Celebritize your bicep

Speaking of Susan Sarandon, I just can’t seem to get that image of her brand new back tattoos out of my head. Is it still a “tramp stamp” if it’s on your upper back? What’s the projected lifespan of a tat on a 61-year-old before it begins sagging? Will Tim Robbins get his own ink art to match?

I don’t have the answers to any of these, of course, but the topic remind me of something else: My colleague Audrey Green’s excellent story on Rockland County’s tattoo subculture. If you weren’t one of the lucky recipients of the May issue of Rockland Magazine, you probably didn’t get to read it. But, hey, lucky you, it’s still online. Be sure to check it out.

photo-10-celebrity-skin_-21-tattoos-of-famous-faces-photos-ewcom.jpgAnyway, back to celebrity tattoos. If you’re reading this blog, chances are that’s what you’re mainly interested in anyway. And while I don’t have anything quite as exhaustive as my 2006 index of former Sneden’s Landing resident Angelina Jolie’s body art, Friend of Sububarazzi Amy Vernon did point me to a different kind of celebrity tattoo. Not on celebs, but of them. As in, a permanent portrait of Stepinac grad Alan Alda (as MASH’s Hawkeye Pierce) or former Carmelite Judge Judy surrounded by the phrase “Only Judy Can Judge Me.”

Those are the two locals that made the Entertainment Weekly photo gallery of celebrity tattoos, but there are plenty of others—Napoleon Dynamite, Tony Danza, Bob Barker, Michael Moore—to keep you entertained. Enjoy.

“Celebrity Skin: 21 Tattoos of Famous Faces” [EW.com]

(Photo: Johnny Andres/New Addiction Tattoos)

People of the Year — 10. Hayden Panettiere

rm_people04.jpgOh, to be young, rich, and synonymous with the most memorable TV catch-phrase of the year. “Save the cheerleader, save the world� didn’t just turn Heroes into NBC’s only new hit show, it also made Panettiere—the indestructible, cut-off-a-toe-it-grows back cheerleader character—into a household name. She’s since appeared on the covers of Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Vanity Fair, all before turning 18. After recently moving from Palisades to L.A., she also became a spokesperson for Neutrogena and the “Got Milk?� campaign. Of course, with that kind of positive exposure also comes the other kind—daily videos on TMZ.com and nonstop blog buzz about her rumored boyfriends. Only problem: This fair-skined blonde isn’t your typical teen-star train wreck. She doesn’t drink, smoke, or have run-ins with the law. By all accounts, she’s as pure as the driven snow.

Prediction for 2008: Provided she doesn’t get caught up in any of the usual Hollywood trappings (like, say, that other kind of snow), Panettiere has a bright year ahead, with the continued success of Heroes and a role in the upcoming Julia Roberts film Fireflies in the Garden.

Adapted from “People of the Year,� Rockland Magazine, December 2007

(Illustration by Ismael Roldon)

Rob Thomas digs Weed(s)

AP Photo/Jim Cooper

I know I haven’t always been kind in my past references to Mount Kisco rocker Rob Thomas. Those pretty boy good looks, that self-serving documentary … Anyway, all that mocking ends now. Thomas is back to his Santana-era level of coolness in my book.

The reason? In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, there’s a story about all of the bands who’ve been enlisted to score some weed — er, I mean, score the quirky, opening theme song for the Showtime series “Weeds.” Among the musicians doing covers of the ditty, “Little Boxes,” this season: Randy Newman, the Shins, Linkin Park, and Billy Bob Thorton (yes, you read that right). But best of all is Thomas, who the magazine says “made an eleventh-hour pitch to submit a cut from his band.”

“I like weed,” explained Thomas, “and we had instruments lying around. It was a perfect match.”

Waiting for more Weeds

In case you haven’t watched “Weeds” yet, it’s high time (those puns just keep on coming!) you picked up Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix or iTunes. Best comedy I’ve seen in years. Yes, I dig “The Office,” “Entourage,” and their ilk, but none of them approaches the brilliantly simple conceit of a suburban widower dealing pot to her neighbors. Season 3 debuts on August 13 and while it’s still unclear if Thomas made the cut, I advise everyone to head over to the Showtime message board and put in a plug for Thomas, our very own LoHud candidate.