Break out the beehives! B-52’s planning a concert in Westchester

Little known fact: The B-52’s used to live in Mahopac back in the 1980s. Yes, that’s right, back in the days of “Cosmic Thing,” “Roam,” and “Love Shack,” the group was actually recording tunes right in Putnam County.b-52s.jpg

Which is my awkward way to segueing into news that they’ll be returning to the greater Lower Hudson Valley region again soon. On April 11 they’re set to host a concert at the Performing Arts Center at SUNY Purchase. The event will be a fundraiser for Open Door Family Medical Centers, and Scarsdale’s Jimmy Fink, a DJ for 107.1 The Peak, will play host. Now the catch: tickets to the concert cost from $75 to $125, and if you want to attend the benefit dinner, be prepared to shell out $500.

VIP Tickets are available online at or by calling Cristina Sanjuás-Dopazo at 914-502-1414. Concert Only Tickets are available only through The Performing Arts Center’s Ticket Office at or by calling 914-251-6200.

EXCLUSIVE: The future was so bright for Jimmy Fink, he had to wear shades

(Courtesy of Jimmy Fink)Suburbarazzi blew out the candles Saturday in honor of the 40th anniversary of Jimmy Fink’s graduation from Eastchester High School.

Yesterday, Jimmy e-mailed me with a follow-up about his the yearbook group photo for the graduating class of 1967:


In the big graduation picture, where we all posed on the bleachers at EHS, I am the only one wearing sunglasses!!


The Scarsdale resident and deejay at the White Plains-based The Peak provided Suburbarazzi with an additional exclusive: He said he had dinner Friday with his best friend from his high school days and today alike, Donald Levy.


In the yearbook, under his name, it said, ‘Found with Fink.’ I guess it’s still true.


Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN

Yesterday on RNN, Suburbarazzi’s Chris Serico talked about Rosie O’Donnell’s “Nuclear Wednesday” and the fallout from her feud with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, as well as John Schneider’s quest to sell the General Lee and Jimmy Fink’s 1980 firing from WPLJ.

Check it out below:

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