Ang Lee versus the Canadian Parliament

It’s not unusual for Oscar winner Ang Lee to show up to Larchmont town hall to weigh in on whatever small-town issue is currently before the board (according to one of our colleagues, he’s pretty engaged with the community), tjndc5-5j3sluhaa041ddaww9ec_layout1.jpgbut who knew that the director would ever take on the Canadian government?

The issue in question is Bill C-10, a piece of pending legislation that would deny tax credits to any films or videos filmed in the country that are deemed offensive to the public.

As Lee pointed out in an article in the Globe and Mail, his film Brokeback Mountain, about gay cowboys, was shot in Calgary. “People should be free to say anything.” He added that the bill was almost like censorship and urged young filmmakers to “make a noise, whatever” to stop it from being ratified.

(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)