George Clooney comes clean on why he won’t campaign for Barack Obama

It’s already a well-known fact: George digs Barack. His support for Obama has been widely reported,obama-clooney.jpg everywhere from ABC to the Washington Post to TMZ. Even seems to take pride in Clooney’s reference to Obama being “like a rock star.”

So why, then, hasn’t Clooney campaigned for the Illinois senator? If Oprah and Bruce Springsteen are happy to hit the campaign trail, why not Dr. Doug Ross?

That was one of the topics Clooney addressed Wednesday night in Pelham, during his talk with Peter Travers at the Picture House. In a nutshell, he thinks it helps Obama more by not publically endorsing him, by not making stump speeches. What’s more, this isn’t he first time Clooney has boycotted a campaign because he felt his image would do more harm than good.

Shockingly, he took the exact same tack with his own father’s campaign for Congress back in 2004. Nick Clooney ultimately lost anyway, but George said that public appearances by him would have only made matter worse. Clooney explains the dilemma in his own words — and discusses whether he’d ever run for office himself — after the break.

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DMX on the presidential race: ‘Barack?! Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.’

You’ve heard from Teddy Kennedy. And of course James Carville has weighed in. Come to think of it, I’m not sure there’s a single politician, celebrity, or pundit who hasn’t voiced their opinion on Hillary vs. Barack … except, that is, Northern Westchester resident DMX … until now.

dmx-headshot.jpgThe best part, though, is that when DMX was interviewed by XXL Magazine and the topic of the presidential race came up, the rapper was inexplicably, outstandingly oblivious.

Q: Are you following the presidential race?
A: Not at all.

Q: You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton.
A: His name is Barack?!

Q: Barack Obama, yeah.
A: Barack?!

Q: Barack.
A: What the f— is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?

More from this watershed interview, including the line referenced in this post’s title and plenty of dashed-out expletives, after the break.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: O’Donnell, Clinton, and Pacino pay a visit to upset city

On tap this week: Rosie’s return to television, how Hillary Clinton got her groove back (with a little help from SNL and Jon Stewart), and the latest on Al Pacino playing the bad guy in the next James Bond film.

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Also, you may have seen Vanessa Williams on the Barbara Walters Oscar special a week ago. During it, she confirmed a whole slew of rumors about her personal life. Which brings us to this week’s quiz: Can you guess which of the following she did NOT cop to?

A. Using Botox
B. Being the victim of racism while growing up in Millwood
C. Living with her 2 ex-husbands in Chappaqua simultaneously
D. Being an a Barack Obama booster

The answer is at the end of the video and after the break.
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Hillary Clinton, Amy Poehler share fashion tips and laughs on ‘SNL’

clinton.jpgWhile the writers’ strike raged, I missed many of my favorite scripted shows, but particularly longed for the political satire that “Saturday Night Live” has thrived upon for more than 30 years.

And when savvy politicians have appeared to be in on the joke, even better.

Prior to Saturday in this abridged season, we’d already seen Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee on “SNL” to lampoon the race for the presidency. During Saturday’s Weekend Update segment, Rudy Giuliani jokingly blamed his previous “SNL” hosting duties for his unsuccessful campaign. And the favorite to claim the GOP presidential nomination, John McCain, has also served as host in a previous season.

Appearing in the opening segment of Saturday’s show was Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton, who delivered the show’s signature “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” with a wide smile while standing next to cast member Amy Poehler.

Poehler, dressed in a similar coat and pearls, had just impersonated Clinton during a send-up of the most recent Democratic debate (pictured atop this post). When Clinton said she “adored” Poehler’s impersonation of her, the cast member joined her on stage and cackled maniacally when the presidential hopeful demanded her earrings back.

“Do I really laugh like that?” said Clinton, who then appeared to acknowledge that as truth as she and Poehler trailed off in a synchronized mumble.

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(AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato; Video created by/courtesy of

Come on, Texas and Ohio, it isn’t too late …

Tina Fey said it before, I’ll say it again: Bitches get stuff done. What’s more, they can also throw down with the best of them in MSNBC debates.

I’m not quite sure who won last night’s tv face-off (except, I guess, David Archuleta, who is just plain adorable). But I do know this: Erin P. Bennett, aka GiggleChick, has created the most outstanding campaign T-shirts, buttons, and messenger bags of 2008 on her CafePress page—all in support of your favorite Chappaqua presidential candidate.


A few more examples are after the break.

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Tina Fey endorses Hillary: ‘Bitch is the new black’

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming …

I know we’ve been going a little overboard lately with the Oscars coverage. Promise we’ll lay off (well, maybe one or two more posts — but that’s it!). Anyway, aside from the four-and-a-half hour, retrospective-packed shindig on Sunday night, there was another big show I hope you caught over the weekend — the return of SNL.

It was a truly memorable episode, hosted by Tina Fey, with instant classics like the commercial for “Annuale” (the once-a-year period birth control), “I Drink Your Milkshake” (where Daniel Plainview and Anton Chuger drink, you guessed it, other people’s milkshakes), and Mike Huckabee’s self-parody on Weekend Update.


But best of all was Fey’s op-ed, in which she raised the question of why so many Democrats are abandoning Hillary Clinton. “People say that Hillary’s a bitch,” Fey said of the Chappaqua resident. “You know what? Yeah, she is. And so am I. And so is this one [gesturing to Amy Poehler]. Bitches get stuff done. … It’s not too late, Texas and Ohio, get on board. Bitch is the new black!”

By the way, assuming the YouTube link dies soon, here’s a link to an extended version of Fey segment on NBC website.

Super Bluesday: Rosie O’Donnell torn between Obama, Clinton

rosie.jpgSouth Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell is usually conclusive with her opinions, so it’s a bit surprising on this Super Tuesday that she’s torn between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Her feelings on the two Democratic presidential candidates were published yesterday on the Web site of the Huffington Post:


It’s still early yet, but so far I find both candidates believable. They are different, with a different mix of talents to bring to the political table, but they both seem to have the passion, plans, drive, and intelligence I want in my next president.

Could a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket be our future? I hope so. I think America would benefit from the strengths of either individual, but if those strengths were combined, we might just have the Democratic powerhouse the country needs to turn itself around, and back into peace, prosperity and opportunity.


Clinton stayed in her hamlet of Chappaqua to cast her vote this morning.

(AP Photo/Tina Fineberg)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign to open office in White Plains

hillary.jpgChappaqua resident Hillary Clinton won’t have to drive far to get to a new regional campaign office when it opens this week in White Plains.

Shortly after 1 p.m. today, her campaign committee announced via e-mail that the state senator is opening an office in Suite 210 at 170 E. Post Road. It’s one of nine regional offices throughout the state to open this week, with others expected to open in Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Farmingville, Garden City, Poughkeepsie, Rochester and Syracuse.

While some of Clinton’s staff will set up shop in Westchester County, other Hillary fans, according to the e-mail, have been happy to leave the county to promote her campaign.


Over 1,000 New Yorkers headed to New Hampshire for the final five days of the primary on buses from Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Westchester, Long Island and New York City and in carpools.


(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Oprah who? Hillary Clinton to appear on today’s ‘Tyra’

hillary-clinton.jpgSo what if Oprah Winfrey is backing Barack Obama’s presidential campaign? Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton is fighting back with an appearance on Tyra Banks’ talk show. The episode, taped Monday, airs today at 5 p.m. on My9 here in New York.

As my friend and colleague Amy Vernon pointed out Monday, Clinton reportedly says she’d choose to be on “Dancing With The Stars” over “American Idol” and Banks’ own “America’s Next Top Model.”


In my dreams I would be on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ but in reality I would have to choose my limited talents and of them dancing is better than singing. You do not want me to sing.


How great would a Hillary Clinton “American Idol” audition be, though? Picture her walking into the audition room with one of those marathon-runner number ID tags on her stomach and a bright smile.

Hillary: “Helloooo!”
Randy: “Hey, dawg!”
Paula: “You look gorgeous.”
Hillary: “Thank you!”
Simon: “Hillary, tell us something interesting about yourself.”
Hillary: “Well, I was first lady of the United States for eight years.”
Paula: “Wooooooow!”
Randy: “No kidding!”
Simon: “Fine, great, fantastic. What are you gonna sing for us today?”
Hillary: ” ‘A Moment Like This’ by Kelly Clarkson.”
Paula: “Who?”
Simon: “Never mind her. Let’s have a go.”
Hillary: [clears throat, pauses.] “A moment like thiiis/Some people spend a lifetiiiime…”
Simon: [points palm at Hillary.] “Thank you. Randy?”
Randy: “Oooh, I don’t know, dawg. That was kinda rough. I’m gonna have to say no.”
Simon: “Paula?”
Paula: “I like your spirit and your energy. Where am I?”
Simon: “OK, moving on. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I’d stick to whatever it is you do, though.”
Hillary: “I’ll sing something else.”
Simon: “Sorry. You can’t sing, you don’t look like a pop star, and I have serious concerns about your universal health care plan.”
Hillary: “No, you don’t understand. [Secret Service agents surround the judges.] I’ll sing something else.”
Simon: “You’re through to Hollywood!”
Randy: “Yeah!”
Paula: [slumps onto the table.]

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: People of the Year Wrap-up


At last, we’re finally putting our completely overexposed “People of the Year” package to bed. In the clip, we count down the final five people on our list, and Stacy-Ann Gooden makes her pitch for Mary J. Blige (raised in Yonkers, first discovered doing karaoke at the White Plains Galleria).

While she didn’t make the cut for 2007, she’s already a strong 2008 candidate. In fact, aside from Nyack rapper Lucky Me, she’s the only other hip-hop star on our radar screen thus far.

Name that celebrity endorsement!

robbins-edwards.jpgIn this inaugural post of 2008, I figured it would only be fitting to stay on the topic of Hillary Clinton (our No. 1 Person of the Year) and politics for a sec. After all, with the Iowa Caucuses a day away, that’s all anyone is talking about today.

Pretty much everything that can be said about the candidates has been said — except, that is, for an exhaustive rundown of celebrity endorsements. And no, I’m not talking about the Chuck Norrises, Barbara Streisands, and Oprahs of the world — we’re just looking at the who our beloved Lower Hudson Valley stars are campaigning for.

Our full report is after the break.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Talk show travails, ‘SNL’ regales and Halloween tales


This week’s quiz: Former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre is moving to L.A., but where are his houses in the Lower Hudson Valley?

A. Harrison and Mahopac
B. Hartsdale and Mamaroneck
C. Haverstraw and Mount Kisco

The answer is at the end of the video or after the break.

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