Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Ruby’s win, Trump’s Scottish links, and the B-52’s return

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This week’s Quiz:

On one recent episode of an NYC-based TV dramedy, the characters debate heading up to Westchester to dine at the famous “Blue Hill at Stone Barns,� only to conclude it’s “too far.� Which show featured this storyline?

A. Lipstick Jungle
B. Cashmere Mafia
C. Dirty, Sexy, Money
D. 30 Rock

The answer is at the end of the clip and after the break.

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Billy Baldwin’s ‘Dirty’ secret: He doesn’t want to leave Bedford for Hollywood

tjndc5-5et5nbuqdlhdpza9ic4_layout.jpgI’m as happy as anyone that Bedford resident Billy Baldwin got cast in “Dirty Sexy Money.” Better still, after watching the first two episodes, I’m already set to DVR a season pass. The only potential downside to the show becoming a hit? Despite being set in New York, it’s filmed in L.A.

And that might just mean that if the show is here to stay, Baldwin might have to move the whole fam to California.

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