Podcast: June 25

On the show this week: “American Idol” Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks, former “ER” cast member Gloria Reuben and “SportsCenter” anchor Trey Wingo hit the links to benefit Autism Speaks.

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At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: A Cincinnati councilman recently apologized to Rip Torn for falsely using his barely obscured mug shot in a campaign ad railing against “child predators.” In what Westchester municipality was Torn arrested for driving while under the influence?

A. Cortlandt
B. North Salem
C. Yorktown
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If at first Stanley Tucci doesn’t succeed, try try to join the “ER” cast

Stanley TucciAfter his stint on the extremely short-lived “3 Lbs.,” I hardly expected North Salem’s Stanley Tucci to do another primetime TV show anytime soon, much less another medical drama

But then last night, while watching the scenes from next week’s “ER,” there he was, in all his bald glory. Apparently, now that Weaver is gone and Kovach has resigned as head of the ER, Tucci is coming in to take over in some capacity or another (TV Guide said it was as head of the ER, but the Cincinnati Post said it would be as head of the entire hospital). And if last night’s episode was any indication, I’d say there’s about an 85 percent chance that he (and five other random characters) will try to jump Neela Rasgotra’s bones.