LoHud celebrities go iPhone crazy!

iphone.jpgOver the holidays, I’ve been hemming and hawing like Hamlet over whether to get an iPhone. The dilemma boils down to this: Come MacWorld Expo in mid-January, is Steve Jobs going to unveil a brand new version of the gadget? iPhone 2.0, complete with GPS, faster 3G connectivity, and of course 16GB of storage? Yes, I’m a geek. And yes, I’ve decided to wait it out. But in the meantime, I can’t get enough of these iPhone rumors, and in the process of searching for them, I also happened to stumble upon a bunch of stories about Lower Hudson Valley stars who have joined the cult of multitouch. Here are just a few of the ones I found:

Bill Clinton: A guy named B. Ioffe broke the news the Chappaqua resident got his iPhone directly from Steve Jobs. How exactly did Ioffe learn this? By asking the former prez to sign the back of his iPhone, of course (go to the link above for a pic of the signed phone). The Unofficial Apple Weblog also makes a funny observation: “If ex-Veep Al Gore is on Apple’s Board of Directors, why didn’t he snag his old buddy an iPhone himself?”

Rosie O’Donnell: In an interview with Switched, a blog devoted to gadgets and the digital life, the South Nyacker says that she (and her partner Kelli) go everywhere with two gadgets: a Nextel walkie-talkie phone and the iPhone. If stranded on a desert island, Rosie/Kelli says, “I would bring my iPhone. You can do just about anything — from e-mailing and surfing the ‘Net to listening to music, watching movies, and taking photos — on it. What more do you need? Well, besides someone to share it with on the island!!!!”

Me, I’m not so sure. That is, unless iPhone 2.0 comes with a built-in swiss army knife (sort of like the one from this classic Conan O’Brian skit). Oh, and Stevie J., if you’re listening, a flint wouldn’t hurt either.

(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)