UK rivals Putnam Valley in the War on Hugs

Aaron PerezSure, Putnam Valley Middle School’s suspension of would-be hugger Aaron Perez shows a firm commitment to ending that abominable practice of student-teacher embraces. But it turns out that the UK is taking an even harder line. According to this article in the Sun, a British headmaster has one-upped Putnam Valley Schools Superintendent Gary Tutty by banning hugging altogether.

Hugging was happening extensively and becoming the norm,” explained hug tsar Steven Kenning of Callington Community College in Cornwall. “We were worried it might become inappropriate. So we nipped it in the bud.” The Sun article goes on to say that Kenning has also suspended a student for streaking his hair, which, while morally reprehensible, would only warrant a strenuous lanyard whipping in our book.

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Like father, like “Hug Boy”

Turns out that Aaron Perez, the 10-year-old Putnam Valley kid who got in deep doo-doo for asking his teacher for a hug, isn’t the only member of the family who’s been suspended. Meet Papa Hug Boy.

Aaron and Samuel PerezAccording to a 2003 NY Times article the boy’s father, Samuel Perez, an NYC police officer, was accused of nine violations of police procedure, including lying to department investigators, and was suspended without pay. What’s more, the charges sprang from racially motivated hate crime and the allegation that Perez and his partner discouraged a black college student who was attacked from filing a police report.

Given the stain on his own career, it’s understandable why Perez (the bald fella standing behind Aaron in this photo) would feel so passionate about getting the suspension off his son’s permanent record. What isn’t clear is why the parents would be so quick to play the race card, especially given Samuel’s own past indifference to racial bias. Sounds like somebody needs a hug.


“Hug Boy” Puppet Master Revealed

We found him. The evil genius who turned 10-year-old Aaron Perez from a sweet, young, Putnam Valley grade-schooler into a stark-raving, sexy-talking, hug addict.

WATCH THIS YOUTUBE CLIP at your own risk.

Like “The Ring,” it’s liable to drive you hug crazy. Just look at this poor copycat soul in South Korea, just itching to get suspended for overenthusiastic embraces. Though, on the flip side, if free hugs get you on Oprah, then maybe there is a future in it. Carry on, Aaron, carry on.


“Hug Boy” Liiiike you, “Hug Boy” Liiiike sex

Aaron PerezAt first we thought that Aaron Perez — the Putnam Valley 10-year-old who, in a really bizarre sequence of events, told his teacher she was “sexy,” then asked for a hug, then got suspended for being overly affectionate — didn’t have celebrity staying power. Boy, were we wrong.

Soon after the Journal News put the story in its front pages and our buds at Juggling Acts expressed outrage, Perez appeared on the O’Reilly Factor, saying “She looked pretty that day, so I said ‘you really look sexy today.” Right on, brother! Borat would be proud.

Today our blog siblings at The Hall Monitor have declared: “Hug boy now an international celebrity.” Not only do Aaron’s classmates have “Hug Boy” fever, but “Everyone wants a piece of the story, including Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo.”

Who are we to shun a media pile-on? And besides, we haven’t had much luck finding celebs in Putnam County. We’ll take who we can get.

So, welcome to the Suburbarazzi, Aaron. We’ve got our eye on you.