Westchester’s most stupid-awesome celebrity cars

Having just finished a feature for the July/August issue of InTown titled “Extreme Car Makeover,” I’ve still got the whole “pimp my ride” thing on the brain. Which is why I had to link to this story from the Customized Girl blog, breaking down the 25 most “stupid-awesome” cars driven by megacelebrities.

While none of our Westchesterites actually took top honors — that went to Jay Leno and his Blastolene Special 21-foot-long aluminum roadster with M47 Patton Tank engines — we still had an admirable showing, with Dobbs Ferry’s Funkmaster Flex, New Rochelle native P. Diddy, and Bedford’s Donald Trump all making the list (at Nos. 12, 6, and 5, respectively).


Personally, I can’t say I really like any of their cars though. From Trump’s Cadillac DTS Presidential Limo to Diddy’s Sean John Navigator to the Funkmaster Flex edition Ford, none of them is especially unique or customized. In fact, the Navigator and Ford Expedition are standard production vehicles.

What I do know is that if Diddy’s $350,000 Chevy Express 3500 (aka “the Diddy-mobile”) had made the list, it would have run right over the competition.


Diddy had it outfitted by AI Design in Tuckahoe (also one of the businesses I wrote about in that forthcoming car feature), who souped-up the car’s drive train, expanded the cab, added brakes, and chic rims. On the inside, it has six plasma TVs, a Marvel wine celler, and hardwood floors. Just try and top that, Funkmaster!

“25 Stupid-Awesome Celebrity Vehicles” [Customized Girl Blog]

(Image of Diddy-Mobile from New York Post, Nov. 7, 2005)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Ghostbusters and Damages coming back


Before anyone says anything, I’ll be the first to admit it: Yes, we’ve been punditing more on RNN lately than we’ve been blogging. It’s a problem, I suspect, that’s due to a lack of tryptophan in our diet — a condition which should be easily remedied in the coming days. Prepare for an onslaught of posts in the coming weeks, as well as our holiday countdown of the top 25 Westchester and Rockland celebrities (based on the recent articles I wrote for InTown Westchester and Rockland Magazine).

In the meantime, here’s this week’s quiz. The answer is at the end of the video or after the break.

QUIZ: Which of these local LoHud celebs has not been seen supporting the striking writers on the picket line?

A. Pound Ridge’s Tim Robbins
B. South Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell
C. New Rochelle native Jay Leno
D. Chappaqua’s Vanessa Williams

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Pimped out 2008 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition arrives in dealerships

So, aside from a 300-horsepower, 5.4-liter, V-8, with 6-speed automatic transmission and about a thousand tons of steel, what do you get standard with a Funkmaster Flex Ford (or FMF for short)? Try this on for size:

• 3dCarbon body kit with custom front/rear fascia and side skirts
• Two-tone Black and Colorado Red paint with Orange pinstriping
• Funkmaster Flex chrome badges on fenders
• Second-row captain’s chairs
• 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels
• Black leather interior with contrasting Colorado red stitching
• Funkmaster Flex stitched logo headrests
• Unique floormats with FMF logo
• Limited-edition Funkmaster Flex numbered dash plaque
• SIRIUS® Satellite Radio
All these features, dreamed up by the the Dobbs Ferry DJ, can be yours for $40,910, including $900 for destination and delivery charges.

An impulsive, angry White Plains dentist who will shove people away from the vehicle with vicious authority? That costs extra.

(Seriously, check that video out. If anyone out there actually goes to this dentist, William Moody, please, please be careful!)

Funkmaster Flex reclaims the No. 1 spot from DJ Clue

Funkmaster Ford

Between “Car Wars” and the “Funkmaster Flex Custom Car and Bike Show Tour” it’s easy to forget that the DJ still has a radio show on Hot 97. For years Flex had owned the night, from 7 p.m to midnight, but when DJ Clue moved onto 105.1, he lost the No. 1 slot. Since then a rivalry has been brewing between the two stations.

Given that Flex has an office in Dobbs Ferry, that made it easy for us to choose which spinner to side with. And now, according to The Daily News, we made the right choice. Flex is back on top, with 12.6 percent of the 18- to 34-year-old demo, compared with Clue’s 9.6 percent. Not quite as cool as a tricked out Ford Expedition, but pretty close.

Don’t funk with the Funkmaster Flex Car Show

Funkmaster FlexLos Angeles County made a little slip-up when it canceled the Hip-Hop car show headlined by Dobbs Ferry-based DJ Funkmaster Flex. The rationale for shutting down the event, which was supposed to be held in August, was that the music was “offensive.” There was just one little problem. Two, actually. The First and Fourteenth Amendments.

The organizers of the event, Imagine Media Group LLC, have filed an $800,000 lawsuit on September 20 asserting that the county violated both Constitutional rights. According to this story on AllHipHop, “The company seeks compensatory damages for violation of civil rights, compensatory damages, exemplary and punitive damages and attorney’s fees.”

(photo: Ford Motor Company)

Funkmaster Flex: Snitching on rap stars is just plain responsible citizenship

In response to my weekly updates on fugitive rapper DMX, who still has two warrants out for his arrest, I got some angry comments on the blog.


• james wrote, “leave dmx alone all you self rightous hipocrets.”

• truebluechicago said, “He can stay at my place anytime for his house arrest, with his fine ass. Leave X alone and quit helping the cops do their job, you’re not getting paid for it.”

• Mpho exclaimed, “u want X arrested u dick head?? … GTFO”

• And Left told me to “stop snitching.” </div></blockquote>

Now, I’m not one to normally back down on those who mess with the criminal justice system (you’re not going to ever hear me defending Paris Hilton, ok). Still, in this instance I was starting to wonder if I’d made some breach of hip-hop etiquette.

Ford Motor Company

That’s why I was heartened to read that none other than Funkmaster Flex, the legendary Hot 97 DJ (who has an office in Dobbs Ferry), has taken on the proponents of the rap business’s so-called “anti-snitching” movement. “Call me what you want,” he said on Monday, “I’m snitchin’.” He added he would give out police hotline numbers to anyone who wanted them.

Now, granted, he was talking mainly about the tragic murder of Dipset rapper, Stack Bundles, and the reluctance of people to speak out to authorities. But still. As far as I’m concerned, Flex’s endorsement of “snitching” is good enough for me.

The search for DMX continues!

“Funkmaster Flex Speaks On Snitching & 50 Cent” [HipHopDX]

Ride shotgun with Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster FlexAre you as excited as I am for season two of Flex’s reality TV series, “Car Wars with Funkmaster Flex,” debuting this Sunday, May 20, on ESPN2? No?

Well, what about actually winning an official Funkmaster Flex Edition Ford Explorer? How good is that?!

Let me explain: Besides the TV show, the hip-hop guru (who has an office in Dobbs Ferry) is also launching his own Flunkmaster Flex Custom Car and Bike Show Tour, with nine stops around the U.S. and Canada. At any one of those give sites, you may also get to meet stars like Nas, T.I., Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Fat Joe, Ghostface, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and my personal favorite, Q-Tip.

Locally, the tour will make stops in both Edison, NJ (June 23), and Hartford, CT (July 21). And yes, there’s a contest to give away a free Explorer at one of the events. To enter, send an email to <a href=”mailto:funkflex@sohh.com”>funkflex@sohh.com</a> with the subject: “Funkmaster Flex Ticket Giveaway.â€? Make sure to indicate which show you want to go to and enter no less than 7 days before the event.

“Win Tickets To The Funkmaster Flex Car Show” [SOHH BLOG]

(photo: Ford Motor Company)