Will William Hurt be the next baddie on ‘Damages’?

One of the big question marks hanging over the season finale of damages is whether Ted Danson’s character, Arthur Frobisher, is actually dead or not? He’s shot in the season finale by a disgruntled former employee, but we never actually see him in a coffin.

tjndc5-5kdljlkjp2qz9uu7f37_layout.jpgWell, if the casting for season 2 is any indication, I’m betting that yes, Danson is dust. Sneden’s Landing resident William Hurt has been cast in one of the key roles. As Newsday reported, “anonymous ‘insiders’ [say] that Hurt’s character will have both a personal and professional history with Patty [Hewes],” the duplicitious lawyer played by Bedford resident Glenn Close that the series revolves around.

You may remember that, like in their television roles, Close and Hurt also go way back. Both starred in “The Big Chill.”

As for Danson, it’s hard to imagine where his plot could go from here. With an A-lister of Hurt’s magnitude joining the cast, I’m guessing that Danson won’t get any more lines than Kevin Costner did in the “Chill.” For those who don’t remember, he played the dead guy.

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I’d like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press … pass the Jim Beam

So, where was Glenn Close, the only Lower Hudson Valley star who won a Golden Globe (Best Actress in a TV Drama), on Sunday when she got the news? Boozing it up in the city apparently:

<blockquote><div>”I was at the Brass Monkey Bar in the Meatpacking District in New York, watching it on TV with a bunch of the cast and crew. I was drinking bourbon on the rocks. It was great. This huge cheer went up.”</div></blockquote>

Bourbon on the rocks. Outstanding.


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‘There Will Be Gummi Bears’: LoHud celeb reactions to the Golden Globe nods

Just a few kneejerk reactions from this morning’s nominees from the Lower Hudson Valley:

close.jpgGlenn Close:

The Bedford resident learned that she’d been nominated for her role as Patty Hewes in “Damages” from a friend in Florida while visiting her hometown of Greenwich, CT. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she said that her sinister lawyer character was being recognized because “she keeps people off balance all the time, and people are intrigued by that.” Close also told the AP, “My least favorite part is trying to figure out what to wear. Everything else is pretty much wonderful.”

There was also this extended quote, courtesy USA Today:


“This is particularly sweet and thrilling, to be on the ground floor of something like this, with the three writers (Glenn Kessler, Todd Kessler and Daniel Zelman). I took the series on the strength of their pilot and you think, ‘Well, hopefully they’ll come up with other good stuff.’ To watch them week after week come up with wonderful and very sophisticated twists and turns was just the most wonderful ride. So I’m particularly proud for them. And then to have the joy of seeing Ted’s work and him being recognized for it and Rose Byrne, it’s very gratifying. And I hope our cast and crew feel the way I do, because everybody worked really heard. So it’s really nice to celebrate this way.�</div></blockquote>

sorkin.jpgAaron Sorkin:

The Scarsdale native, who is nominated for best screenplay for “Charlie Wilson’s War,” told The Hollywood Reporter that his celebrating will include picking up his daughter from school. “I’m sure there will be Gummi bears.”

(Close: AP Photo/FX, Larry Riley; Sorkin: Tom Nycz/The Journal News)

The Golden Globe nominations are just one big Lower Hudson Valley lovefest


Palisades native and “Heroes” hottie Hayden Panettiere was Ms. Golden Globe today, given the honors of doling out the nominations alongside “Smokin’ Aces” star Ryan Reynolds and director Quentin Tarantino. Sadly, her show was totally shut out of every category. Ouch!

Fortunately, plenty of other LoHudders fared better.

Here’s a quick scorecard of which of the nominations have strong ties to the Lower Hudson Valley. In other words, all things being equal, these are the guys and gals to root for:


• AMERICAN GANGSTER: Stars Mount Vernon native Denzel Washington and filmed while Russell Crowe was living in Nyack

• THE GREAT DEBATERS: Directed by and starring Denzel

• MICHAEL CLAYTON: Stars Mamaroneck native (and former Winged Foot caddy) Michael O’Keefe, aka Noonan from “Caddyshack,” in a supporting role; features an early scene with George Clooney in Westchester, trying to put out a legal fire for an executive who has just gotten into a car accident.


• ANGELINA JOLIE – A MIGHTY HEART: Raised in Sneden’s Landing

The rest of the nominations are after the break …

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People of the Year — 16. Glenn Close

itw_people13.jpgLock up the bunnies! The Fatal Attraction star and Bedford resident was back on TV this year as the star of the new FX series Damages, in arguably her most sinister role to date (she snuffs out a family pet here, too, only this time it’s a dog). In the show, she plays litigator Patty Hewes, a morally malevolent type who sinks her teeth into a season-long case against a Ken Lay-type billionaire (Ted Danson). Even though the series likely won’t be renewed, Close’s Emmy-worthy performance is reason enough to Netflix the DVDs or tune into the next season of the show.

Prediction for 2008: Close is set to star as Norma Desmond in the film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Sunset Boulevard (which is based on the 1950 film). Having won a Tony for the role on Broadway, she could finally get a shot at a long-overdue Oscar.

UPDATE: In preparing the initial version of this writeup, everyone through Damages wouldn’t see a second season. Everyone was wrong. Thanks to the wise, patient folks at FX, the show got reupped in November — for two seasons, no less. Read more on the deal in my Nov. 14 post.

Adapted from “People of the Year,� InTown Westchester, December 2007

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Class-Action Continuance: ‘Damages’ to come back for a second season on FX


After the first season of “Damages” finished on October 23, it seemed likely that the should would be one and done. Sure, the cable-TV thriller was a gripping, original take on the pre-trial machinations of a devious class action lawyer, played by none other than Bedford’s Glenn Close. But a series average of 5.1 million viewers isn’t exactly impressive. If this had been a network show, it would have been canceled faster than you can say “New Amsterdam.” Luckily, though, the show is on FX — not NewCorp’s more fickle, myopic network counterpart, Fox.

But “Damages” didn’t just get reupped — according to the Hollywood Reporter, it got a green light for two more seasons! 26 episodes in all.

Season one’s stars, including Close, Rose Byrne, and Tate Donovan, are all set to return. No word yet on whether Ted Danson will survive that gunshot in the finale (me thinks not), but I sure would love for him to get a spinoff role as the new head bartender at Paddy’s Pub in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Sam Malone goes to Philly!

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New City’s Maya Days on ‘Damages’


As if “Damages,” the totally riveting, rockin’ FX series starring Bedford’s Glenn Close, wasn’t already awesome enough, we learned earlier this week — via fellow blogger and Journal News colleague Heather Salerno — that there’s a whole other reason to dig the show: It also stars New City resident Maya Days (above, right).

Yes, ding, ding, ding, we have another trans-Hudson partnership (to go along with the recently reported pairings of Murray-Robbins and Demme-Winger-Irwin).

On the show, Days plays detective Rosario Ortiz, one of the cops interrogating the main character, Ellen, about how her fiancee was killed. It doesn’t appear to be a critical role … yet. But who knows, as the season progresses, she could end up being the copper who takes down Close’s shady ice queen Patty Hewes character.

Check out Heather’s fantastic profile of Days HERE, and listen to a bunch of clips from Heather’s interviews with her (not to mention a music video from MTV Europe featuring Days) at her Remote Access blog entry HERE.