We [Stake and co-owner Liam Harvey] are both going to watch the finals. We’re also good friends with Nigel Lythgoe. Apparently he’s now dating Priscilla Presley.”

Wait, I thought she was already married? “So did we. Same goes for Nigel, though he’s supposed to be getting divorced. Oh well, that’s Hollywood.”

Have any other celebrities been to the restaurant yet? “Martha Stewart was here a few weeks ago. She loved the oven-roasted tomato salad.”</div></blockquote>

“An Idol Outpost in Croton Falls” [InTown Westchester]

(photos: Mark Vergari/InTown Westchester)

Panache and SkyMall’s deformed love child: Trump Magazine

trumpmag.jpgIt may come as no shock that the godawful “Trump Magazine” has been in existence since 2004, but it was a little startling to find the stinker actually on newsstand over the holidays. I saw my first copy at the Mt. Kisco Borders, and then B&N, and then — well, just about everywhere. Apparently, when he’s not out dragging daughter Ivanka into the never-ending Rosie feud, he’s turning his little vanity pub (which until now, I’ve only seen in his casinos) into a full-blown regional New York lifestyle magazine.

Wait, say wha?! More competition for InTown Westchester? Ugh, as if Westchester Magazine, Bedford Magazine, Chappaqua Magazine, and the Getting to Know Guides weren’t enough already.

All bitterness aside, it’s always important to know your competition. And so I picked up a copy of Trump Mag. I’m not quite sure what niche strategy Premiere Publishing Group was going after when it concocted this glossy drivel, but the goal appears to be hawking more goods than an in-flight mall magazine, with less actual editorial content than perennial empty suit, “Panache.” Instead of dream houses, it has dream yachts; there’s the obligatory Apprentice interview with season five winner Sean Yazbeck; a Q&A with Donny Deutsch; and plenty of tributes to wine, caviar, and fine cigars.

In other words, it’s all the horribleness of Trump, filtered through his editorial machine, without any of the spontaneousness of an impromptu Rosie rant to ET’s Insider. And really, what fun is that?

Trump Magazine

Shameless InTown Westchester Plug

Normally I’m pretty strict about which celebrities make the cut on Suburbarazzi — if you haven’t been in People Magazine, US Weekly, or Gawker, you’re dead to me. But hey, it’s the holiday season, and this time of year there are no bigger suburban celebrities than the people who star in the annual over-the-top holiday home competition. (Why MTV hasn’t come launched “Pimp My Holiday House” yet is beyond me?)

So, in a shameless plug for InTown Westchester (make that double-shameless, as it’s my own story), be sure to check out “Holiday Spectaculars,” an attempt to pick the top five outrageously decorated homes in Westchester. Our photog actually needed to shoot all of them a year ago (due to the fact that we closed our December issue back in October, when none of the decorations are set up yet), but most of the houses still look more or less the same this year.

The only exception is the Garabedian House (bottom right), which has undertaken a “Hollywood Red Carpet” theme this year, with literally hundreds of handmade animatronic fiberglass sculptures. Yes, it’s technically over the Pelham border in the Bronx, but the looking at how it has topped our InTown poll, with a whopping 52 percent of readers picking it as their favorite (vote for yourself on the article page), I’m not the only Westchester-ite who has embraced the Garabedians’ gaudiness.

Rosie, Donald, and others may claw at the celebrity spotlight, but these eccentric decorators have truly earned it.

“Holiday Spectaculars” [InTown Westchester]