No jailtime for Akon

After pleading guilty to throwing a boy off stage at a concert in Fishkill last year, Akon won’t be getting locked up after all.

The picture you see is the June 2007 incident where Akon asked the boy to come on stage after finding out the kid might have been throwing objects at him. Akon responded with a wrestling style move and launched the kid off the stage!

Dutchess county officials said Akon will avoid jail time as long as he agrees to do 65 hours of community service and pay a $250 fine.

Akon is no stranger to concert shenanigans either. About two months before the Fishkill incident, Akon at a show in Trinidad dry humped a girl on stage. He apologized later after finding out the girl was underage (because apparently the girl’s age was the only problem?).

(AP Photo)

UPDATE: Our friends at the Poughkeepsie Journal have some incredibly exciting video footage of Akon walking in and out of a courtroom. If you don’t see any sarcasm in that statement, then bless your soul.

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