Instead of Jolie, Catwoman will be played by Cher?

I need a hug today after reading this sad news.

Cher is reportedly in talks to play Catwoman in the next Batman flick, instead of Angelina Jolie.tjndc5-5bhxl1k5adtucr3v6jw_original1.jpg

Oh I bet Cher is happy. She’d prolly go up to Angelina Jolie and say “Warner Bros. don’t need you anymooooooooore”

Apparently Cher is Christian Bale’s first choice to play Catwoman. What?!?!?!? Ok, I think Christian Bale’s sister needs to punch him in the face for that one.

(that joke is even funnier when placed in context).

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)