Why did Lorraine Bracco cheat on Harvey Keitel?


Three words: Edward James Olmos.

I was catching up on some back-episodes of Oprah last night (hey, lay off, the wife is working night and there’s nothing else on TV right now), and I caught an from last week in which the Sopranos star talked about her own battle with depression — a depression, she said, thatgrew mostly out of her messy split with Harvey Keitel and the custody battle over their daughter, Stella. I already knew that Bracco had put out a memoir, “On the Couch,” about the whole ordeal, but what I didn’t know is that the breakup was largely driven by her own infidelity … with Edward James Olmos.

“Eddie was a lovely man,” she said on the show, “And, in all retrospect, Harvey is a good man… It was an immature choice. I was on that river in Egypt, called denial! And I wasn’t mature enough or smart enough or willing to accept that I was unhappy in that relationship.”

Stella was also on the show, talking about how unstable her mom — who still owns a home in Sneden’s Landing — had been while growing up. The topic of how Stella has been seen smooching mom’s costar Robert Iler (aka A.J.), sadly, did not come up.

(Bracco: AP Photo/Stephen Chernin; Keitel: AP Photo/Louis Lanzano; Olmos: AP Photo/Lisa Rose)

A.J. and Melfi’s kid sitting in a tree


A.J. may have lost his on-screen paramour on “The Sopranos,” but in real life actor Robert Iler is reportedly dating his co-star Lorraine Bracco’s daughter, Stella Keitel.

Bracco, who used to live in Sneden’s Landing, told the NY Daily News that the two are just friends, but they sure do make a cute couple and the News adds that the two were spotted making out at Tenjune in NYC. Let’s just hope that Iler makes a good impression on Stella’s dad, Harvey Keitel. If you thought Tony Soprano was tough on Meadow’s boyfriends, I wouldn’t like to see what Mr. White does if you bring his little girl home after midnight.

(Iler: AP Photo/Stephen Chernin; Keitel: AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

A Melfi Mansion for a mere $3.2 million

How’s that for title alliteration!

In a few past posts, I’ve referred to Lorraine Bracco as a former Sneden’s Landing resident. Truth be told, I could never find any record of her home having actually been sold. And now, thanks to a reference in the NY Post’s real-estate column, I see that she never did manage to move it. As Branden Keil wrote, the Sopranos star had recently been trying to sell her Long Island home in Bridgehampton, too, but after getting a couple offers she changed her mind.


Instead, she’ll concentrate on selling her quiet, three-bedroom Hudson River-fronting home in Sneden’s Landing for $3.2 million.

The actress and her former boyfriend Harvey Keitel bought the property, located 30 minutes from Manhattan, in 1989 from fellow thespian Ellen Burstyn.

Included in the private 2-acre woodland property, bordered by the Hudson River and a preserve, is a soothing waterfall. The listing broker is Mason Samett Associates in Tappan.</div></blockquote>

Sure enough, the home’s listing on Mason Samett shows plenty of wooded wonderland, along with pics of the 3-bedroom and 2.5-bath digs (more listing photos after the break). I especially like the Realtor’s description: “Entering the Landing you drive past a serendipitous collection of historic and contemporary homes set in well loved gardens in a picture pretty ‘Brigadoon-like setting.'”

But despite the prime riverfront setting, 2 acres, and waterfall, is it still worth $3.2 mil? Real estate blog Realstalker points out that the home was first put on the market in 2004 for $4,400,000, and the price has been whittled away ever since. The current price still sounds a bit steep for a dated looking 1960s home with only 3 bedrooms.

Whatever she gets, though, let’s just hope its enough for her to purchase the now-defunct North Salem Vineyard and start making her Bracco Wines stateside.

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