Send in the SWAT Teams! DMX arrested for the second time in one week

More than seven months after after the story that DMX had three dead dogs buried behind his Arizona house, and 12 more that were malnourished and possibly the victims of animal cruelty, Arizona law enforcement finally arrested the rapper on Friday. This comes on the heels of yet another DMX arrest earlier in the week, for doing 114 mph in a Chevy Nova.

df3069e5-54e9-45dd-9932-dda2bd261850-df3069e5-54e9-45dd-9932-dda2bd261850.jpgAccording to the Arizona Republic, he tried to barricade himself in his bedroom while the warrant was being served. Eventually he emerged, was hauled down to the Fourth Avenue Jail, and bond was posted at $7,500. Authorities also picked up more marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and weapons on the raid. DMX’s court appearance is scheduled for this Thursday — but, if his Westchester track record is any indication, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he skips town.

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DMX arrested, set free for the umpteenth time

The only thing harder than pushing a ’66 Chevy to 114 mph on a suburban Phoenix freeway? Trying to keep track of how many times rapper/actor DMX has been arrested for pulling such stunts.

His latest run-in with the law took place on Tuesday, when police took him into custody at his north Phoenix tjndc5-5jx45xe7ecz150q0m6nu_layout.jpghome on charges of criminal speeding, public endangerment, reckless driving and driving on a suspended license. Apparently the Arizona po-po uses remote cameras to speeders on the Loop 101 freeway in Scottsdale, and the nabbed DMX — also known to the law by his given name, Earl Simmons — driving at 100, 101 and 114 mph. In a Chevy Nova II, no less. Complete with “DMX” decal on the windshield.

Here, shots of the offending incidents, which were actually recorded back on January 21, 2008:


DMX driving 114 mph on January 21, 2008.


DMX going 100 mph on the same day. In a Chevy Nova!


Remember, DMX, who grew up in Yonkers and still owns a house on the Bedford/Mount Kisco border, also has two outstanding bench warrants in Westchester for prior moving violations (which he failed to show up in court for). And last April, police raided his Arizona house, finding abused pit bulls, a weapons cache and cocaine. The rapper hasn’t been charged with any crimes there, though.

“DMX arrested for speeding, reckless driving in Ariz” [Excite]

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(Mug shot and speeding camera stills: AP Photo/Arizona Department of Public Safety)

DMX Update: Cocaine, pit bull autoposy = more trouble


Earl Simmons is still MIA, but the latest lab tests on his pit bulls have come back and things don’t bode well for the Mount Kisco homeowner.

According to the preliminary necropsy report (see the full PDF of the police report here) the medical examiner found extensive evidence of severe abuse to the dead dogs (at least, on the ones that weren’t already too decomposed). The findings included blunt force trauma to the right shoulder of one pup, trauma to the left caudal chest and left cranial abdomen, and bite wounds on various dogs’ radius, humerus, and shoulder blade bones. There were also burns so intense that a dog’s sex was indeterminable.

Oh, yeah, and there was also cocaine. The police confirmed that the powdery substance they found at DMX’s home was indeed nose candy.

For some inexplicable reason, the Maricopa County Sheriff still hasn’t issued any arrest warrants for the rapper, though he’s still obviously wanted for questioning. While the evidence of dog abuse is pretty damning, they’re still trying to determine whether the pit bulls were used in dog fighting, a felony offense. The bite wounds seem to suggest that possibility, though they might not be enough evidence to convict. Of course, the Arizona officials could always take a cue from their law-enforcement counterparts in Westchester: Issue arrest warrants now, ask questions later.

Find a whole collection of photos of the raid and the rescued dogs after the break.

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DMX shocker: rapper’s dead and buried pit bulls were “wounded”

tjndc5-5basrmij174mhzbe6bw_layout.jpgThe latest update on the DMX dog-abuse in Arizona is in, and the Maricopa County sheriff can now confirm, officially, that the pit bulls dug up in the rapper’s back yard had “serious wounds.”

Uh, um, ok … well, wasn’t that kind of a given, seeing as how they were dead and all?

I suppose old age could have been the cause, but after finding 12 other abused dogs still alive in the house, it wouldn’t have been such a big leap to assume that’s how the three in the back yard ended up that way. The sheriff confirmed to the AP that one dead dog had serious bite wounds, another had trauma to its abdomen, and the third carcass was so badly burned that an exam was inconclusive as to the exact cause of death.

The police still have yet to file charges against the rapper, who has a house on the Mount Kisco/Bedford border, but the sheriff told the AP, “Someone’s going to have to pay for this. We have 12 dogs who were abused and three dogs buried in the yard.”

Meanwhile, DMX’s lawyer, Murray Richman, replied to the allegations: “How do you attribute activities to a person who has not been there, when they have knowledge that other persons have been. Is it because of the celebrity nature?”

Perhaps, Murray. If a dog dies in the backyard of a person previously convicted of animal cruelty, was it really abused?

I say, no, provided said animal abuser is out of the country, ducking multiple warrants already out for his arrest.

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(AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano)

Update: DMX off the hook on drug charges (sort of)

ph2007082902011.jpgMind you, he’s still knee deep in Westchester arrest warrants, charges of animal cruelty, and weapons possession. But hey, the guy will take what he can get.

The latest AP update to the raid on the rapper’s Arizona home came last week, as investigators confirmed that the chunky substance seized from DMX’s bedroom was not meth or any other illegal drug. I’m guessing maybe BC headache powder, is a dead ringer for at least a half dozen narcotics, or else pit bull creatine.

Anyway, that’s the good news. The bad? They still found a sizable quantity of illegal marijuana.

Oh, also drug paraphernalia, guns, ammo, and — worst of all — three dead dogs. Throw in the 12 other malnourished dogs that were taken into custody and, well, the man is still in quite a pickle. Although no charges have been filed yet, it now seems all but certain that the artist, also known as Earl Simmons, will soon be a wanted man in two states (I’ll spare you the full recap of his two outstanding arrest warrants in Westchester).

The big question, then, is simple: Where the heck is he?

His concert tour appears to have been scrapped. And when reporters in Arizona asked DMX’s lawyer, Murray Richman, about the rapper’s whereabouts, his answer was simply, “Why should I tell you.” (By the way, love answer. Just love it.)

Richman also told Spin that “He is not in the U.S.”

Given the man’s luck lately, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if, in his haste to get the hell out of Dodge, he decided to take a little vacation to Central America. I hear Belize and Honduras are beautiful this time of year. Excepting the occasional Class Five hurricane of course.

(AP Photo/Louis Lanzano, file)

DMX the next Michael Vick? Police find drugs, weapons, and abused dogs at rapper’s Arizona house


You can’t really blame DMX for wanting to have a getaway outside Westchester, what with two warrants out for his arrest in the county. Still, it doesn’t appear that the authorities in Phoenix are any more lenient — especially when it comes to cruelty to animals, illegal narcotics, and guns.

According to local AZ TV station KPHO, Sheriff’s deputies raided the rapper’s home last Friday after an investigation into alleged animal cruelty. Specifically, pit bulls being kept in inhumane conditions. Although the man caring for the dogs said they hadn’t been used for fighting, he did say that the dogs weren’t given adequate food, water, or shade, and he needed to spend $3,000 of his own money on vet bills. This isn’t the first time DMX has been accused of abusing his dogs; in 2002 he pled guilty to the same charges in New Jersey. And his neighbors in Bedford have told me, his dogs at his home (around the Mount Kisco/Bedford border) don’t receive much better treatment.

While digging for dog corpses in the backyard and searching the house, the police also turned up a stash of narcotics (either cocaine or methamphetamine — still TBD) and a cache of weapons. The artist formerly known as Earl Simmons wasn’t at home during the raid.

While charges have yet to be filed, this will presumably make DMX a wanted man in two states. Oh, and remember that doggy clothing line that the rapper launched last year, only to be sued this year for not being a visible enough celebrity endorsement?

Well, call me crazy, but that’s probably turned out for the best. Unless, that is, the canine couture was being marketed to starving, coked-out, Glock-wielding Staffordshire Terriers. In that case, you could find no better spokesperson.

Video of the raid

Photos of the raid

(AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano)