Remainders: Ariel Levy makes lesbian weddings and bat mitzvahs look good; Bob Woodruff heads to Cuba; Keith Olbermann gets a new pad; Nick DiPaolo performs live this weekend

++One of my favorite NY writers, Ariel Levy, has a piece in this week’s NY Magazine—the Sex and Love issue—about her lesbian wedding, which, the writer says, totally “rocked.� “I do not believe in crummy parties,� Levy writes. “I believe in glamour… There was no way I was going to let this thing be shoddy—some pathetic hers-and-hers imitation of the real thing.�

Levy, who grew up in Larchmont, also talks about her equally rockin’ bat mitzvah:
<blockquote><div>As a 10-year-old, I decided that I wanted to have a bat mitzvah. I was the only kid in the history of Westchester County who demanded Hebrew school. And as I stood in front of the racks of red at Bergdorf Goodman, I recalled the feeling I’d had at some point in my preteen Jewish odyssey when I looked down at the sacred ancient letters on the scroll: What have I done?</div></blockquote>

++Meanwhile, in Cuba…

Rye’s Bob Woodruff is making his first overseas reporting trip this weekend, since an attack last year in Iraq that nearly killed him. The former anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, is heading to Havana…and he’ll be accompanied by cameraman Doug Vogt and sound technician Magnus Macedo, the same people who were with him during the attack last year (Vogt suffered less severe injuries in the explosion and the two-pictured below-remained close).


Woodruff will be covering May Day commemorations on the island nation. His reports will be seen starting Sunday night on World News and then throughout the week.tjndc5-5ee50hbfa9ljlk84dfj_layout.jpg

++Keith Olbermann seems to be cashing in on his recent big-time pay raise at MSNBC. The Hastings-bred host of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann� is apparently eyeing a $4.2 million dollar marble-adorned apartment on the Upper East Side, according to The New York Observer. The 5-bedroom, 3-balcony monster pad is on the 40th floor of a Trump condominium. The paper notes, the apartment is far from (in more ways than one) the home of his arch-nemesis, Bill O’Reilly, who lives in a gated, waterside Manhasset spread.


++And, if you need something to do this weekend, check out Westchester’s Nick DiPaolo (who puts the classy in totally not classy) performing live at Comix in Manhattan. DiPaolo, who also has a radio show on 92.3 FM, will perform four times—today and tomorrow night at 8 and 10:30. It’s a rare opportunity to see the popular standup (at least when he’s not riffing on Pam Anderson, Andy Dick, and Courtney Love on Comedy Central roasts), since, as DiPaolo told me recently, he’s traveling less and less in order to concentrate on his radio gig. (Tix are $22; 353 W. 14th St.; 212-524-2500; The only downside for the combative comic: it seems Don Imus stole his act.
(Photos: Woodruff and Vogt-AP/ABC,Ida Mae Astute; Olbermann-AP/Reed Saxon; DiPaolo-Mark Vergari/Journal News)

Slush Pile: Vicious feud edition

• Dirty downtown art hippies are hating on Larchmont native, and NY Mag Contributing Editor, Ariel Levy. Enjoy the homophobia and anti-Semitism. [] And read the cause of their ire.

• It’s the mouth from Hastings vs. the moustache from Jersey! Apparently Geraldo Rivera called MSNBC-golden child Keith Olbermann a “midget,� “punk,� and “slimeball� and said he’d like to box him and “make a pizza out of him.� Never one to shy from a fight, Olbermann, who’s 16 years younger than Rivera, countered: “Geraldo, you should not give me a hard time. I can still remember when you were a big deal…back when I was a kid.� [NY Post]

• Studio 60 is failing because it’s just too damn good. That’s according to its star, Sarah Paulson, who told the L.A. Times: “The engine was running so long on this baby before it ran out of the gate, I think it just overpowered people. It was like the audience was being held at gunpoint and the message was, ‘You better watch the best damn show on television or else.’ That’s liable to turn anybody off.” [L.A. Times]

• If you like hearing about the Rosie-Donald feud, but hate the lack of musical accompaniment, take a look at this. But warning, be prepared for lyrics such as: “They say it’s for the ratings / But they don’t know that for sure / It’s possible that we are simply / Rich and immatureâ€? [The Feed]

• And speaking of Rosie, there’s only a few days left to vote in our Rosie V. Donald poll over to the right. (Rosie’s winning so far!)

• Superstitious fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger loves the number 8 and hates black cats. [Jossip]

• The Lower Hudson Valley is all over The Daily News’ list of the best and worst dressed New Yorkers. On the Best Dressed list: Chappaqua’s Hillary Clinton (#1), Sleepy-Hollow-training Knicks’ coach Isiah Thomas (#2), and Bedford’s Martha Stewart (#3). Representing fashion mediocrity for the Lower Hudson Valley: Mariah Carey, Michael Bloomberg, and Mt Vernon-raised Sean Diddy Combs [NY Daily News]. Shockingly, not making the list: these people.