Rosie O’Donnell’s new career: Kindergarten arts and crafts instructor

It was an interesting morning for Rosie O’Donnell on GMA. First, in an interview with Diane Sawyer, she says she’d like to take Britney Spears’s place as the celebrity posterchild for mental illness. 112655_2844_pre.jpg

“I sort of feel Britney has become the poster child (for mental illness). The kid is very young. She never had a childhood. She never rode a Big Wheel. Rather than put her face on mental illness, or Brooke Shields, who had postpartum depression, use me.”

The South Nyacker also confirmed that she’s given up beer. But not because she had any problems with alcohol abuse. Just because she wanted to lose a few pounds. “I’m not by any means sober,” she said. “Beer to me, I love it and I drink it like it’s water.”

Then, later in the morning, she showed off what she’s been up to (other than blogging, vlogging, and going on tour with Cyndi Lauper). You guessed it: writing a book. But it was no ordinary book. It’s an arts-and-crafts project book called “Crafty U,” in which she gives examples of how you too can entertain your child with a ball of yarn, some glue, and a balloon. At least, that’s how she says she’s able to occupy her kids minds since she forbids them from watching TV.


In the best moment of the appearance, after doing an on-stage demo of how to make a bowl out glue-hardened string, she said the creation could double as a hat. Especially for Robin Roberts, O’Donnell added, who has a beautiful bald head. At which point Roberts promptly, bravely whipped off her wig and tossed the string hat atop her noggin.


Now, not to complain or anything, but if Rosie really wanted to take Britney’s place, shouldn’t she have been the one shedding her hair?

Video of Roberts losing her wig

“Rosie shares her views of politics, wealth, fame” [GMA]

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Rosie O’Donnell won’t be “Detox”-ing with Diane Sawyer (or Oprah) after all

tjndc5-5f2qol0l38859cmebjm_layout1.jpgAfter giving Oprah a big, fat umnah last week — declining to appear on her show to promote her new memoir, “Celebrity Detox” — South Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell made an equally surprising move over the weekend: pulling the plug on her planned two-part interview with Diane Sawyer.

Rosie broke the news on her own r blog, where she wrote a lengthy free-verse missive (titled, oddly, “Ms. Winfrey,” not “Ms. Sawyer”):


i do not feel ready
to discuss or defend
the things i shared
on those 209 pages

read it urself
take away what u need
leave the rest
it is what it is

the goal always is peace
self revelation
sharing – learning – teaching
wax on wax off

for now
i decided no interviews
about celebrity detox
it is too raw

my no
has nothing 2 do with anything
but me
my need 2 find my place

oprah is a force of nature
her invitation made me cry
her kind words about the book
reinforce what we all know
2 b true about her


Her publicist, Cindi Berger, confirmed to the NY Post’s Michael Starr, “She feels people should read the book and take away from it what they will. She does not want to do any interviews.” However, despite her reluctance to talk about “Detox,” she couldn’t me more excited to talk about reprising her role as Dawn Budge on FX’s “Nip/Tuck.” She posted multiple times about the show’s upcoming debut. Truth be told, the prospect of seeing her face sewn shut on the show (as previewed on her Flickr page) kind of has me a little excited too.

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O’Donnell to ‘Detox’ with Diane, not Oprah

celebrity-detox.JPGRosie O’Donnell’s highly anticipated memoir, “Celebrity Detox,” is set to hit the stores on October 2, and already it’s shaping up to be one of the South Nyack resident’s most provoctive moves yet. This week she made news by snubbing Oprah and instead giving Diane Sawyer the first interview about the book (Because, duh, nobody sells books quite like Diane Sawyer! Oh wait.).

Then, all over the web, details about the book began to leak out. Here are just a few of the most telling points:

• O’Donnell says that Barbara Walters is “tired” and implied that she should retire, or at least “step back.” [NY Post]

• As a child, O’Donnell says she used to break her own limbs with either a baseball bat or a wooden hanger. [Fox News]

• During commercial breaks on “The View” audience members would sometimes shout out, “I love you, Rosie” – “and Barbara politely tells them in a schoolteacher tone, ‘It is impolite to say I love you to one person when there are four of us up here.’ ” []

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