John Edwards, you just got Woodruff’d!

Did you guys see the smackdown ABC’s Bob Woodruff gave to John Edwards on Friday? bw.jpgSpectacular!

After months of speculation about whether or not he had an affair with a former staffer, Edwards confessed he did in an exclusive interview to Woodruff on Friday.

And Woodruff came with the punches. In case you missed it, ABC posted the entire interview here

Once again, Bob Woodruff makes his home of Rye proud. He’s tough as nails and proved once again why with questions like these to Johnny Boy:

“Your wife, Elizabeth, is probably the most admired and beloved person in this country, she’s had enormous sympathy because she’s also gone through cancer, how could you have done this?”

I think I speak for every person in America that watched that interview when I reacted with “OH SNAP! YOU JUST GOT WOODRUFF’D!”

Sure we can get into a discussion about whether or not this Edwards affair is relevant in light of the other issues facing our country. But it sure makes for some entertaining television.

Besides, this is a celebrity gossip blog. This post comes from the same guy that posted news about Martha Stewart going to the DMV.

Bob Woodruff back in the anchor’s seat

Two years after suffering a near-fatal bomb attack in Iraq, Rye resident Bob Woodruff is anchoring the news once again. Only now it’s not ABC’s “World News Tonight,” but instead a new series on Planet Green called “Focus Earth.” The show is still produced by ABC, and features many of the network’s usual suspects (George Stephanopoulos, for example), but it’s one of the first chances that we’ve had to see Woodruff shine on television since his tank in Iraq hit that IED.


The first episode of “Focus Earth” aired last Saturday, and while I missed it, I hear it was pretty decent, for tree huggers and tree ho-hummers alike. Woodruff went to the Northeastern corner of Montana to see how the American prarie is under siege by developers and agriculture. In particular, he profiled the American Prairie Foundation, which is buying up land to create a 3-million-acre reserve for bison and other native wildlife. [recap here]

No word yet on what episode 2 has in store, but be sure to set your TiVos for this Saturday, 6 p.m., to find out.

Bob Woodruff relives pain of decades-old Colgate-Syracuse lacrosse game

Vanessa Williams wasn’t the only local speaking at Syracuse’s graduation ceremonies over the weekend. tjndc5-5jrbyli26ckqaiv6jx3_layout.jpgRye resident and medical miracle Bob Woodruff was also there, delivering the commencement address. Speaking to a crowd of 14,300, he reminded the 4,600 graduating students that (a) he actually went to Colgate, (b) Syracuse is really much better at lacrosse than Colgate, and (c) that “In an Instant” is out in paperback.

And, oh yeah, he also delivered one of the most moving, inspiring speeches I’ve read in a while. (Or since the Barack Obama’s race speech, anyway.)

The full text, from Syracuse University’s website, is after the break.

UPDATE: OK, just found out that the speech was awfully similar to another one Woodruff gave a couple weeks ago at Michigan’s commencent. Ah, who cares? It’s still a damn sight better than the snooze-fest I was subjected to when Robert Rubin gave the commencement at my school.

(AP Photo/Tony Ding)

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Woodruff goes green

Rye resident Bob Woodruff is returning to the anchor chair. No, not the ABC World News Tonight one woodruff-cu.jpg— Charlie Gibson still has dibs on that. Rather, he’ll be anchoring a new weekly series for the Planet Green channel, formerly known as Discovery Home, which is supposed to premiere in July, according to TV Newser. It’ll be about all things ecological, including political debates and climate-change science. “This is controversial and also complicated information that needs to be talked about more,” said Woodruff of the announcement.

(Photo: Mark Vergari / InTown Westchester)

Woodruff wins a Peabody

Rye’s Bob Woodruff is set to recieve a Peabody for his series of segments, “Wounds of War — The Long Road Home for Our Nation’s Veterans,” tjndc5-5eg6e39nlhfm105s41r_layout.jpgwhich he reported for ABC after returning to the airwaves almost exactly one year ago.

He’ll be honored along with Kimberly Dozier, a correspondent for CBS who, like Woodruff, almost lost her life while on assignment in Iraq.

Speaking of Woodruff, in case you didn’t catch it, be sure to check out Heather Salerno’s outstanding story on Woodruff one-year anniversary, after returning to the air, be sure to check it out here.

“Woodruff, Dozier Get Peabody Awards” [AP]

(Mark Vergari / InTown Westchester)

Bush to Woodruff: Congratulations on staying alive

tjndc5-5eg6e2r05n8tazo841r_layout.jpgIt’s months too late and more than a little disingenuous, but still, President Bush has finally acknowledged that our injured soldiers aren’t exactly getting the best quality of treatment. Late last week he gave a press conference addressing the results of a panel created to look into the mess at Walter Reed, et al. And while there’s absolutely nothing funny about the whole situation, I couldn’t help grinning a bit at this Gawker headline:

Ayn Rand, Our President: Plucky Bob Woodruff Celebrated For Not Dying

The reference being to a part of the Prez’s speech in which he applauded the Lower Hudson Valley’s own Bob Woodruff, a Rye resident and ABC reporter, for overcoming injuries he sustained during an IED attack in Iraq.

“Congratulations on the will to recover,” Bush said. While the new strategy for soldier healthcare wasn’t revealed, judging by that comment, I’m guessing Bush will be pushing some hybrid of “The Secret” and Dr. Phil.

( Mark Vergari / InTown Magazine )

Bob Woodruff returns to the Middle East for the first time since his attack

tjndc5-5eg6e2w4u6f3gfr041r_layout.jpgThe ABC newsman is in Syria and Jordan talking to Iraqi refugees who have fled the fighting in their country. His reports will begin airing on Good Morning America next Tuesday.

When I spoke to him a few months ago, Woodruff said he was eager to get back to covering foreign news, and specifically news in the Middle East. He said he probably wouldn’t be returning to Iraq anytime soon, but wanted to return to covering the issues of the war in some capacity.

And, meanwhile, this morning on GMA, Woodruff was pulled into the center of a minor tiff between “Sicko”-director Michael Moore and GMA co-anchor, Chris Cuomo. Moore blasted the media, singling out ABC as an example, for not asking the tough questions in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

He said, “It’s hard for me to even sit here really and think about that it’s this building, in part…because people didn’t do their job [over 3,000 soldiers have died].”

When Cuomo protested, Moore continued: “The media got embedded and went for a little thrill-ride to ‘let’s take over Baghdad.'”

Cuomo countered, “You have people who risked their lives to go to the war to see what was going on and what wasn’t. I mean how can you say that? You want to talk about this house [ABC]? You want to make a grand statement about this house? This house is the house of Bob Woodruff who went over to cover the war and almost got killed because he wanted to show the truth of the situation.”

Moore later clarrified, “I meant no disrespect to Bob Woodruff…as a matter of fact I saw his special when he came back here a couple of months ago. It was powerful, powerful stuff.”

(Photo/Mark Vergari)

Remainders: Ariel Levy makes lesbian weddings and bat mitzvahs look good; Bob Woodruff heads to Cuba; Keith Olbermann gets a new pad; Nick DiPaolo performs live this weekend

++One of my favorite NY writers, Ariel Levy, has a piece in this week’s NY Magazine—the Sex and Love issue—about her lesbian wedding, which, the writer says, totally “rocked.� “I do not believe in crummy parties,� Levy writes. “I believe in glamour… There was no way I was going to let this thing be shoddy—some pathetic hers-and-hers imitation of the real thing.�

Levy, who grew up in Larchmont, also talks about her equally rockin’ bat mitzvah:
<blockquote><div>As a 10-year-old, I decided that I wanted to have a bat mitzvah. I was the only kid in the history of Westchester County who demanded Hebrew school. And as I stood in front of the racks of red at Bergdorf Goodman, I recalled the feeling I’d had at some point in my preteen Jewish odyssey when I looked down at the sacred ancient letters on the scroll: What have I done?</div></blockquote>

++Meanwhile, in Cuba…

Rye’s Bob Woodruff is making his first overseas reporting trip this weekend, since an attack last year in Iraq that nearly killed him. The former anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, is heading to Havana…and he’ll be accompanied by cameraman Doug Vogt and sound technician Magnus Macedo, the same people who were with him during the attack last year (Vogt suffered less severe injuries in the explosion and the two-pictured below-remained close).


Woodruff will be covering May Day commemorations on the island nation. His reports will be seen starting Sunday night on World News and then throughout the week.tjndc5-5ee50hbfa9ljlk84dfj_layout.jpg

++Keith Olbermann seems to be cashing in on his recent big-time pay raise at MSNBC. The Hastings-bred host of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann� is apparently eyeing a $4.2 million dollar marble-adorned apartment on the Upper East Side, according to The New York Observer. The 5-bedroom, 3-balcony monster pad is on the 40th floor of a Trump condominium. The paper notes, the apartment is far from (in more ways than one) the home of his arch-nemesis, Bill O’Reilly, who lives in a gated, waterside Manhasset spread.


++And, if you need something to do this weekend, check out Westchester’s Nick DiPaolo (who puts the classy in totally not classy) performing live at Comix in Manhattan. DiPaolo, who also has a radio show on 92.3 FM, will perform four times—today and tomorrow night at 8 and 10:30. It’s a rare opportunity to see the popular standup (at least when he’s not riffing on Pam Anderson, Andy Dick, and Courtney Love on Comedy Central roasts), since, as DiPaolo told me recently, he’s traveling less and less in order to concentrate on his radio gig. (Tix are $22; 353 W. 14th St.; 212-524-2500; The only downside for the combative comic: it seems Don Imus stole his act.
(Photos: Woodruff and Vogt-AP/ABC,Ida Mae Astute; Olbermann-AP/Reed Saxon; DiPaolo-Mark Vergari/Journal News)

A standing ovation for Bob Woodruff at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner

tjndc5-5e4ldqkrv7l16qwvv9cn_layout.jpgRye’s Woodruff, the former anchor of World News Tonight, presented the David Bloom Award at the event in D.C. last night. He was joined onstage by Bloom’s three young daughters. Bloom, an NBC correspondent and close friend of Woodruff’s, died in Iraq in 2003. The award, in its second year, honors “excellence in enterprise reporting.� This year’s recipients were Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, who were kidnapped in Gaza last year. Centanni accepted the award and thanked the many Fox News journalists and executives who helped secure his release.

Woodruff won the award last year, just weeks after being injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He was unable to accept. At last evening’s event, the ABC journalist, who released a book about his recovery (co-authored with his wife Lee) last month, received a lengthy standing ovation from the crowd, which included the top names in news and politics (the president, the first lady, Karl Rove, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, etc.)

Later, when the president spoke, he singled out Woodruff and David Bloom’s three daughters.

<blockquote><div>I’m very happy one person who could not be here last year is here tonight and that’s Bob Woodruff. Bob, we know it hasn’t been easy. We admire you all the more for what you’ve overcome. And what you’re still overcoming. And Ava and Christine and Nicole Bloom. Many of us knew your dad. And I know life is hard without him. He was such a fine guy. But one thing we’ve all seen this evening is he has really fine daughters and I know he’d be really proud of you.</div></blockquote>

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Meet the Woodruffs

inaninstant.jpgAfter you get the chance to read InTown Westchester’s interview with Lee and Bob Woodruff — coming soon to a mailbox near you in our April issue! — you’ll undoubtedly have some of your own questions for the Rye couple. Lucky for you, they’ll be doing a live reading from their new book at The Ridgefield Playhouse on April 29.

After reading passages from “In An Instant” they’ll hold a Q&A moderated by NBC’s Brian Williams. The event begins a 4pm, tickets are $25, and proceeds will go to the Bob Woodruff Family Fund for Traumatic Brain Injury. For reservations, call 203-438-5795 or go to the Ridgefield Playhouse website.

No more lasagna at the Woodruff house

woodruffs.jpegAlthough you’ll have to wait a few weeks to read InTown’s exclusive interview with Rye’s own Bob and Lee Woodruff (coming in our April ’07 issue), there was a sneak peek at the story in The Journal News on Sunday, courtesy of Sububarazzi’s own Robert Zeliger.

For anyone who’s been living on the fifth ring of Saturn for the last year, Bob Woodruff is the former ABC World News Tonight anchor who was almost killed in a roadside IED blast in January 2006. The bomb left him with a tramautic brain injury, and doctors needed to remove part of his skull to allow the swelling — which Lee told Oprah was like a beach ball popping out of his head — to subside. Afterwards, Woodruff needed to relearn everything from his children’s names to how to say “seat belts” (that is, not to call them “blast rockers”).

Even though this story saturated the national media last week — People, GMA, Oprah — Robert had the rare priviledge to interview the couple at their Rye home, and he uncovered many fascinating details you won’t find elsewhere. Like, for example, how their neighbors rallied around the family to support them during Bob’s recovery:


From the beginning, neighbors – many of whom were strangers – made meals for the family. “That was such a huge deal for me,” says Lee Woodruff.

“I was taking care of four children – and a fifth,” she says, jabbing her husband playfully.

“I don’t think I had to go to a grocery store until June.”

At one point, she says, neighbors put out an “APB,” or all-points bulletin, after a comment she made in passing that she was tired of lasagna.

“The word went out, ‘Don’t give the Woodruffs lasagna.'”</div></blockquote>

Brownies, we can only assume, will continue to be welcomed with open arms.

“Home is His Anchor” [TJN]

New Year’s Resolution Roundup

Alan Ruck (Piermont): I will not star in “Drive,” that dopey sounding Fox series about underground car racing, after all. [Reuters]

Debra Winger (Irvington): I will prove to fans that I’m not dead — just a little loopy — by returning the theater for an experimental, interactive show that uses cylindrical pods and elevator rides. Yes, I’ll totally blow their minds! [Playbill]

Bob Woodruff (Rye): I will play “tennis with that little ball that won’t do too much damage if it hits you in the head.” [Broadcasting and Cable]

Rosie O’Donnell (South Nyack): I will become the next Bob Barker. [Defamer]

Aaron Sorkin (Scarsdale): I will stop portraying my girlfriend, Kristin Chenoweth, as an intolerant homophobe on “Studio 60” — if only to stop her from whining about it to newspapers. [Newsday]

Rob Thomas (Bedford): I will reunite with Matchbox Twenty … only to turn around and break up with them a week later because, hey, it’s just so crazy fun to toy with their fragile emotions. [Contact Music]

Stephen Baldwin (Upper Grandview): I will sue the pants off anyone who tries to take a picture of me with my three heathen brothers. [The Showbuzz]