Can Johnny Drama lick Phil Mickelson on the links?

Can’t wait until September for the return of “Entourage”?

Newsday has a juicy little tidbit about the upcoming season: golfer Phil Mickelson will be guest starring. This they plucked out of an HBO press release.


Normally I wouldn’t find an “Entourage” cameo all that noteworthy, but consider: Kevin Dillon, aka Johnny Drama, is longtime golf nut, with a 7.3 handicap, according to Golf Digest (second only to Bill Murray’s 7.2 as the best in the LoHud region). Dillon’s dad, Paul, is also coach of the Fordham golf team. And the family belongs to Winged Food in Mamaroneck, where Mickelson had his infamous U.S. Open meltdown.

So, will these two do battle on the links? Considering that Drama is also prone to blowing his top, which one is more likely to come apart on the green?

Expect to find out on Sept. 7, when the season 5 debuts.

(Dillon: HBO; Mickelson: AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Hire Kevin Dillion for your next corporate meeting … for a mere $15k

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini
If you’ve ever been curious about how much it costs to book Johnny Drama to do his “Victory!” shtick, now you know. This $15,000 appearance fee for the Mamaroneck native was reported on Defamer, which saw it in an e-mail newsletter from Esterman Entertainment. That would be the same agency that also reps Kevin Federline and just about every American Idol reject from Season One onwards. Sounds like a Dillon brother is a step up.

The site also says that Dillon’s Entourage co-stars, Jeremy Piven and Jerry Ferrara, are also “connected to Esterman in some way or another,” though no word yet on whether they command the same kind of fees. Still, if you’re looking for a celebrity to add to your foursome, you really can’t beat Dillon — who is a regular at Winged Foot and reportedly has a 7.3 handicap. Then again, if you’re shelling out $15k, you probably don’t want to be losing in the first place.

Johnny Drama turns 42

tjndc5-5e8rbedd9921gty7aceo_layout.jpgYes, that’s right, Vince’s older bro is officially middle aged. Just one month younger than Jeremy Piven, actually.

After having an early birthday last Friday, the Mamaroneck native celebrated the real thing on Sunday at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casin. The Kevin Dillon birthday extravaganza was held at the resort’s Rehab Pool.

Check out photos of Dillon showing off his cake to throngs of fans here. There’s also a great pic on TMZ of one of the b-day’s more bizarre guests — Chuck Liddell, the UFC superstar who squared off against Dillon’s “Entourage” alter ego earlier this season. And as if that weren’t weird enough, there’s also one truly disturbing snapshot of Dillon celebrating with Perez Hilton, who appears to be trying to bring back the Max Hedroom look.

(AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)

Happy Birthday, dear Johnny Drama, Happy Birthday to you

kd_4×6_back-1.jpgI can’t decide which is weirder: The fact that Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon is letting a Chicago radio station and some organization called POParazzi (what kind of whack name is that?) host is birthday … or that the party is actually being thrown in the name of Johnny Drama, Dillion’s ‘Entourage’ alter ego.

And what’s more, it sounds totally like the kind of sponsored gig that Drama and Turtle would do on the show (wasn’t there a Victoria’s Secret-endorsed bday party for Vince in season 2?). Let’s just hope that the method acting hasn’t evolved into a full Jekyll-and-Hyde syndrome.

Full details on the Kevin Dillon Birthday Party @ Crobar

The cruel, cruel embarrassment of being Johnny Drama’s daughter

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

I’m a week or so late on this, but apparently Kevin Dillon was on Conan O’Brien last week talking up the return of “Entourage” after its two-week hiatus. The best part of the interview, according to Celebrity Baby Blog, was when Dillon, a Mamaroneck native, starting talking about how his 16-year-old daughter cringes while watching the HBO show:

<blockquote><div>I let her watch the show. She enjoys it. It’s a little tough occasionally when Johnny Drama is put into some unusual positions. Whenever there’s a massage scene, it’s always kind of tough for her. She’s gotta go to school the next day and face her friends, so it’s a little embarrassing for her.</div></blockquote>

The YouTube Version of Kevin Dillon

entourage20_th.jpgEver wondered what Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon would look like if played by an internet celebrity? Or rather, ever wondered what Dillon’s “Entourage” character — the can’t-get-no-respect Johnny “Drama” Chase — would resort to if he was trying to get an agent’s attention through YouTube?

Meet Shmuel Tennenhaus.


After writing about Tennenhaus’s bizarre website, Paging Ari Gold, this morning, he reached out to Suburbarazzi. Much to my surprise, when I Googled him I saw that this wasn’t even his first bid for online celebrity status. The New York Times published a story in February about another of his recent ventures, Ask a Jew (meant to play off the success of Ask a Ninja, another breakout YouTube star).

While he’s hardly achieved the fame of, say, Numa Numa boy, his Ari Gold site has gotten traffic from dozens of studios and agencies, including Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, Vivendi Universal, United Talent Agency, Endeavor Agency, Wenner Media, and E!

I spoke with Tennenhaus this afternoon to figure out whether he’s (a) the biggest “Entourage” fan EVER, (b) seriously in need of help, or (c ) an oddly savvy viral marketer. Turns out, all three.

When did you start the Paging Ari Gold site?

<blockquote><div>About a month ago. It was linked to on Defamer. AdRants also wrote something, saying it was clearly some ploy by HBO. Then of course HBO flat-out denied that. </div></blockquote>

Has it gotten a lot of traffic?
<blockquote><div>It got a lot of hits when it got picked up by Defamer and some other industry sites. The first Ari Gold clip has been seen about 5,000 times on YouTube.

Rex Lee, who plays Lloyd on the show, also left a comment on the site, which was pretty cool.

sponsoredlink.jpgI also bought keyword searches for “Ari Goldâ€? and some of the show’s writers. If you search for Ari Gold and Entourage, you’ll see my ad on Google. That’s paid search, and I think that’s why some people assumed this was an HBO viral campaign.

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Paging Ari Gold

entourage4_th.jpgWe’ve got less than a month ’til “Entourage” and beloved Johnny Drama (Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon) are back. The season premiere is schedule for April 8 on HBO. Personally, I can’t wait.

Apparently, though, some folks just can’t hold in their excitement that long. Witness, this guy, who created a blog (and series of YouTube videos) devoted entirely to getting the attention of Ari Gold (the fictional character played by Jeremy Piven). It’s beyond bizarre. And to think that some people said a blog devoted the celebrities of the Lower Hudson Valley was a stretch.


(Entourage photo: HBO)