People of the Year — 3. Joe Torre


After the Yankees lost in the first round of the playoffs, new top dogs Hank and Hal Steinbrenner (sons of George) made the decision to offer Torre an “incentive-based salary package�—more wins, more bonuses. That’s a nice way of putting it. A 33 percent pay cut is another. Sure, Torre would have still been making a base of $2.5 mil, but as Journal News beat reporter (and author of the wildly popular LoHud Yankees Blog) Pete Abraham pointed out, “In the culture of the clubhouse, having a manager on a one-year contract who just took a cut would be emasculating.� In a press conference at the Hilton Rye Town, near his home in Harrison, Torre put it more bluntly: “I took [it] as an insult.� And so—after 12 seasons, 1,173 wins, and four World Series championships—Torre bolted.

Prediction for 2008: At press time, he had just agreed to manage the Dodgers. Say it ain’t so, Joe! We hope he’ll reconsider. After the Mets spectacular end-of-season collapse, we wouldn’t mind seeing him take over Willie Randolf’s job. What better way for us New Yorkers to keep the best mind in baseball all to ourselves?

Adapted from “People of the Year,� InTown Westchester, December 2007

(Nick Wass / AP Photo) 

Joe Torre to keep his Westchester digs

joe1.jpgIt appears Joe Torre will be keeping his house in Harrison despite his new job managing the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As the former Yankee manager headed to his annual fundraiser for his Safe At Home Foundation on Nov. 9, Torre told Journal News blogging titan Peter Abraham he would be keeping his Westchester home:


I don’t think we’re going to look to sell the house. We like it here; we’ve found a home. We always talk about having a place to come back to.


Via e-mail, Abraham told me today he did not know if Torre planned on keeping his other residence in Mahopac.

“Since that was his weekend house and he’ll be spending most of his weekends in Los Angeles, I would guess that will be for sale eventually,� Abraham said.

Guess what athletic Lower Hudson Valley celebrity showed up at Torre’s fundraiser to play “Glory Days� on guitar with Bruce Springsteen? Find out after the break.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Talk show travails, ‘SNL’ regales and Halloween tales


This week’s quiz: Former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre is moving to L.A., but where are his houses in the Lower Hudson Valley?

A. Harrison and Mahopac
B. Hartsdale and Mamaroneck
C. Haverstraw and Mount Kisco

The answer is at the end of the video or after the break.

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With Joe Torre heading to L.A., will he sell his LoHud houses?

joe.jpgAs weird as it is that Joe Torre is now the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I have to wonder if the Harrison and Mahopac resident will sell those houses to buy another in California.

I know nothing either way, but if he sells both places, I bet A-Rod buys them, immediately puts them back on the market and asks for $350 million.

(Associated Press file photo by Frank Franklin II)

Action! Westchester shoots attract A-listers, including George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Glenn Close

The public relations reps for Westchester County became unofficial Suburbarazzi late last week, informing the public about county-based TV and film projects featuring high-profile stars, including Academy Award winners Meryl Streep and George Clooney (pre-motorcycle crash).

george.jpgClooney was quietly wrapping up a New Rochelle shoot at a “private home and inside CostCo” for the Coen brothers movie “Burn After Reading,” according to a Sept. 21 county press release. The film, which also stars Brad Pitt, is about a former CIA agent who writes memoirs after being fired. Perhaps Clooney forgot this weekend that he wasn’t playing Evil Knievel.

meryl.jpgAlso according to the release, Westchester “soon” will host Oscar winners Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman for the big-screen adaptation of “Doubt,” the Tony Award-winning play. Streep plays a Catholic school principal who accuses Hoffman’s character, a priest, of pedophilia in 1964. “Numerous locations will be used,” but the county does not specify which.

glenn-close.jpgBedford resident Glenn Close, a five-time Academy Award nominee, didn’t have to travel far to film parts of her new TV series, “Damages,” in a featured Harrison house and, earlier this month, in the Rye Town Hilton.

quinn-margulies.jpgSuburbarazzi already gave you the scoop about Spring Valley native Julianna Margulies and Sneden’s Landing resident Aidan Quinn teaming up for “Canterbury’s Law,” but what you might not know is that the courtroom drama was shooting scenes at Larkin Plaza in Yonkers last week.

After the break, check out news about more Westchester shoots involving Tim Allen at Westchester County Airport, Julie Taymor in Somers and New Rochelle, and “Law & Order: SVU” in Yonkers.

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Jon Stewart references obscure Drew Barrymore movie filmed in Tuckahoe

picture-2.jpgI only know of a few people outside of the Lower Hudson Valley who have heard of the 2001 Drew Barrymore movie “Riding in Cars with Boys,” which was filmed on Main Street in Tuckahoe and other regional spots.

So when Jon Stewart referenced the flick and had the main characters’ (alleged) action figures make out with each other on Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” I had to bring this to the attention of Suburbarazzi Nation.

Stewart had been reporting on the health crisis involving toys manufactured in China when he mentioned that the movie’s Barrymore and Steve Zahn action figures were unaffected. He proceeded to grab dolls with a marginal likeness to the two actors and acted out fake dialog from the movie.


[Playing Barrymore’s part:] ‘Ohhh, Ray! Oh, Ray! I think I’m pregnant!’

[Playing Zahn’s part:] ‘But you’re only 16 and I’m addicted to heroin!’


Stewart then shoved the faces of the dolls into each other, made bizarre make-out noises for a few seconds, looked into the camera awkwardly and put the dolls down.

A clip of the full segment is here, with the first “Riding” reference occurring about halfway through and continuing for the rest of the bit.

I reported on the Tuckahoe shoot in 2000 and can vouch for the fact that Barrymore and costar Brittany Murphy were pleasant with fans and signed many autographs. Murphy was exceptionally kind to autograph seekers, taking the time to talk at length with several children who approached her outside her trailer.

According to Internet Movie Database, the Penny Marshall-directed movie also filmed in Congers, Harrison, Mount Vernon, West Nyack and Yonkers.

(Screenshot: Comedy Central)

Joe Torre wins No. 2,000, hopes to make it to 2,001


It’s no secret that the Greatest Sports Franchise in the History of Everything has been struggling this year, and there were fleeting moments these last two months when I wouldn’t have objected to the New York Yankees firing manager Joe Torre.

But the truth is this: The Harrison and Mahopac resident has done enough in his managerial career with the Yankees to earn the benefit of the doubt, and despite some terrible play the first two months of the season, the team is starting to show some of the swagger and poise that helped the Yanks claim four titles in five years to close the 20th century.

In addition to documenting Torre’s 2,000th managerial win, Journal News reporter Peter Abraham cites a particularly impressive statistic in his unstoppable Yankees blog on

Watch out, Red Sox fans. Yes, the standings show that the Yanks are tied for third, 10.5 games behind the “Sawx.” But with Joe at the helm, this season is a long way from being over.

(Associated Press file photo by Frank Franklin II)

Suburbarazzi End-of-week roundup: Olbermann stays at MSNBC, Trump enters the world of ‘fake’ celebrity feuding, and Pirro ditching Westchester

tjndc5-5c457gxvd826vp9m9rf_layout.jpg • Al and Jeanine Pirro are selling their Harrison home. Asking price: $4.3 million. Where are they going? [The Journal News]

• Keith Olbermann re-signed with MSNBC for another four years this week. He’ll also contribute essays to NBC Nightly News. I’m pretty sure, the new deal officially makes him the best paid primetime news anchor from a third place cable news network to have grown up in Hastings. [The Celebrity Cafe]

• Donald Trump enters the world of wrestling in a hair-off contest—seriously. No he won’t be wrestling, he’ll find someone to do that for him, but if his wrestler loses, Trump will have to shave his head. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing Trump’s guy doesn’t lose. [Monsters and Critics]


• More gossip that Dave Annable is dating Sally Field! While some readers have told me the Suffern-born actor has been spotted with Kate Walsh of Grey’s Anatomy, E! is reporting—without names—on a coupling that sounds awfully familiar. Hmmm. Wonder who they’re talking about? [E!]

• This has been a bad week for Scarsdale. First, native son Aaron Sorkin finds out NBC is yanking his show, “Studio 60,” a week earlier than originally thought due to abysmal ratings. And, today, the new film “Breach” opens, bringing more attention to one-time Scarsdale (and Yorktown) resident, Robert Hanssen, the treasonous FBI double-agent who sold secrets to the Soviets. [The Journal News]

• Ridiculously rich Westchester residents, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, made Slate’s list of biggest givers. [Slate] Unfortunately, this photo of the NYC Mayor (who owns a home in Armonk) keeps popping up! [Gawker]

(AP Photo/Shiho Fukada)

Bernie Williams redefines ‘home run’

Take a curtain call, Bernie!

While outfielder/classical guitarist Bernie Williams and the New York Yankees this weekend continued mulling the possibility of reuniting in 2007, The Journal News’ Len Maniace reported about the Armonk resident’s five years of volunteer contributions to Hillside Food Outreach.

The charity operates out of a White Plains warehouse and delivers food to needy families and individuals throughout Westchester County. In the Dec. 17 article, Williams discusses a memorable early morning food delivery:

<blockquote><div>The woman got very excited and woke everyone in the house and the kids got excited. It was like a little party. It was funny to see, but I could see how we were able to bring a smile to their faces, in spite of their harsh situation.


Bernie Baseball also helps with Hillside’s fundraising efforts, whose annual marquis event has attracted fellow Yankees, including manager Joe Torre, who resides in both Harrison and Mahopac, and relief pitcher Mariano Rivera, who lives in Purchase and owns a New Rochelle steak house.

In honor of Bernie’s generosity, Suburbarazzi adds his name to our poll for best bald look. Piermont resident William Hurt, in dead last place, is about to have another reason to be Hurt.