Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Cruise conquers Pelham, Ramsay renovates Tuckahoe restaurant


This week’s quiz:

Which of the following local celebs is going to star Donald Trump’s new celebrity version of “The Apprentice�?

• Chynna Philips, of Bedford
• Stephen Baldwin, of Upper Grandview
• Michael Imperioli, Brewster and Mount Vernon native
• Stone Phillips, of Dobbs Ferry

The answer is at the end of the video or after the break.
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Phil Amicone, the new mayor of Tuckahoe?


At least, that’s what you’d think after seeing last night’s episode of “Kitchen Nightmares.” I’ll explain …

The show centered on Tuckahoe’s Olde Stone Mill — an establishment on the verge of collapse because of few patrons and abysmal promotion — and Gordon Ramsay’s attempt to save the spot by reinventing it as a steakhouse. The village featured prominently in the show’s opening setup, and throughout the episode you see Ramsay scouting out the competition, visiting a local butcher, and riding around town on his motorcycle. When he finally convinces Dean Marrazzo — the Mill’s temperamental, hotheaded owner — to reopen with a new steak-based menu, a slew of patrons show up for the grand reopening. Among those diners is Yonkers mayor Phil Amicone.

Only, the Yonkers part is conveniently left out. Amicone is referred to repeatedly as “the mayor.” When he sits down, Ramsay talks to the camera about how important it is for “the mayor” to have a great dining experience. The GM fumbles his presentation of meats to “the mayor.” Thanks to the dozens of references to Tuckahoe throughout the first half hour, Amicone thus comes off as the mayor of Tuckahoe.

What’s more, the editors repeatedly cut back to “the mayor” — the designated VIP of the night — to ratchet up the tension. Ramsay ducks outside to speak the camera: “The mayor still hasn’t been served. This is not good.” Marrazzo yells at the chef that the mayor has been waiting 45 minutes. Ramsay points out at the one-hour mark that the mayor still hasn’t been served. Finally, at long last, the mayor gets his steak. “It’s good,” he says. The mayor is happy.

The only slight hiccup in the narrative comes in the wrap-up at the end, when we see a shot of Amicone presenting Marrazzo with what he calls “the key to the city of Yonkers.” Oops.

Still, all in all, great show. And whether he’s the mayor of Yonkers, Tuckahoe, or Uktamuka, Amicone gets props for supporting the local restaurant scene.


(Olde Stone Mill: Stephen Schmitt/The Journal New; Amicone: Angela Gaul / The Journal News; Ramsay and Amicone with plaque: Eric Leibowitz/FOX)

Gordon Ramsay is Lasse Hallstrom’s worst ‘Nightmare’

gordon_tilesingle1.jpg“New Amsterdam” has become the lastest casualty in the increasingly fickle world of Fox television programming. Helmed (in part) by Bedford director Lasse Hallstrom and Mamaroneck’s Leslie Holleran, the show is about a cop cursed with the gift of immortality (think “Highlander” meets “NYPD Blue”) and it was slated to be a mid-season replacement. But Variety reports today that this plan has been shelved due to the popularity of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares.”

And while this may sound like bad news for the Hudson Valley, there actually is a silver lining in Ramsay’s conquest of the Fox network. Tonight on the show he’ll be going to town on Tuckahoe’s Olde Stone Mill. In case you missed the promo on last week’s episode, it looks to be one of his testiest restaurant makeovers so far.

In other words, bad news for Hallstrom and Co. means good news for Westchester diners.

“Fox gives ‘Kitchen’ another order” [Variety]