Farewell to RNN

If you didn’t know, the Journal News has ended its partnership with RNN-TV, meaning your beloved Suburbarazzi will no longer be making weekly appearances on the network.tjndc5-5gahkbqj3knyn5emant_original.jpg

We’ll still be cranking out the snark here on the blog, but we’re free-agents in the TV world now. Access Hollywood, you know you want us.

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At The Movies with Aman and Chris: Denzel Washington’s rant inspires Russell Crowe conversation

Even at the end of a long work day, we Suburbarazzi talk about things. Y’know, everyday stuff. Socioeconomic development in Uganda. Fluffy bunnies. And movies, I guess.

us.jpgSo when I asked my fellow Suburbarazzo via Facebook chat tonight about today’s appearance by Denzel Washington in Mount Vernon, it segued into a discussion about former Nyack dweller, Russell Crowe.

The conversation below has been edited for clarity and to make us look like we care about capitalization in online conversation. Please note that I made Aman — a stand-up comedian — laugh twice or at least write out the phrase “hahahaha” two times to pretend he was. Either way, I’ll pretend he was in hysterics reading my hilarious words of hilarity.

The chat at one point picked up when Aman told me Washington said he was “really upset” about the Mount Vernon’s school district’s budget woes.

Aman: He was just really heated about the whole subject
Chris: Why does one of the world’s best actors need to be defensive about that, though?
Chris: Maybe he feels guilty, in retrospect, that he donated money to athletics when teaching jobs were later cut
Aman: One thing I give Denzel serious props about, that man seriously knows how to select good movie scripts to act in
Aman: Like whats the last flop movie he was in?
Chris: Absolutely. He’s amazing.
Chris: Even Russell Crowe does “A Good Year” now and then
Aman: Meh, “Master and Commander” I wasn’t a fan of
Chris: My dad likes that flick
Chris: But no one liked “A Good Year”
Aman: Yeah I dont think I saw that one
Chris: I think Russell Crowe attended its premiere, threw his cell phone at the projectionist and walked out the emergency exit door, setting off the fire alarm and sprinklers
Aman: Hahahaha
Aman: Apparently he’s going to play Bill Hicks in a biopic movie
Chris: I still love that guy though.
Chris: Like, will defend him 100 percent
Aman: Oh I like him too
Chris: That (Bill Hicks movie)’d be good. “The Insider” is one of my favorite movies
Chris: And maybe his best acting performance ever
Aman: Agreed, I do have a soft spot for “Gladiator” though
Chris: Good movie. Not great.
Chris: Although I like that Jay-Z uses his “Is this not why you are here?” speech to open “What More Can I Say?”
Aman: Hahahaha

(Non-AP photo of Aman Ali and Chris Serico wearing ironic T-shirts featuring puns involving the original Nintendo Entertainment System/Aman Ali and Chris Serico)

RNN Oscar Preview Special Redux: The Suburbarazzi segments

oscar2.jpgNeed a quick reminder of where Ted and I stand on this year’s major Oscar nominees? Wondering what Fidel Castro has to do with this year’s ceremony? Waiting in line to be slapped by Ruby Dee? Check out the Suburbarazzi segments from Friday night’s episode below. (If you want to see the whole half-hour show, click here.)

Here’s the opening segment, in which we discuss Oscar gossip, box office success, violence and most of the major categories:


And here’s the closing segment, during which Ted and I make our Best Picture picks and surprise TV’s Karen DePodwin with, well, watch to find out!


(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

EXCLUSIVE: There will be Oscar Specials

You may heard: There’s a little reality-TV program scheduled this weekend where beautiful people will preen for the camera and get voted on by the masses. And no, I’m not talking about the all-new episode of Big Brother 9. It’s that other show, the one where they give out big gold men (weighing eight pounds) and then little gold men (made of chocolate). I’d like to say we’re above picking the winners and losers — like every other print/blog/television entity on the planet — but, well, we’re not. And, fortunately, our friends at RNN, bless their souls, were good enough to let us opine on air tonight for a special Oscar Special.

Sure, Small Bites and Varsity Insider may have been the first blogs to the half-hour TV party, but our show had far more gold.

I should also point out, despite giving ourselves billing in the ad on our sidebar, the truth is the program is all RNN. Or to be more specific, Karen DePodwin. She did yeoman’s work pulling this all together. The ad really should have said, “The DePodwin Oscar Special, with guest stars Suburbarazzi and Liz Johnson.”

One other caveat: Please ignore the painfully awkward segments when I start rambling about Michael Moore (Wha? Castro? Huh?) and “Juno” (what I meant to say — “Blood” and “No Country” will split the high-brow voters, leaving “Juno” a chance at winning). Instead, focus on my esteemed colleague, Chris Serico — whose Ruby Dee logic (anytime you slap a former Oscar winner, you automatically get to win one, too) was downright brilliant. Or, for that matter, Liz Johnson and Peter Pratt, who can spray me with truffle juice any day of the week. And, of course, the indomitable Karen DePodwin, who looks lovely enough to be Suffern HS homecoming queen.

More thoughts on RNN’s Oscar Preview Special

oscar2.jpgHey, it’s Chris here. Ted and I initially posted the footage of the RNN Oscar Preview Special at about the same time, so I’m just going to supplement his words with a couple of thoughts.

As Ted mentioned, many thanks go to anchor/reporter Karen DePodwin and the entire RNN crew for thinking of us when she first pitched the Oscar Preview Special. I know Ted and I were really proud and thrilled to be a part of it.

Plus, we’d highly recommend ordering an imitation Oscar and surprising someone with it. We swear we didn’t tell her in advance! We also didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t real. But maybe it’s got chocolate inside, so if that’s true, it would not be a total loss.

EXCLUSIVE: Audio of Suburbarazzi references on Howard Stern’s radio station

howard.jpgBecause I needed some time to figure out how to use the audio software on my computer, I’m a little late in posting these clips of Suburbarazzi mentions on Howard Stern’s radio show. (OK, six weeks late.) But better late than never! Still seems appropriate, considering Stern’s sound effects master, Fred Norris, performed with his band in Yonkers on Saturday night.

First up, although neither the blog nor my name is mentioned in this clip from the Jan. 2 Howard Stern show, here’s the first on-air reference to Suburbarazzi’s exclusive interview with Norris in Eastchester:


Later that day, Howard 100 News reporter Steve Langford interviewed me for a Howard 100 News brief that first aired at 5:37 p.m. Jan. 3:


Hooray for technology!

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Transcript of Howard Stern reporter’s interview with Suburbarazzi’s Chris Serico

sirius.jpgIt ran about five minutes later than expected, but Sirius satellite radio tonight broadcast a 90-second news report of reporter Steve Langford asking me about the exclusive Suburbarazzi interview I conducted last month with Howard Stern sidekick Fred Norris.

While I await permission to post the audio from the interview, here’s a transcript of what aired about an hour ago on Sirius channel 100:


ralph-howard.jpgRalph Howard (Howard 100 News anchor): I’m Ralph Howard. Fred Norris, exposed! Fred doesn’t say much on the Stern show, but this time it was friendly Fred, the guy with the band. It’s Howard 100 News: Spotlight!

me2.jpgVoice-over: Howard 100 News: Spotlight!

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): Every now and then, I actually do listen to the plugs at the end of the show. And Fred was talking about King Norris appearing at Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester.

steve-langford.jpgSteve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): Reporter Chris Serico, a big Stern fan, who jumped at the chance to interview Fred Norris when he heard the man of mystery would be appearing in his area.

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): Fred could not have been more accommodating. He was outstanding, well-spoken and extremely courteous with all of the fans who came up to him and said hello.

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): Serico’s impromptu interview for his blog, called Suburbarazzi, yielding some great quotes from Fred, including who he’d most want to see appear on the Stern show.

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): He said, “You know what? Brad Pitt. Because he so doesn’t want to do the show and he’s a big fan. And I’d like to know what it’s like to be going to bed with one of the sexiest women on the planet — even though she might be crazy and has too many tattoos for my liking.”

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): And will they ever dare to do a Fred roast on the show?

Chris Serico (Suburbarazzi): He said, “That’s in the hands of the gods. I don’t know. That’s up to them. If they’re feeling lucky and want to take their lives (in) their own hands, be my guest.”

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): That said, reporter Chris Serico observing something that even long-time listeners to the Stern show might not necessarily pick up.

king-norris02.jpgChris Serico (Suburbarazzi): There’s a kindness about him. And I think that’s sort of the lost of the talk of his being a Martian or Earth Dog or whatever. There’s a genuine kindness that, you know, he sort of exudes and that’s sort of lost in the nuances of the show.

Steve Langford (Howard 100 News reporter): Fred Norris, class act. For Howard 100 News, I’m Steve Langford.


My thanks to Langford for the opportunity to discuss the interview, his professional approach and for latching onto the story in the first place. Although, in fairness, it warrants clarifying that Suburbarazzi these days is very much Ted Mann’s blog, too.

(Logo and Howard 100 News photos courtesy of Sirius; Pictures of Norris and me courtesy of … me.)

UPDATE: Suburbarazzi-tinged interview to air at 5:32 p.m. on Howard Stern’s main Sirius channel

howard.jpgSteve Langford of Howard Stern’s news department just called a few minutes ago to confirm that the Suburbarazzi-related interview with me is scheduled to air today at 5:32 p.m. on Channel 100 on Sirius satellite radio.

Langford warned the report is on the shorter side of things because this week was particularly newsworthy, particularly in the department of Robin Quivers’ romantic life. I’m guessing my segment will be 30 to 60 seconds, but hey, better than nothing!

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Lower Hudson Valley lays claim to at least 3 Emmys; Katherine Heigl’s LoHud membership status under review

emmy-award.jpgLate last week, Ted Mann and I made our picks for who, among our Lower Hudson Valley celebrities, would and should win Emmys. Now it’s time for our scorecard, granting a point for correct guesses as well as Lower Hudson Valley victories.

•SERIES (DRAMA): “The Sopranos” (parts filmed in LoHud; starred Sneden’s Landing homeowner Lorraine Bracco, Purchase College grad Edie Falco and Mount Vernon- and Brewster-raised Michael Imperioli.)

Ted and I thought “The Sopranos” would and should win. And with Bracco also sharing in this victory, everyone gets a point. Ted 1, Chris 1, Lower Hudson Valley 1.

•SERIES (COMEDY): “30 Rock”

While both Ted and I wanted “30 Rock” to win, I thought “Ugly Betty” would take the trophy, while Ted picked “The Office” to claim it. Unlike “Entourage,” which stars Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon and “Ugly Betty,” which stars Chappaqua resident Vanessa Williams, “30 Rock” has no obvious connection to the Lower Hudson Valley, but we’re all winners in another sense because “30 Rock” is a fantastic show. Let’s hope it’s not doomed with the “Arrested Development” Emmy curse. Ted 1, Chris 1, Lower Hudson Valley, 1.

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Suburbarazzi gauges chances of LoHud’s Emmy nominees

emmy-award.jpgEarlier this week, Ted Mann and I chatted with RNN’s Stacy-Ann Gooden about a few of the Emmy nominees with connections to the Lower Hudson Valley. Given time constraints, we only had so much time to debate a few of the candidates, but thanks to the good ol’-fashioned(?) blog, we can offer our takes on which LoHud celebs we think, and hope, will win at Sunday’s ceremony.

Keep in mind that a couple of celebs with a local connection already had their fates decided at “ceremonies held earlier.” North Salem resident Stanley Tucci won Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his appearance on “Monk.” (My gripe: Why wasn’t Paul Reubens’ hilarious performance as Gerhardt on “30 Rock” even nominated?) And while Suffern native Tim Daly didn’t win Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama for his appearance on “The Sopranos,” the winner in that category — John Goodman — appeared on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” created by Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin.

Ted found legit connections to the Lower Hudson Valley in eight major categories. We’ll give you a couple of teasers before the break. Check out the rest of our predictions and rooting interests after the break.

•”Boston Legal”
•“Grey’s Anatomy” (stars Katherine Heigl from nearby New Canaan)
•“Heroes” (stars Palisades native Hayden Panettiere)
•“The Sopranos” (parts filmed in LoHud; starred Sneden’s Landing homeowner Lorraine Bracco)

CHRIS: Thinks “The Sopranos” will win and wants “The Sopranos” to win.
TED: Thinks “The Sopranos” will win and wants “The Sopranos” to win.

•“Entourage” (stars Mamaroneck’s Kevin Dillon)
•”The Office”
•”30 Rock”
•”Two and a Half Men”
•“Ugly Betty” (stars Chappaqua’s Vanessa Williams)

CHRIS: Thinks “Ugly Betty” will win but wants “30 Rock” to win.
TED: Thinks “The Office” will win but wants “30 Rock” to win.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: ‘Today’ stars visit ‘Sesame Street,’ Stephen Baldwin gets a load of bull and Alan Ruck is ‘Burning’

Yesterday, I chatted on RNN about the “Sesame Street” contributions of former Lower Hudson Valley residents Matt Lauer and Al Roker; the perilous bull-related accident of Upper Grandview resident Stephen Baldwin; and the appearances of Piermont resident and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” alumnus Alan Ruck on “The Bronx is Burning.”

After the break, find out the answer to this week’s quiz question: Yorktown High School alumnus Eric Stein appears on what current reality TV show?

<a href=”http://www.lohud.com/assets/flv/081407_suburbarazzi_lohud.flv”><em>Download</em></a>

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