Judge Judy sentenced: two more years on TV

After renewing her deal with CBS Television Stations, Judge Judy Sheindlin — judge-judy.jpgmom of newly elected Putnam DA Adam Levy, and whose hubby practices law in Putnam — is now set to be on the air with “Judge Judy” until 2012. Yes, by the time the contract runs out, she’ll be pushing 70.

In a quote on The Hollywood Reporter, CTD president and COO John Nogawski said, “Judge Judy is the unsung hero of syndication, consistently delivering fantastic ratings to our station partners, and were really proud its the only syndicated show growing year to year.”

Me, I always thought the biggest unsung hero was “The Lost World” with Jennifer O’Dell. To each his own.

Thanks to F.O.S. Amy Vernon for the tip.

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CNN poll voters: Keep Judge Judy away from my legal briefs!

judge-judy.jpgNearly two of every three voters in an unscientific CNN poll said they would not want Judge Judy Sheindlin making legal judgments in their lives.

With 9,477 people voting as of 3:04 p.m. EST, here were the poll results:


Would you want Judge Judy to preside over your court case?
Yes: 38 percent (3,643 votes)
No: 62 percent (5,834 votes)


Perhaps most voters feared that adding insult to the injury of losing a case would be to hear her say, “Goodbye! Have a happy life!�

Judy Sheindlin will return to Larry King’s talk show set tonight at 9 p.m. EST. In a February appearance on the show, she discussed everything from Anna Nicole Smith’s death to her support of a Putnam County District Attorney candidate who just happens to be her son. Sheindlin was in Brewster on Tuesday to celebrate Adam Levy’s uncontested election win, which appeared to tally more than 13,000 votes.

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Rip Torn DWI: Sounds like a case for Judge Judy’s son

rip2.jpgIn other legal news, DMX isn’t the only local celeb fighting the Man. As Terry Corcoran reported in The Journal News today, actor Rip Torn has decided to take his DWI case from last year to trial.

Torn was arrested last December after he crashed his Chevy into tractor-trailer on Route 22 in North Salem. He then proceeded to do his best Nick Nolte impersonation, complete with a fabulously hobo-ish mug shot and surly attytood with the arresting officers.

At his hearing yesterday Torn’s lawyer was — get this! — Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy. That’s the same Adam Levy who we told you is running for Putnam County DA. (Alas, according to the TJN article, Torn may be looking for new representation, but my fingers are still crossed that Torn will come back to Levy. After all, the guy got him acquitted for another drunk-driving case in ’94, so he can do the job.)

Other fun facts about Torn gleaned from Terry’s story:

• Torn lives in Lakeville, CT.

• His birth name is Elmore, not Rip.

• He’s 76 years old. (Even with that crazy mug shot, I still say he looks younger than that.)

(Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the YouTube clip of Torn’s grisly wrestling match with Norman Mailer, be sure to check it out.)

“Rip Torn to take DWI case to trial” [TJN]

Judge Judy explains to Larry King where Putnam County is; King tells Judy’s son to ‘Go get ‘em’

Judge Judy was on Larry King Live last night. The highlight of course was the two of them talking about Putnam and Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy, who is running for the county’s D.A. seat.
<blockquote><div>Judy: My son is running for the district attorney’s position in Putnam County where he lives…

Larry: Putnam County is north of the…uh…city?

Judy: North of Westchester, a little north of Westchester.

Larry: How old?

Judy: 38. He’s dynamic. He’s got a sense of justice that he learned I like to think living in a household [with me].

Larry: How many people in the race?

Judy: As far as I’m concerned? One.

Larry: Are you going to campaign for him?

Judy: Absolutely.

Larry: We wish him luck. His first name is?

Judy: Adam…Levy.

Larry: Go get ‘em Adam!</div></blockquote>

After the break, Judy and Larry on Hillary, Rudy, Britney, Paris, and of course Anna Nicole…oh, and Brooklyn!

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Larry King to interview Judge Judy to reinforce that Anna Nicole Smith is still dead

Former Putnam Valley resident Judy Scheindlin will be Larry King’s guest tonight to talk about “Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, her baby, and the mansion in the Bahamas,” according to CNN.

Because, in the immediate aftermath of a personal tragedy, it’s crucial to know who gets the dead woman’s huge house.

Perhaps she’ll mention at some point that her one of her three sons, Adam Levy, is running for Putnam County District Attorney. If so, and if King half-heartedly wishes him luck, I’m hoping Judy snaps and replies with “Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting.”

Mmm… frosting.

(Photo courtesy of Gannett News Service.)