If at first Stanley Tucci doesn’t succeed, try try to join the “ER” cast

Stanley TucciAfter his stint on the extremely short-lived “3 Lbs.,” I hardly expected North Salem’s Stanley Tucci to do another primetime TV show anytime soon, much less another medical drama

But then last night, while watching the scenes from next week’s “ER,” there he was, in all his bald glory. Apparently, now that Weaver is gone and Kovach has resigned as head of the ER, Tucci is coming in to take over in some capacity or another (TV Guide said it was as head of the ER, but the Cincinnati Post said it would be as head of the entire hospital). And if last night’s episode was any indication, I’d say there’s about an 85 percent chance that he (and five other random characters) will try to jump Neela Rasgotra’s bones.

Suburbarazzi Stocking Stuffer: “The Devil Wears Prada” DVD

Devil Wears PradaNot only did Stanley Tucci with our best-baldie sidebar poll (with 61 percent of the vote), he also starred in one of the year’s most thoroughly entertaining movies, “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Here are three reasons why we prefer the “Prada” Tucci to the the one in the ill-fated TV show “3 Lbs.”:

1. He looks much more natural in an ascot than in his undershorts. No TV-watching constituency would dare find him sexy — except, perhaps, his North Salem neighbors and the Michael Chertoff fan club.

2. Occupational oxymorons are essential. Both “Prada” and “Ugly Betty” work because they’ve got funny-looking fashonistas. Likewise, “Grey’s Anatomy” rocks because it puts hotty nymphos in nerd central, a hospital, not actual nerd neurosurgeons like “3 Lbs.”

3. Tucci’s sass works in comedy, but not dramas. We know he gravitates to the serious stuff when directing (e.g. “Joe Gould’s Secret”), but we much prefer laughing at his snobby, elitist routine. In fact, one of the best things about the “Prada” DVD is a bonus gag reel with Tucci’s hilarious ad-libbing. If Sacha Baron Cohen is looking for someone to fill another Azamat-type role in “Bruno,” his follow-up to “Borat,” consider this the first vote for Stanley.

Cancellation Watch: “3 Lbs.” Euthanized after 3 Episodes

Stanley TucciYes, after just three short weeks, Stanley Tucci’s new CBS neurosurgery drama has been declared braindead. It’s one of the fastest cancellations we’ve seen in a while; the only one we could think of that fizzled faster was Heather Graham’s “Emily’s Reasons Why Not,” which was yanked after the pilot.

Although “3 Lbs.” starred the top vote-getter in Suburbarazzi’s best baldie poll, even Tucci’s undisputed hotness couldn’t buoy such a formulaic, labotimized premise. According to Brilliant But Canceled, the show debuted to a pitiful 2.9 rating, then fell to 2.7 and 2.4 in subsequent weeks. It only came it at #3 in our Suburbarazzi cancellation watch (behind “Six Degrees” and “The Nine,” neither of which have been officially axed yet), yet the expert Deathwatchers had it at #4 in their poll, so I guess we weren’t far off. Way to go, team!

And Tucci, please know we’re still rooting for you (just not that infuriatingly likable Mark Feuerstein). So here’s something to cheer you up.

Cancellation Watch: Who’s next? “Six Degrees”? “The Nine”?

Now that “Studio 60” has been given a season-long reprieve, it’s about time we found some other shows to pick on. And while we can’t be as comprehensive as Brilliant But Cancelled’s DeathWatch, we do take sadistic pleasure in bringing you a short list of doomed shows with connections to the LoHud.

Aaron Sorkin’s series may have been saved by his hometown’s upscale, Lexus-driving residents — or as we lovingly refer to them, “our Scarsdale and InTown sugar mamas.” But other shows don’t have such sexy demos. Which do you think will be the first to fall?
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More cancellation gossip, DeathWatch odds, and commentary after the jump.

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House + (Grey’s Anatomy – McDreamy) x √ER + McBaldie ≈ 3 Lbs.

Stanley TucciMissed the advance screening of the first episode of “3 Lbs.” at Columbia University Medical Center last night? No worries. Even if you didn’t get to see Stanley Tucci’s new CBS series in Room 401 of the Hammer Health Sciences Center, there’s still time to catch the premiere before it actually premieres at 10 pm tonight. The tiffany network was kind enough to put the episode on their new video website, InnerTube, and we were kind (or masochistic) enough to watch it for you.

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