Howard Stern, Beth Ostrosky get hitched

Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed King of All Media, has been married once before, but is Beth Ostrosky the Queen who will help him find his Happily Ever After?

That’s to be written, but the 54-year-old deejay and the 36-year-old model took the biggest step toward that goal with their wedding at Manhattan’s Le Cirque restaurant Friday night.

Stern proposed to Ostrosky on Valentine’s Day in 2007. It’s his second marriage, her first.

Officiating the ceremony was actor Mark Consuelos, the husband of Kelly Ripa, who also attended. The rest of the guest list wasn’t exactly the Wack Pack.

In addition to Stern show regulars, People magazine and Howard 100 News reported that the guest list included Bedford resident Chevy Chase (who reportedly delivered a raunchy roast), Larchmont native Joan Rivers, Sarah Lawrence College graduate Barbara Walters, Westchester real estate maven Donald Trump, Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee Joel, Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines, former Train lead singer Pat Monahan, John Stamos, Jillian Barberie, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman and former Senator Al D’Amato.

“I danced with Howard,” said Rivers, according to People. “The wedding was fabulous, everyone had a great, great time.”

The Piano Man sang two songs, Monahan sang another, and Maines and Barberie teamed up for yet another, according to reports.

In a report airing today on Howard 100 News, Barberie had a suspicion about Kimmel and Silverman, who earlier this year had a civil yet very public breakup: “I think they’re back,” she whispered today on her Los Angeles morning talk show.

(Associated Press file photo by Diane Bondareff)

With former rival Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell talks career, love life and 9/11

Shock-jock Howard Stern, in part known for participating in celebrity feuds with personalities ranging from Elaine Boosler to Kathie Lee Gifford, continued his recent fence-mending trend this morning.

howard.jpgFollowing a volatile two-decade feud with Bedford resident Chevy Chase, the two buried the hatchet on-air last year. And this morning, Stern fans — possibly for the first time on the radio — heard the deejay who launched his pro career in Briarcliff Manor chatting it up with South Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell.

Back in its hey-day, the throwdown got downright nasty, at times making O’Donnell’s feud with Westchester real estate maven Donald Trump look like rock-paper-scissors by comparison. On Stern’s show in 1998, the staff once estimated the size of O’Donnell’s noggin, filled what was deemed a comparable container with jellybeans and challenged visiting celebrities and listeners to guess the number. And O’Donnell always had some choice words about Stern whenever his more militant fans prank-called her self-titled talk show.

rosie.jpgIn recent years, however, Stern’s rants about Rosie subsided, particularly after he admitted on the air a year or two ago that they had a nice chat when bumping into each other at a restaurant.

Today, O’Donnell called from her home — presumably in South Nyack — to chat it up with Howard and the gang. The gripping interview, which lasted almost an hour, covered her career, her love life and her controversial theory about 9/11.

On quitting her own talk show: “I left because I could no longer enjoy it the way one should enjoy their work, and I was sort of paying someone else to raise my kids and (hated) not having time to live my life.”

On ‘The View’: O’Donnell said she respects her successor, Whoopi Goldberg, because of her ability to be real; remains friendly with Sarah Lawrence College grad Barbara Walters; but was never completely embraced by Joy Behar (for whom O’Donnell opened early in her career as a stand-up comedian). The liberal O’Donnell said she has only exchanged a few baby-related e-mails with conservative “View” cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck since O’Donnell left the show. Then O’Donnell admitted that Hasselbeck was the most attractive woman on the show.

On her celebrity crushes: O’Donnell, a lesbian, said she really did have a crush on Tom Cruise and revealed that Matthew McConaughey also turned her on while slow-talking his way through a description on how to make beer-can chicken. She said her current celebrity crushes include Angelina Jolie, Angela Bassett, Penélope Cruz, Salma Hayek and Diane Lane. Not on that list, however, is Stern’s fiancée, Beth Ostrosky, whom O’Donnell complimented and described as a “too perfect … Barbie doll.”

On her love life: She said she was sexually abused as a child, lost her virginity when she was 21 to a man, and could count her number of sexual conquests on “two hands.” She added that rumors of a wild life as a single woman had been greatly exaggerated, adding, “I’m not even nude in the shower.”

After the break, find out O’Donnell’s take on Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, her current tour and her curiosity about the Twin Towers’ collapse. Continue reading

Rosie responds to Barbara Walters on Oprah

Did any of you catch Barbara Walters on Oprah yesterday? In an hour-long interview, she discussed all the revelations from her new memoir, Audition — a book that I couldn’t have imagined being at all interested in reading a day ago and is now already on my Amazon wish list. I kid you not. It honestly sounds that good.


Who knew Walters had such a fascinating, and at times sordid, personal life? An affair with a married senator — and a black senator at that! A father who attempted suicide! Three failed marriages and a mentally disabled sister! For more on the details of the memoir, check out this USA Today story.

tjndc5-5elrm29n5zr12g6je348_layout.jpgOf course, the first questions on everyone’s mind — including Oprah’s — revolved around The View. Specifically, the tumultuous two-year period beginning with Irvington resident Meredith Vieira’s departure, then the Star Jones saga, and finally Rosie O’Donnell. Walters spent the longest period on Oprah’s couch discussing Rosie, and how the South Nyack often seemed to give their relationship a mother-daughter dynamic.

Rosie used her Ask Ro message board to respond to a lot of the questions raised by Babwa. We’ll recap the key points, along with Ro’s trademark haiku-ish thoughts, after the break.

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Vanessa Williams on loving Botox, her own version of ‘Big Love,’ and racism in Millwood

Not only did this year’s Oscars prove to be far less interesting than the annual Barbara Walters special that preceded them, but Vanessa Williams somehow managed to outshine all of her fellow profilees. With all due respect to Miley Cyrus and Harrison Ford fans, Williams’ 20 minutes of airtime was way, way more revealing.

112201_086_pre.jpgAmong the things she told Barbara:

• “I certainly do Botox, which I definitely think that almost every woman that I know has [done]. And it’s a miracle drug, no cutting, nothing — and I love it. But I also want to act too … so I don’t do it to freeze my face.”

• Growing up in Millwood, she faced racism, including people calling her the n word and saying that her parents couldn’t afford their Westchester home.

• When pressed about whether she supports Barack Obama, she said his presidential campaign makes her “very proud.” But she hastened to add that she’s really excited about Hillary’s campaign, too. “I live in Chappaqua. She’s my neighbor. It’s a no-lose situation. And I am really, really excited that it’s happening at this point.”

• Most astonishing of all, she admitted to the rumors that at some point last summer she had both of her ex-husbands, Ramon Hervey and Rick Fox, living with her. In other words, should Wilhelmina Slater ever get killed off on “Ugly Betty,” it’s clear that she’d fit in just fine over on the set of “Big Love.”

Barbara Walters Oscars Special on ABC


Unlike members of ‘Making the Band,’ Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to be immortalized on Walk of Fame


Mount Vernon-raised Sean “Diddy” Combs will be the newest celebrity to be represented on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a ceremony scheduled for this Friday.

In a quote posted by Hip Hop Galaxy, Combs was thrilled about the honor during an interview conducted by Jaime Foxx on Foxx’s Sirius satellite radio show:


I’m from Harlem, New York, so to get a star in Hollywood is just mind-blowing. You can get a lot of things but when you see those stars on the ground… that’s something I can’t even say I dreamed of and to be getting recognized for it is definitely something I’m gonna have my whole family out there for.


I’m not taking anything away from Harlem, and he might have mentioned Mount Vernon at another point during the interview, but here’s hoping he shows more love for his Westchester roots.

Arguably, Diddy’s least relevant contribution to pop culture could be his rapping skills. (His most memorable lyrics might be a tie between “Uh” and “Yeah” on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.”) But as a music producer, clothing mogul and music icon, it’s hard to argue against his overall success. Even if he’s merely famous for being famous, he’s done it successfully for more than a decade.

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Survey says: You’re not at all interested in reading O’Donnell’s ‘Celebrity Detox’

Despite all kinds of hype — on this blog and elsewhere — it appears that Rosie O’Donnell’s tell-all memoir, “Celebrity Detox: (The Fame Game),” doesn’t quite have the demand we predicted.

Sure it had all kinds of juicy details about how the South Nyacker used to break her limbs as a child with a baseball bat and wooden coathanger, but still, that wasn’t enough to seduce book shoppers. As our Suburbarazzi poll showed, 75 percent of you have no interest in buying the book — “enough of Rosie already!” Only 11 percent said they intended to buy it, while another six percent went so far as to say they were planning a “Celebrity Detox book-burning party.” Personally, I fell into the camp of “Yes, I’d read it, but I wouldn’t pay my own cash for a copy.” In the end, though, I was content to just read a couple chapters in the Mount Kisco Borders and leave it at that.


Curious how the book’s sales have held up, I called Ingram, the largest wholesaler for independent book stores (and one of the only vendors that makes its sales data available to the public). They report that 33,247 copies of “Celebrity Detox” have sold. Generally, you can multiply that number by six in order to get a rough estimate of overall U.S. sales — so I’m figuring O’Donnell has moved just shy of 200,000 books. Not bad. Still, hardly enough to justify the hefty advance I’m sure Grand Central Publishing forked over.

Hmm, maybe passing on that Oprah interview wasn’t such a wise move after all.

While Rosie’s celebrity capital appears to be waning, will she still have enough to top our list of “People of the Year”? Check out the new poll in our sidebar and vote on who you think will be our top newsmaker — for better or worse — of 2007.

Lessons on Lubing from Barbara Walters

rosie-odonnell.jpgIn Rosie O’Donnell’s increasingly erratic publicity tour for her new book, “Celebrity Detox,” she decided to join Roseanne Barr on stage at a comedy club recently. When she took the stage, the South Nyack resident began with a bombshell: “When I was fired by Barbara Walters …”

No mention of leaving early or departing by mutual consent. The big O went on to rip into her former mentor, even going so far as to say that Walters recommended the use of Astroglide spermicidal jelly.

She later backed off Babwa and even tried to get in a nice word about her former colleague — “But she paved the way for women. She interviewed Presidents … ” — at which point Barr jumped in: “Like Abraham Lincoln!”

“Barbara Walters Fired Me From the View” [Daily News]

(Rosie at the opening reception for her art exhibition “Solace” at The Gallery at New World Stages on Oct. 9: AP Photo/Gary He)

Now we know where Barry Manilow stands on the whole Rosie-Elisabeth catfight

manilow.jpgIt’s not clear whether Manilow’s decision not to appear on today’s episode of “The View” was more of an insult to Elisabeth Hasselbeck (who he refused to be interviewed by), a show of solidarity with Rosie O’Donnell (who Manilow is good friends with), or actually a dis of Manilow himself. But, well, I’m going to bet it’s explanation No. 3.

Apparently Manilow demanded that the show not have right-winger Hasselbeck on the stage at the same time and the folks at ABC said, basically, nuh-uh. As producer Bill Geddie put it on Barbara Walters’ weekly SIRIUS radio show, “He said, ‘I’ll do Barbara and Whoopi or I’ll do Whoopi and Sherri or some combination, but I won’t sit with Elisabeth,’ and I said ‘Well, then you won’t be on the show. It’s that simple. And that was the end of it. He’s not going to call the shots. You’re not going to tell me how to produce the show.”

Could this be the start of a trend? Will other left-leaning celebs like Susan Sarandon start canceling their appearances? Is a Rosie-inspired boycott in the offing?

Most important of all, Does anyone even watch “The View” anymore?

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

In anticlimactic fashion, ‘The View’ adds 5th panelist

110838_537_pre.jpgWith the departure of South Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell from “The View,” the quest to replace her with a high-profile, provocative figure kept Hollywood insiders guessing and talking.

Which B- or C-lister would it be? Rosanne Barr? Kathy Griffin? Ricki Lake? Wanda Sykes? Bette Midler? Gayle King? Would it be a man? Perhaps Mario Cantone or Ross (Matthews) the Intern from “The Tonight Show”? Or, in a bizarre twist, would it possibly be Ivanka Trump, the daughter of O’Donnell’s most publicized rival?

As we all know, Whoopi Goldberg made her “View” co-host debut this week, even stirring things up with some commentary about Michael Vick that I’m not even sure she really believes. But, as far as “View” co-host stories go, the real news appeared to be over.

tjndc5-5fx34669pk1dk9s5sx_layout.jpgBut today, the Associated Press informs us that “The View” will be adding Sherri Shepherd, whom Suburbarazzi’s own Robert Zeliger correctly placed at the bottom of his potential co-host rankings among the nominees he considered.

Now, I’ve never heard of Shepherd before, so I won’t critique her talent. But the fact that she was the only name among those Zeliger mentioned that I didn’t recognize doesn’t help “The View” secure any new viewers. Then again, I’m not in front of a TV when “The View” is on, so no one is trying to reach out to my demographic.

Still, even if Shepherd’s a good fit for the show as a guest, why wouldn’t Sarah Lawrence College alumna Barbara Walters make waves by landing another permanent high-profile, buzz-worthy panelist? Would it cost too much money? Or too much ego? Discuss.

(Goldberg photo: ABC/Steve Fenn; Shepherd: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Paul Shaffer joins KISS Army, Bill Murray emcees Eric Clapton’s festival, and Homer Simpson slams Rosie O’Donnell

My apologies for mentioning Rosie O’Donnell YET AGAIN in my segment, but here’s why I made an exception: Anytime I have the opportunity to break out multiple “Simpsons” impressions on TV, I’m going to go for it. At the very least, you can mock me for it. Win/win.

After the break, find out the answer to this week’s quiz question: Joanne Woodward was first to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From what Lower Hudson Valley college did she graduate?

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Suburbarazzo finds LoHud stars all over Walk of Fame

Hey, ‘Burbies! Guess where I was for a long-weekend vacation?


For those of you who guessed “Knoxville,” you clearly missed all those Reading is Fundamental public service announcements from the ’80s. Ah, yes. Tinseltown. Even in the warm California sun, Suburbarazzi was on my mind. I mean, how couldn’t it be? Strolling the Walk of Fame caused for moments of celebration and inspiration. Observe:

Sarah Lawrence College alumna Barbara Walters inspires me to strike a pensive pose. What kind of tree would I be?

I can’t really think of a good pose for former Bronxville resident Ed McMahon, so I do my best to look stately and interested. Or just feel inclined to punch my hip. “Yes!”

Here I am next to the star of former Larchmont resident Joan Rivers. I’m pulling the skin back on my face. Botox, shmotox.

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Who’s that on ‘The View’? It’s a MAN, baby, it’s a MAN!

AP/ABC, Heidi Gutman

With “The View”s ratings in free-fall since the departure of Rosie O’Donnell — or, if you take the NY Times’ account, holding steady — the pressure is on to find a replacement pronto. People Magazine has an interesting scenario: What if the show hired a man?

Two are actually set to guest host next month, and each might just be a candidate for a full-time hire. Mario Cantone (of “Sex and the City”) and Ross Matthews (aka “Ross the Intern” on “The Tonight Show”) are going to appear on July 12 and July 17, respectively. People quotes one anonymous source at “The View” as saying that “Barbara’s really fond of Mario,” and then adds that “O’Donnell herself is a big fan of Matthews.” Apparently even former View co-host Debbie Matenopoulos has weighed in, lobbying for a male hire ever since O’Donnell jumped ship on the show. “They’ve said ‘We can’t put a man here.’ I disagree,” she told People. “Why does it have to be guys against girls? I have a better time and solve more problems sitting with my gay guy friends than my girlfriends!”

Meanwhile, E!’s Marc Malkin says he asked Walters about the possibility of hiring a man at a recent even in Hollywood. Walters’ response? “We tried a man last year with Men’s Day Wednesdays in all of July,” Walters said. “The ratings went down every Wednesday.”