Bob Barker has ‘no doubt’ Rosie O’Donnell could host ‘Price is Right’

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Bob Barker’s legendary run as host of “The Price is Right” officially came to an end with yesterday’s broadcast of the season finale. And while the Associated Press quotes him as saying he has confidence in Rosie O’Donnell’s ability to succeed him, he adds he’s not sure that TV execs would have the same confidence:


There’s no doubt in my mind she could do the show. Now, whether they want a lady host, I don’t know.


Among the favorites to host are the E! network’s Todd Newton, “Entertainment Tonight’s” Mark Steines, and actors George Hamilton and John O’Hurley. But I still think Bob Saget would be the best successor. As I wrote in my ridiculously long synopsis of Barker’s “TPiR” finale, Saget has the snark, sense of humor and gravitas to host the show. Plus, he’s named Bob.

While I think O’Donnell could pull it off, I’m sure a number of people would be upset by this South Nyack resident hosting. Which begs the question, would Bedford homeowner Donald Trump do a better job? They’re both available this fall. Who would make the better host?

I still say vote Saget. Or at least Dave Coulier.

David Letterman and Paul Shaffer remind us that golf is funny (and not just because it’s not a sport)

Ah, YouTube. Where would we be without you? Oh, off doing more productive things, I suppose.

Check out this vintage YouTube clip of North Salem’s David Letterman and Bedford’s Paul Shaffer golfing. In addition to the requisite Letterman hairpiece joke, check out Paul’s hair — he actually had some!

If you like your comedy golf-themed (I’m looking toward Sneden’s Landing, Mr. Murray), check out Brian Howard’s documentation of “30 Rock’s” Westchester links hijinks or relive Bob Saget’s ego trip following a jaunt to another unspecified Westchester golf course.

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Note to Bob Saget: Your fame alone won’t pay for car repairs

Artie Lange, the sidekick of the former Briarcliff Manor deejay Howard Stern, this morning laughed at studio guest Bob Saget’s driving skills and gullibility on a 1998 trip back from a Westchester golf course.

Saget, the “Full House� star who directed Lange and former “Saturday Night Live� star Norm MacDonald in the 1998 movie “Dirty Work,� had flown with MacDonald to New York to promote its theatrical release.

Recalled Lange: “They’re going on a golfing trip up in, like, Westchester, (and) say, ‘You wanna come?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t golf, but I’ll come.’â€? Saget and his personal assistant joined MacDonald and Lange on the links of a Westchester golf course that Lange didn’t name.

“It was fun, right?� Saget said in the studio.

Lange agreed, then recounted that Saget wanted to drive Lange’s brand new black Cadillac Eldorado back to New York City. “We get down to the West Side Highway, getting back into New York (City) and he just had it pinned, man,� Lange said. “We’re doing like 120 (mph).�

In the studio, Saget laughed and protested, claiming he wasn’t driving that fast.

“So we get to, like, 56th Street, where you can re-enter Manhattan,” Lange said. “He makes a left like ‘Starsky and Hutch,’ like, screeching out. … So, we’re speeding down the street; he hits a big pothole, blows out my [bleeping] tire.â€?

“And it sounded like the axel broke,� Saget added.

On 10th Avenue, the foursome flagged down a tow-truck whose driver was not fluent in English. After the four headed back to the towing facility, MacDonald spoke with the tow-truck operator alone.

Find out how MacDonald pranked Saget at a tow station after the break.

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