Bjork goes berserk on photog

Remind us never to mess with Bjork at LaGuardia. The Icelandic songstress, who now lives in Rockland, opened a major can of whoop ass on a New Zealand newspaper photographer when he attempted to snag her shot at a New Zealand airport. bjork-australia.jpgAs Glenn Jeffrey, the recipient of Bjork’s wrath, reported to the press,

<blockquote><div>”I turned and walked away she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy and tore it. As she did this she fell over, she fell to the ground.”</div></blockquote>

Jeffrey hasn’t filed suit, but he did speak to the cops. “I don’t see being assaulted as I’m working as a press photographer as an acceptable thing,” he added. “If anybody assaults anybody you have the right to a legal recourse, whoever they are.”

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More Bjork goodness: a new music video by Michel Gondry

Just this morning, when we announced the Rockland native as No. 22 on our “People of the Year” list, we wondered when her next bizarro artistic move would take place. We didn’t have to wait long.

Witness the freaky awesomeness of her new video for “Declare Independence.” If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to immobilize a small army, you now know: a cannon shooting silly string in a kind of cat’s-cradle/puppet-master mish-mash. Fantastico!


People of the Year — 22. Bjork


Why do we love the quirky, genre-bending Icelandic songstress so much? For starters, she lives in Rockland. And in 2007 alone, she had almost too many bizarre moments to count. Still, we’ll try to recap a few. In March, there was her hilarious unplugged cover of “No Limitâ€? (“No, no, no, no, no, no …â€?) at the Paris club Baron. Later came “Earth Intruders,â€? the spacey electronica ditty off Volta, the album she released earlier this year. Oh, and we can’t forget her April performance on SNL, the single most mesmerizing (and weird) musical-guest gig the show has seen since—well, Björk last appeared on it in 1997.

Prediction for 2008: Another film role like 1999’s Dancer in the Dark? One-upping her 2004 Olympics performance (remember the 10,000-square-foot dress?) at the games in China? Your guess is as good as ours.

(AP Photo / Gary He)

Adapted from “People of the Year,� Rockland Magazine, December 2007