Joan Rivers vying for Jacques le Sourd’s title as Best Broadway Pundit

First she had to go and whoop Ice-T’s butt on Celebrity Family Feud. But now Joan Rivers has really crossed the line. The former Larchmont resident is launching her own Broadway show on SIRIUS, thus pitting her against our own beloved Jacques le Sourd.


Ok, so maybe Jacques’ WCBS terrestrial radio gig and LoHud video podcast aren’t exactly direct competition for satellite radio, but still, there’s only room for so many Great White Way pundits out there.

The Rivers show, “Can We Talk … About Broadway,” was supposed to have begun the week of June 30th. It’s an hour-long show airing daily at noon on SIRIUS’s Broadway’s Best channel. If anyone out there has actually listened to it, please tell us what you think. Or rather, tell us how pathetic it is in comparison to the snarky brilliance and snappy dressing of her her French sounding compeititors.

(Celebrity Family Feud photo: NBC)

Music to my tone-deaf ears: ‘All right, Ice-T, Joan, let’s play the Feud!’

Can’t wait for tonight’s premiere of Celebrity Family Feud? Wondering which suburban refugee — Larchmont’s Joan Rivers or Summit’s Ice-T — will triumph? Curious how long it will take Ice-T to make a reference to his penis? Hold onto your hat and take a gander at this:

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Many thanks to Sienna Farris for pointing us to the advance clip. Oh, and time frame for the penis reference: oh, about 45 seconds into the Feud. Nicely done, T.

Celebrity Family Feud showdown: Ice-T vs. Joan Rivers

Because NBC just knew you couldn’t stand the wait any longer, “Celebrity Family Feud” is now going to debut a week earlier than originally scheduled. The Al Roker-hosted show will launch on Tuesday, June 24, 8-9pm, says BuddyTV. And just to sweeten the deal even more, Week 1 will herald the showdown of Ice-T versus Joan River, who, you may remember, used to live in Larchmont.


Now, you know I’d normally be pulling for the local favorite. But in this one circumstance, I gotta go with T, who, believe it or not, once lived my hometown of Summit, New Jersey (which is basically the Larchmont of that part of the state). Though he was technically born in Newark, I still consider him part of my tribe. Go T!


More of the show’s upcoming celebrity pairings — including “The Office” versus “American Gladiators” — after the break.

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