Guess who is representing Michael Moore

tjndc5-5eqawnqvzhjvyorp4ee_layout.jpgThat would be Armonk’s David Boies—Al Gore’s attorney during the 2000 hanging chad chaos (remember that?). Harvey Weinstein, the producer of Moore’s upcoming cinematic slam of the healthcare industry, hired the legal wiz after the U.S. Treasury warned the filmmaker he was under investigation for possibly violating the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba for a visit he made to the island nation in February for his film.

Boies has fired back against the Department, filing a Freedom of Information Act request “for all documents in [the Department’s] possession pertaining to the civil investigation launched by the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control,â€? according to

“Sicko,� which premieres in Cannes this week, will hit screens here in late June.

Meanwhile, Boies has been involved defending the reputation of another of his high-profile clients, the talk-show host Charlie Rose. Radar Magazine ran a story earlier this year titled, “Toxic Bachelors,� in which they included anecdotes about Mr. Rose.

Boies sent the following letter to the magazine, which they published in this month’s issue:

<blockquote><div>I and my firm represent Charlie Rose. It has come to our attention that Radar has published an article about Mr. Rose filled with inaccuracies, including a description that he slid his hand up another man’s wife’s skirt and “palmed her buttock like a honeydew…We demand an immediate retraction.</div></blockquote>

The mag’s response:

<blockquote><div>We double checked with our source and she assures us tat Mr. Rose palmed her buttock very much like a honeydew. If, however, Mr. Rose is quite certain he palmed it in a different manner and you can suggest a more fitting metaphor, we will consider amending the phrase in republished versions of the article.</div></blockquote>

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Social Diary: Martha, M.D.’s, and Money

The well-to-do and creatively dressed came out Saturday Night to the 3rd Annual Gala Benefit for Northern Westchester Hospital, with an “Asian chic� dress theme. Martha Stewart, who donated $1 million to the hospital, was wearing a long black coat that reached to her ankles (which to my non-style conscious eye, looked more “Matrix chic� than “Asian�). She spent most of the cocktail hour patiently posing for pictures with guests (including one man, whose camera failed to snap three times). The big news of the night was the announcement that Armonk residents David and Mary Boies had donated $5 million dollars to the hospital (and would have the new emergency room named for them).

David—who represented Al Gore during the 2000 Florida recount debacle and who is one of the classiest men in Northern Westchester—told me he hoped his gift would encourage others in the community to give.

And, finally, only at a benefit for doctors could you overhear the following conversation in the Men’s Room�

Man: Doctor X*, it’s Mike K*, you performed my wife’s surgery last year.
Doctor: Oh yes, how is she doing?
Man: Well we got divorced two months ago, so I don’t really care. Good to see you again.

*no names