Fullerwatch: Day 17

It’s been a little over two weeks since Bonnie Fuller’s abrupt departure from AMI and still no news on what her next move will be.

tjndc5-5e5byllsz1lshgqwlzz_layout1.jpg Today’s Kieth Kelly column in the Post says that she was “trying to hook up with 3i, a global private-equity and venture-capital firm with more than $5.6 billion in assets,” but that such a deal might have stalled right out of the gates. Even though she was reportedly bringing an assistant from her old employer to the VC firm, a company receptionist told the Post, “She is not using our offices anymore.”

Kelly also points out that Conde Nast Portfolio is planning a Fuller feature in next month’s issue. The main question, it seems, is whether that’ll be the venue that the Hastings resident reveals her latest and greatest media venture, or whether Portfolio is just looking to join the NY Mag pile-on, proclaiming the end of the Bonnie era in a long-form essay.

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New York Mag’s Bonnie Fuller obituary: tabloid queen was an ‘idiot savant’

Given that Bonnie Fuller just announced her resignation from American Media Inc. about a week ago, it seems a little early to declare her career over. Still, that’s pretty much what New York Magazine said in this week’s article about the Hastings resident’s “tragic” rise and fall (what, she doesn’t even get a feature story treatment, just some measly FOB thing?).

tjndc5-5e5byipar8g6ufx3oto_layout.jpgThe piece stopped short of singing “ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead,” but it was all too happy to point out that Fuller’s memoir is now going for 1 cent on Amazon and that she’s been called everything from “the Devil” to “evil genius.” The author, Simon Dumenco, ultimately gave the cruelest epitaph of all, “She was really something of an idiot savant: the perfect media power player for our uniquely idiotic times.” All I have to say is, watch your back, Simon.

True, Fuller may be done with tabloid magazines — after stints at Us Weekly, Star, Glamour, YM, Marie Claire, and Cosmo, we’d be burnt out, too! — but as we related earlier this week, she may be headed to Hollywood or to some Tina Brown-type Internet venture. Wherever she ultimately ends up, you’d be a fool to count her out of the media biz. As the New York piece itself charted out, every time Fuller has quit or been fired, she always managed to rebound. Call her the Hillary Clinton of magazine editing. Or, as Portfolio put it yesterday, “the Bill Parcells of publishing.”

The tabloid queen is dead. Long live the tabloid queen.

“Just How Tragic is Bonnie Fuller?” [New York]

(Photo: Mark Vergari / InTown Westchester)

Bonnie Fuller heading to the celebrity tabloid mothership?

Now that Hastings resident and tabloid queen Bonnie Fuller is out of a job at AMI, what’s her next move? MediaWeek’s theory: She’ll be heading to the Hollywood, where she’s been reportedly meeting with TV execs.

So does this mean she’s angling for her own tabloid TV show to go up head-to-head against longtime arch nemesis Jeanine Pirro on daytime TV? Not quite. For starters, I’m kidding about nemesis thing (though they would be perfect enemies, don’t you think?). Plus, “She wants to be a TV producer,” said a former colleague. “She is a mass communicator. The same things that drive her as an editor would work as a producer.”

On the other hand, Fuller friend Bob Guccione Jr. (not the Penthouse guy — his son, who founded Spin and now publishes Discover) suggested, “I can see her in TV or online. Online is a more open field. Online, she could easily own her own business.”

And, we might add, you could be a Suburbarazzi correspondent! Remember, the offer is on the table. We’ve been looking to open an L.A. bureau for some time now.

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Editors: They quit their jobs, just like us! Bonnie Fuller out at AMI

Is Bonnie Fuller era as the queen of tabloids officially over? It would seem so, now that Bonnie Fuller is no longer running the Star shop over at American Media Inc.

tjndc5-5e5byllsz1lshgqwlzz_layout.jpgAccording to FishbowlNY, Fuller, who lives in Hastings, said the decision to leave was “100 percent” hers and that she’s currently “thinking about the next stage in her life and the new, exciting adventure I’ll pursue.”

“My next venture will be in media. I really can’t give you any details… but there’s something specific I want to do.”

OK, we’ll just throw it out there. Ever since losing Robert, we’ve been looking for another blogger here on Suburbarazzi. Bonnie, if you’re reading, the offer is on the table.

(Photo by Mark Vergari / InTown Westchester)

Does Meredith Vieira want to quit ‘Today’?

nup_102702_0633.jpgGranted, Bonnie Fuller’s rag, Star, isn’t exactly the most reliable source. Still, the magazine’s story this week about how Vieira, an Irvington resident, wants to jump ship is simply too juicy to ignore.

The mag quoted from several unidentified sources and friends in the story (which, annoyingly, isn’t online). Among the best quotes: “Meredith told me she’s already planning her exit strategy so she can leave ‘Today’ with her dignity intact. … For her, it’s been a noble experiment that hasn’t worked as well as she had hoped.”

It’s not totally unbelievable that Vieira would want to spend more time at home, especially given that she has three teenage children. On the flipside, leaving NBC would mean breaching her four-year, $10-million contract. Not to mention, her old cushy gig at ‘The View’ has already been taken by Whoopi.

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A LoHud-tastic Thursday on Gawker

bonnielikeus.jpgToday, it seems, all Gawker posts lead back to the Westchester and Suburbarazzi’s own Robert Zeliger.

It began this morning when the site was good enough to link to an InTown Westchester article written by Robert. The InTown piece was a June profile of the Hastings resident and Star magazine editor, but our celebrity-stalking sisters were observant enough to notice that in our photo of Fuller, which was taken in her office, the website on her computer screen is none other than Us Weekly, her former employer. Yes, look closely, and you’ll see it.

Gawker’s headline — “Take me back, Jann! Bonnie Fuller’s Homepage is Just like ‘Us'” — pretty much says it all. We’ll try to ignore the fact that they credited the story “Lower Hudson Online” instead of InTown, or the blatant theft of our hard-earned photography. Just so long as you keep those plugs coming, G-money, we’re all square.

Following the Fuller post, Gawker had two other interesting tidbits with LoHud/Zeliger ties …

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Bonnie Fuller, coming soon to a reality show near you?

According to The Daily News’ Ben Widdicombe, the Hastings resident (and Queen of the tabloids) was in L.A. last week pitching “personal projects� to a few production companies, which would be directed by her NYU film student son.

<blockquote><div>One is a reality show based on herself and her family; the second is an idea of her son’s.The family show concept fits with her ’06 memoir: “The Joys of Much Too Much: Go for the Big Life – the Great Career, the Perfect Guy, and Everything Else You’ve Ever Wanted.” (Although let’s hope the TV version has a shorter title.)</div></blockquote>

Widdicombe says this could mean she’s planning her exit from her current gig as editorial director for American Media Inc.

‘Dirt’-y Bonnie Fuller?

cox.jpgHave you seen the new F/X-show starring Courtney Cox? You know the one where the former Friend plays a gossip queen allegedly based on Hastings’ Bonnie Fuller, the Editorial Director of American Media Inc. (which owns Star Magazine and The National Enquirer)? No, neither have we. But still, a show based on the life of someone Gwyneth Paltrow has called “the Devil� seems intriguing, especially since she’s our Lohud neighbor. Even though Cox and the other producers have denied the character in the show is based on Fuller, The NY Daily News wasn’t convinced. They queried the magazine heavy-weight and found some interesting similarities, such as:

“Q. Are there any similarities between you and Cox’s character on “Dirt”?

A. That we’re both hardworking and very loyal to our magazines.â€?

Well I’m convinced. But wait, the daily goes on to ask:

“Q. Cox’s character has nightmares about being strangled. Have you ever feared anyone you have written about?

A. No, never.�

Hmmm, now I don’t know what to think. Watch tomorrow night on F/X to decide for yourselves.

Annoying Lohud…


Leave it to Star Magazine and its editorial director, Hastings’ Bonnie Fuller, to come up with a year-end list that has no redeeming value to it whatsoever…the 10 Most Annoying People of the year. Representing Lohud were Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell (#9: “Rosie did a spectacularly offensive imitation of people speaking Chinese and initially refused to apologize, saying it was a joke. Sorry Rosie, I thought jokes were supposed to be funny�) and Verplanck-native Mel Gibson (#4: “What was worse? The anti-Semitic rant Mad Mel unleashed while being arrested for DUI on July 28 or the mea culpa the writer/director gave Diane Sawyer in which he smirked his way through an explanation of his actions?�).

The top three, in case you were wondering:

1. Britney Spears

2. Lindsay Lohan

3. Jessica Simpson

Bonnie Fuller—not ready for Prime Time?

bonnie2.jpgWe had heard a while back that cameras were rolling in the offices of Star Magazine for a planned reality show last summer to be called One Park Avenue. The premise was going to be: taking a peek inside the lives of people who peek into the lives of others for a living (we were just hoping to see the controversial editor—and Hastings-resident— filling the trunk of her car with groceries at the Stop and Shop in Dobbs Ferry).

So what happened? The New York Post reports higher ups at American Media, the parent company of Star, nixed the idea apparently due to some financial problems at the company that execs didn’t want getting exposed to a television audience. Fuller and reps at the company tell the paper, officially, the project isn’t dead, it’s just ‘on hold’. We’ll believe it when we see it (which we hope is soon).

Star’s Blogazine Belch

OK, Bonnie Fuller idolaters, you can kindly shut the hell up now. The Hastings resident and supposed genius behind Us’s revival laid a big, fat, rancid egg this week with Star’s first “blogazine” issue. Our fellow celebrity bloggers at Jossip described the saddle-stitched pile of you-know-what this way:

<div>Star staffers have been heard calling it a “nightmare” – but nobody imagined it’d be this bad for AMI’s tabloid. Add that to the utter humiliation it caused Star staffers. We hear senior level editors refused to take part in the gimmick, forcing lower-level minions to sit for the awkwardly posed shots and embarrassing “OMG!!” copy.</div>

To up the awkward quotient, this week’s cover features a photoshopped picture of Angelina and Brad’s baby, Maddux, with eyeballs artificially added. At least Elizbeth Vargas isn’t breastfeeding him.

We’ll bite our tongues now because — well, we’re not the right people to be slinging mud at mags that overuse photoshop, or have staffers sit for awkwardly posed shots and OMG copy. So, uh, we take it all back. Bonnie’s a-ok in our book. Go Fuller, go Fuller, go, go, go Fuller.

Bonnie Fuller is just like them

On a media panel sponsored by Reuters last week, the Queen of Celebrity Gossip, (and Hastings resident), Bonnie Fuller had a wonderfully awkward exchange with another panelist, who asked her how she felt when the gossip columns wrote about her. Fuller said it was all “just part of the job� and that she accepts the fact that she’s in the public eye.

The moderator asked: So you set the same standard for yourself as you do for the celebrities you cover.

Fuller’s response: “I guess so, yes.�

Does anyone have a photo of Ms. Fuller feeding an ice cream cone to her dog outside Carvel? Or a shot of her schlepping groceries out of the A&P? Please share!!!