And on the 7th day, the Lord said, “Let there be Pauly Shore”

A lot of things contributed to Stephen Baldwin’s mental breakdown — er, hardcore coming of faith. There was the Brazilian housekeeper who kept chanting spiritual hymns day and night, his wife Keenya becoming a devout Pentecostal parishioner at the New City Gospel Fellowship, and bitterness toward Johnny Knoxville for ripping off his idea for Jackass. But forget about all that. Turns out his spiritual awakening was actually the byproduct of starring in “Bio-Dome.”

Pauly Shore

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Stephen Baldwin actually gets hired again!

Stephen BaldwinEven more impressive: It wasn’t an evangelical minister that did the hiring. The News Sentinel in Knoxville reports that Stevie B., a resident of Upper Grandview, is starring alongside Dixie Carter in an independent film that started shooting last Tuesday. No word on what the movie will be about, other than it’ll be a family film with no R-rated scene, but there is a tantalizing title: “Painting Me In.”

Might this refer to Baldwin — who’s career reached an apex when he played Barney Rubble and has since devolved into preaching Pentecostalism to skateboarders — and how he has painted himself into a Gibson-like corner of Hollywood? Or could it be Carter, the poor “Designing Women” star who’s acting opposite him, that’s really being painted in? Either way, it’s a good fit.

Stephen Baldwin Watch: “This Week in God” appearance!

It was only a matter of time before Upper Grandview’s favorite evangelical yahoo ended up on The Daily Show’s “This Week in God” segment. Kudos to Samantha Bee for succinctly summing up Stevie B. in nine brilliant words, calling him “the poor man’s Daniel, and the homeless man’s Alec.”

Enjoy the clip. And remember, afterward there will be a quiz on what exactly a “jesuscidence” is.

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Support Your Neighbors — at the Movies

Opening this weekend:

1. “Catch a Fire”: Bedford’s Tim Robbins plays an Afrikaner police officer who leads a manhunt to capture and wrongly convict an apolitical family man. Think of it as a bizarro “Shawshank Redemption” role reversal set in apartheid South Africa. [Metacritic score: 60]

2. “Running With Scissors”: Pelham native Joseph Cross plays Augusten Burroughs, a memoirist whose freakisly narcissistic mother gives him away to her shrink. We caught a screening at the Pelham Picture House last week and feel confident saying: If you haven’t read the book, you’ll probably enjoy the flick. [Metacritic score: 52]

3. “The Genius Club”: Upper Grandview’s Stephen Baldwin is part of a group of geniuses, including Tom Sizemore, who are given one night to solve the world’s problems. Yes, that’s right born-again nutjob Stevie B., last seen in a GMC Jimmy retrofitted with a pulpit, plays a genius — this we gotta see. [No Metacritic score. To see this one, better get thy to Texas]