Man slashed after Bow Wow visits Yonkers basketball game

Rapper Bow Wow made a surprise visit to a Yonkers basketball game late Tuesday night causing mass turnout within a matter of minutes.tjndc5-5b5ehxsh8nk144tr3ezi_original.jpg

Apparently as soon as he left, the crowd got rowdy and a 20-year-old suffered a 6-inch slash to his left cheek.

Yikes! I can just imagine how this went down.

Person 1: “Oh heyyel naw, did you just say Roll Bounce was a bad movie?”

Person 2: “Yeah, whatchu gonna do about it?”


Person 2: “I see. Point well taken, my friend.”

Person 1: “Okie dokes, take care!”

(AP Photo/Jeff Christensen)