We’re back and — cross your fingers — here to stay

You know how employers sometimes ask you to take a mandatory vacation? Like when you’re so stressed that your stress has become contagious and your attytood has gone airborne? Well, that’s never happened to me, per se, but this week I got a taste of it when the entire LoHud blog system went down.

For the count.

As you can see, though, we managed to climb back up to our knees on number “9.” And provided we don’t have any more server meltdowns, we’ll be back blogging at our usual clip.

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Bush to Woodruff: Congratulations on staying alive

tjndc5-5eg6e2r05n8tazo841r_layout.jpgIt’s months too late and more than a little disingenuous, but still, President Bush has finally acknowledged that our injured soldiers aren’t exactly getting the best quality of treatment. Late last week he gave a press conference addressing the results of a panel created to look into the mess at Walter Reed, et al. And while there’s absolutely nothing funny about the whole situation, I couldn’t help grinning a bit at this Gawker headline:

Ayn Rand, Our President: Plucky Bob Woodruff Celebrated For Not Dying

The reference being to a part of the Prez’s speech in which he applauded the Lower Hudson Valley’s own Bob Woodruff, a Rye resident and ABC reporter, for overcoming injuries he sustained during an IED attack in Iraq.

“Congratulations on the will to recover,” Bush said. While the new strategy for soldier healthcare wasn’t revealed, judging by that comment, I’m guessing Bush will be pushing some hybrid of “The Secret” and Dr. Phil.

( Mark Vergari / InTown Magazine )

Suburbarazzi End-of-week roundup: Olbermann stays at MSNBC, Trump enters the world of ‘fake’ celebrity feuding, and Pirro ditching Westchester

tjndc5-5c457gxvd826vp9m9rf_layout.jpg • Al and Jeanine Pirro are selling their Harrison home. Asking price: $4.3 million. Where are they going? [The Journal News]

• Keith Olbermann re-signed with MSNBC for another four years this week. He’ll also contribute essays to NBC Nightly News. I’m pretty sure, the new deal officially makes him the best paid primetime news anchor from a third place cable news network to have grown up in Hastings. [The Celebrity Cafe]

• Donald Trump enters the world of wrestling in a hair-off contest—seriously. No he won’t be wrestling, he’ll find someone to do that for him, but if his wrestler loses, Trump will have to shave his head. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing Trump’s guy doesn’t lose. [Monsters and Critics]


• More gossip that Dave Annable is dating Sally Field! While some readers have told me the Suffern-born actor has been spotted with Kate Walsh of Grey’s Anatomy, E! is reporting—without names—on a coupling that sounds awfully familiar. Hmmm. Wonder who they’re talking about? [E!]

• This has been a bad week for Scarsdale. First, native son Aaron Sorkin finds out NBC is yanking his show, “Studio 60,” a week earlier than originally thought due to abysmal ratings. And, today, the new film “Breach” opens, bringing more attention to one-time Scarsdale (and Yorktown) resident, Robert Hanssen, the treasonous FBI double-agent who sold secrets to the Soviets. [The Journal News]

• Ridiculously rich Westchester residents, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, made Slate’s list of biggest givers. [Slate] Unfortunately, this photo of the NYC Mayor (who owns a home in Armonk) keeps popping up! [Gawker]

(AP Photo/Shiho Fukada)

Let’s Recap: Lessons Learned from the Sextortionist Saga


• Pepsi does not take kindly to its Somers executives trolling for tarts on Craigslist. [Journal News]

• When extorting adulterers, $30,000 is a perfectly reasonable sum to ask for — especially when you can seduce them with your rockin’ bikini bod. Asking them to wire $125,000 to an e-gold account, however, will cause them to call in the FBI and spill all. [Smoking Gun]

• Waverly, NY, between Elmira and Binghamton, is the last known residence of Wolcott, and is one of the more rural parts of the state we’ve seen. And her hometown, Nichols, NY (population 574) looks positively depressing. So really, we can’t fault Jess for eating spackle and needing to booze it up with the Captain.

• Don’t ever mess with the bitter smartmob that is Prosper. Within less than a week, they’ll have your car’s VIN #, copies of the sonogram you faked to scam an ex-boyfriend, and a scan of your divorce papers.

• Mount Kisco bars have replaced Bronx motels as the rendezvous point du jour for area sleazemeisters and dominatrices.

• Seeing as how former Pepsi Bottling exec Gary Wandschneider likes to think of himself in cinematic terms (see his parting email to employees), and he sports a killer mustache, we’re voting for Burt Reynolds to play him in the movie version of all this. [Cast your own vote at Dealbreaker]

• No matter how flush you are with extortion cash, don’t buy a Saab convertible off eBay — especially if it’s being sold as “salvage.” And if you do, please hide the evidence!

• Philadelphia has fantastic WiFi access! And Walnut Street has amazingly cheap rents! It’s the ideal setup for any would-be extortionist. [Smoking Gun]

• Wolcott may have had a rocky history with her mom, Debbie — at least, according to her ex-husband — but the two now appear to be best buds. So chummy, in fact, that they’ve both had Prosper money-making scams going on simultaneously. [JessM’s profile, with 90k in loan scams; DebbieS’s profile, with $66k in loan aps]

• While hugging is clearly controversial, Hug Boy didn’t have anywhere near as much staying power as the Sextortionist. Oh, how we miss you, Aaron Perez.

• Jess, in case you’re reading this, Mary Aleandri — you know, the mom of that guy you were cheating on Kyle Strait with — is still pulling for you. As she commented to a post below, “You can change, and you’re so young yet.”

• Gawker likes us, they really like us!

Update: Craigslist blackmailer also scamming the U.S. patent office

Our celebrity stalking cousins to the south, Gawker, have a great beat on Jessica Wolcott, the 22-year-old who extorted a Fortune 500 exec in Westchester (more on all that below, in a post from yesterday). Apparently, in addition to roping in middle-aged horndogs on Craigslist, she was also seeking a $30k loan from a p-to-p lending site called Prosper. Though her loan request, dated March 27, has since been taken down, Gawker still managed to grab a bit about her “patent idea” (by which we can only assume she means, patent leather CEO gimp mask) and pictures from her profile.

We can’t copy ’em here, but take a look and help us settle a debate: Is her look more Atlantic City whore or Russian mail order bride?