Last-minute stocking stuffer tip: Trump cologne on clearance at TJMaxx

Yes, you know it’s a sign of your falling celebrity cred with your over-hyped fragrance, like everything else in your over-hyped empire, arrives in the bargain bins with a stickered price of $8, down from the suggested retail of $48.

As BloggingStocks summed it up: “The signs have been there for awhile: rampant overexposure, a feud with Rosie O’Donnell, declining ratings on ‘The Apprentice,’ a falling stock price on Trump Entertainment Resorts, a terrible book with the clown of personal finance, Robert Kiyosaki, and an appearance on World Wrestling Entertainment. But now it’s all over.”

Paul Shaffer wants to rock ‘n’ roll all night, party ev-er-y day

(AP file photo/Tina Fineberg.)Bedford’s most famous band leader, Paul Shaffer, recently served as sidekick to someone other than North Salem resident David Letterman.

The sidekick with the most distinctive one-syllable laugh on late-night (“Haaaaaaa!”) pitched in for the solo album of former Kiss drummer Peter Criss.

With fellow CBS Orchestra musician Will Lee on bass guitar, Shaffer plays keyboards on “One for All,” an album of break-up songs that hit stores Tuesday.

Hopefully it’s more entertaining than Gene Simmons’ snoozer of a reality show, “Family Jewels.”

(AP file photo/Tina Fineberg.)