We’re with the bands: Fred Norris returning to Yonkers, Kevin Bacon heading to Garrison

If you’re a celebrity without a band on the side, you might not really be a celebrity.

fred.jpgHoward Stern sidekick Fred Norris returns with his trio, King Norris, to Burke’s Bar this Saturday. On Feb. 9, the last time he was at the Yonkers venue, Norris picked me out of the crowd and likened me to the “Verizon Guy.” It seems like only yesterday; so, yes, I can hear him now. Saturday’s showtime is 10:30 p.m.

Of course, when Norris performed at Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester in December, Suburbarazzi had a field day with that, too.

kevin-bacon.jpgLater in May, Kevin Bacon and his brother, Michael, will head to Garrison to perform an afternoon gig for Riverkeeper’s 19th Annual Shad Fest.

Admission to the festival’s not cheap — $75 per adult, $25 children for visitors ages 9 to 20 — but the celebration will donate all event proceeds to programs that protect the Hudson River and regional watershed areas. The festival runs rain or shine from noon to 5 p.m., May 18, at Boscobel Restoration (1601 Route 9D). The Bacon Brothers are scheduled to gig there that day at 3:30 p.m.


(AP Photo of Norris by Stuart Ramson; AP Photo of Bacon by Chris Pizzello)

EXCLUSIVE: Audio of Suburbarazzi references on Howard Stern’s radio station

howard.jpgBecause I needed some time to figure out how to use the audio software on my computer, I’m a little late in posting these clips of Suburbarazzi mentions on Howard Stern’s radio show. (OK, six weeks late.) But better late than never! Still seems appropriate, considering Stern’s sound effects master, Fred Norris, performed with his band in Yonkers on Saturday night.

First up, although neither the blog nor my name is mentioned in this clip from the Jan. 2 Howard Stern show, here’s the first on-air reference to Suburbarazzi’s exclusive interview with Norris in Eastchester:


Later that day, Howard 100 News reporter Steve Langford interviewed me for a Howard 100 News brief that first aired at 5:37 p.m. Jan. 3:


Hooray for technology!

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

EXCLUSIVE: Fred Norris plays Yonkers, compares me to ‘Verizon Guy’

fred.jpgAfter working last night’s 2-10 shift for The Journal News, I headed down to Burke’s Bar in Yonkers to catch the first set of King Norris, the band fronted by and named after Howard Stern’s sound effects guru, Fred Norris.

Near the end of their set of classic and standard rock, Norris picked a bespectacled me out of the crowd and said something to the effect of “Hey, that looks like the Verizon Guy.”

I shouted back, “I can hear you now.”

He replied with something like “Well, if any of you need help with your phone service, go see him.” He threw in another joke that I found funny but will choose not to post on a family-friendly blog.

During King Norris’ intermission, I was reintroduced to Norris through his drummer, Frank Fallon, who helped me secure my December interview with him in Eastchester. Norris offered a firm handshake and was as kind as he was at our last meeting. After a brief and casual conversation, I was on my way.

For what it’s worth: Despite the fact I sometimes wear thick-rimmed black frames, I don’t see much of a resemblance to Verizon Guy beyond that. But Norris has a Don Rickles-like quality about him; most of the time, it’s an honor to be tweaked by the guy.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

Fred Norris to return to Westchester this Saturday

fred.jpgAfter a well-received and well-documented performance at Mickey Spillane’s restaurant in Eastchester on Dec. 8, the rock trio fronted by and named after Howard Stern sidekick Fred Norris will return to Westchester County with a Yonkers gig this Saturday night.

King Norris will be performing at Burke’s Bar at 645 Bronx River Road. Showtime is scheduled for 10:30 p.m.

If it’s anything like his Eastchester show, Norris will be kind to fans who approach him, crack a few jokes and — oh yeah — play some solid covers of classic, punk and alternative rock songs.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

Transcript of Howard Stern reporter’s interview with Suburbarazzi’s Chris Serico

sirius.jpgIt ran about five minutes later than expected, but Sirius satellite radio tonight broadcast a 90-second news report of reporter Steve Langford asking me about the exclusive Suburbarazzi interview I conducted last month with Howard Stern sidekick Fred Norris.

While I await permission to post the audio from the interview, here’s a transcript of what aired about an hour ago on Sirius channel 100:


ralph-howard.jpgRalph Howard (Howard 100 News anchor): I’m Ralph Howard. Fred Norris, exposed! Fred doesn’t say much on the Stern show, but this time it was friendly Fred, the guy with the band. It’s Howard 100 News: Spotlight!

me2.jpgVoice-over: Howard 100 News: Spotlight!

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): Every now and then, I actually do listen to the plugs at the end of the show. And Fred was talking about King Norris appearing at Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester.

steve-langford.jpgSteve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): Reporter Chris Serico, a big Stern fan, who jumped at the chance to interview Fred Norris when he heard the man of mystery would be appearing in his area.

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): Fred could not have been more accommodating. He was outstanding, well-spoken and extremely courteous with all of the fans who came up to him and said hello.

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): Serico’s impromptu interview for his blog, called Suburbarazzi, yielding some great quotes from Fred, including who he’d most want to see appear on the Stern show.

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): He said, “You know what? Brad Pitt. Because he so doesn’t want to do the show and he’s a big fan. And I’d like to know what it’s like to be going to bed with one of the sexiest women on the planet — even though she might be crazy and has too many tattoos for my liking.”

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): And will they ever dare to do a Fred roast on the show?

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): He said, “That’s in the hands of the gods. I don’t know. That’s up to them. If they’re feeling lucky and want to take their lives (in) their own hands, be my guest.”

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): That said, reporter Chris Serico observing something that even long-time listeners to the Stern show might not necessarily pick up.

king-norris02.jpgChris Serico (Suburbarazzi): There’s a kindness about him. And I think that’s sort of the lost of the talk of his being a Martian or Earth Dog or whatever. There’s a genuine kindness that, you know, he sort of exudes and that’s sort of lost in the nuances of the show.

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): Fred Norris, class act. For Howard 100 News, I’m Steve Langford.


My thanks to Langford for the opportunity to discuss the interview, his professional approach and for latching onto the story in the first place. Although, in fairness, it warrants clarifying that Suburbarazzi these days is very much Ted Mann’s blog, too.

(Logo and Howard 100 News photos courtesy of Sirius; Pictures of Norris and me courtesy of … me.)

Howard Stern’s news team cites Suburbarazzi’s exclusive interview with Fred Norris

king-norris02.jpgSince former Briarcliff Manor deejay Howard Stern moved from terrestrial radio to Sirius, he and his crew have been closely followed by Howard 100 News, a team of reporters who document all things related to the Stern show.

This morning, Howard 100 News reporter Steve Langford teased an item scheduled to be broadcast in a Howard 100 news brief later today. Langford quoted my exclusive Suburbarazzi interview with Stern’s sound effects guru, Fred Norris, thusly:


The normally mysterious Fred Norris, speaking out in another interview with a blogger. Fred saying he never imagined the Stern show would still be roaring 30 years after meeting Howard in Hartford. Norris saying, “I thought the most the show was going to go was three months and the (general managers) and program directors would get tired of it and say, ‘You guys are messed up,’ and kick us out.” Norris also asked about the possibility of a Fred roast. Fred saying, “That’s up to them. If they’re feeling lucky and want to take their lives in their own hands, be my guest.”


Stern sidekick Robin Quivers laughed heartily at the latter quote, then echoed, “That’s how everyone feels.”

“I would keep quiet about that,” Stern replied.

For those who have Sirius, Howard 100 News updates are broadcast just before commercial breaks during that day’s reruns of the Stern show. If I happen to hear the Suburbarazzi-related news update, I’ll let you know.

EXCLUSIVE: Fred Norris on Howard Stern, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Stevie Wonder

king-norris01.jpgIt’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to sit down and bust out the transcript from my exclusive interview with Howard Stern sidekick Fred Norris, but it’s not something I wanted to merely gloss over.

As you might recall, Norris was in Eastchester on Dec. 8 with his rock trio, King Norris, to perform at Mickey Spillane’s. In between sets, Norris (far right in photo) checked out a couple of rounds of the Mayweather-Hatton boxing match with drummer Frank Fallon on the second floor of the restaurant and chatted with fans and bandmates.

The same night, Norris was missing out on Howard 100 News correspondent Lisa G’s cookie party, which was being broadcast live on Sirius channel 100 — seriously! — while he was prepping for his show. Norris said he didn’t regret missing it.


You know what? As long as Lisa G. doesn’t miss me too badly, I think I made the better choice of coming up to Eastchester. It seemed like the right thing to do.


Check out the rest of my exclusive interview with Norris after the break. In it, he discusses his 28-year working relationship with Howard Stern, his ideal guest for the show, and the chances of the “Win Fred’s Money” trivia contest returning.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Exclusive interviews with Chevy Chase and Fred Norris!


At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: During my interview with Chevy Chase earlier this month, whom did he say was his best friend from his “Saturday Night Live” days?

A. Dan Aykroyd
B. Jane Curtin
C. Garrett Morris
D. Bill Murray

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EXCLUSIVE: Fred Norris rocks Eastchester

king-norris02.jpgFred Norris’ band, King Norris, rocked Mickey Spillane’s bar in Eastchester on Saturday night.

Howard Stern’s sound effects guru and King Norris’ guitar player was kind and conversational with fans and told jokes between songs, referencing new power couple Robin Quivers and Jim Florentine; frequent caller and New Rochelle resident Irish John, who was in the audience; and Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling.

The set list drew from classic, punk and current rock legends, including Lenny Kravitz, Jet, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Ramones and Green Day.

In the week ahead, I’ll post some quotes from my exclusive interviews with Norris, conducted before and after his sets. In the meantime, hooray for Fred!

(Photo by Chris Serico/The Journal News)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Chevy Chase goes green, Fred Norris is King, and Survivor’s Dave Bickler is a Real Man of Genius


My apologies to the great Dave Bickler for unintentionally dropping the “r” in his last name during this segment. It’s almost like the French pronunciation thereof. Classy, but inaccurate in this case. My bad. I clearly did not have the eye of the tiger in that moment.

At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: Which Yankees broadcaster sang Broadway hits at a one-night-only concert in Irvington this weekend?

A) Michael Kay
B) Paul O’Neill
C) John Sterling
D) Suzyn Waldman

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EXCLUSIVE: Five Stupid Questions with Howard Stern’s sound FX guru, Fred Norris

fred.jpgFred Norris was still in college when Howard Stern made his professional debut as a deejay in Briarcliff Manor, but Norris would meet the King Of All Media at Stern’s next stop — at WCCC in Hartford, Conn. Despite Stern’s insistence that the man known as “Earth Dog” on the WCCC airwaves actually hails from Mars, their working relationship and pleasantly awkward friendship has spanned almost three decades.

Astute Stern fans know Norris is more than just a sound effects guru who knows when to play Ed McMahon’s “Hiyo!” and the unmistakable “Uh… WOW!” with perfect comedic timing. He’s also a comedy writer, trivia expert and the guitarist for King Norris, a rock trio that tours the country with original songs.

After postponing a gig at Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester three months due to a Sept. 8 “family emergency” that reportedly turned out fine, King Norris will return to that bar for a 10:30 p.m. gig on Saturday, Dec. 8.

King Norris’ drummer, Frank Fallon, passed along Suburbarazzi’s Five Stupid Questions to the band’s namesake and today replied with Fred’s e-mailed responses. After the break, learn all about Fred’s favorite musician to appear on the Stern show, must-have sound effects and high praise for “Sour Shoes,” a frequent caller from the Lower Hudson Valley.

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Fred Norris’ band reschedules Eastchester gig for Dec. 8

fred.jpgFor Lower Hudson Valley fans of Howard Stern’s sound effects guru, perhaps they are now imitating the “Woooooo-hoo!” that Fred Norris frequently cues up for the radio show.

Although Norris’ band had to cancel Saturday’s Eastchester gig due to a “family emergency,” the trio plans to return Dec. 8 to Mickey Spillane’s on Route 22. King Norris drummer Frank Fallon delivered this news last night in an exclusive e-mail to Suburbarazzi.

Hey now.

(Photo courtesy of KingNorris.com)