Hans Gruber to take the Pelham Picture House hostage

Karl, schieß auf das fenster.

[puzzled look]


Ahh, I love that movie. I know Alan Rickman has starred in everything from “Harry Potter” to “Galaxy Quest” to “Robin Hood” since, but none of his roles ever made quite such an indellible impression as Hans Gruber in “Die Hard.” (My wife, for the record, strongly objects, and thinks his performance in “Love Actually” is one for the ages.)

Anyway, getting back to the point of this post: Rickman has agreed to come preview his new film, “Bottle Shock,” at the Pelham Picture House on August 5th. Afterward, he’ll do the usual Peter Travers Q&A, along with the the film’s director, Randall Miller, and its producer, J. Todd Harris.

The film centers around the early days of California wine making,  back before Napa was a brand-name for vino. Rickman plays Steve Spurrier, the Brit who more or less helped put the wineries of California on the map when he organized the now infamous, blind Paris wine tasting of 1976, aka “The Judgment of Paris,” in which the U.S. wines outshone those from France.


Tickets went on sale on Saturday through the Picture House’s website, and are still available. Rickman might not have the megawatt star power as some recent Picture House visitors by the names of Clooney and Cruise, but at $35, the tickets are a relative bargain. And — going out on a limb here — the movie looks a little more entertaining than “Leatherheads.”

Course, it would be all the more so if somehow the screenplay managed to work the following line into the Spurrier character’s dialogue: “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”


EDIT: Ok, I just checked Rickman’s IMDB page and made a heinous omission: “Something the Lord Made,” the HBO film about the doctors who pioneered the first form of heart surgery on blue babies. If you haven’t seen it yet, Netflix that one. Co-stars Mos Def in an equally excellent performance. Still not quite on the level of “Die Hard,” but absolutely deserving of the Emmy it won in 2004.

(Photos: IPW)