Can stop, will stop: Gas prices ground Diddy’s private jet

Diddy Force One is grounded indefinitely, thanks to gas prices that are putting even the blingiest of celebs on notice.

diddy2.jpgSean “Diddy” Combs isn’t feelin’ the quarter-million-dollar round trips he’d been making on his private jet. So he opted instead to be Something Special in the Air, flying American Airlines with the people. Quoth the Diddy:

“Gas prices are too m—–f—-n’ high.”

Looks like the Mount Vernon-raised rapper is keepin’ it real. As long as “it” fits into one carry-on and one stow-away.

This all reminds me of my favorite Weekend Update line from “Saturday Night Live” last year, delivered perfectly by anchor Seth Meyers: “(If) gas gets any more expensive, rappers will start to drink it.”

(AP Photo/Dima Gavrysh)

Chevy Chase backs buddy Bill Clinton at DNC

While watching the Democratic National Convention last night — because, let’s face it, the Yankees are done — I spotted Bedford resident Chevy Chase in the stands. As seen in this photo, he was there cheering on Chappaqua resident Bill Clinton and waving the American flag during his speech.

chevy-flag.jpgUnlike most fairweather celebs who every few years show fleeting support to politicians (usually Democrats, for better and worse), Chase and Clinton are legit buddies.

When Chase was holding an auction in September for his charity, the Center for Environmental Education Online, Clinton agreed to lend his name and time to the cause. At one point in the auction, a bid for lunch with Chase and Clinton reached $51,500. Y’know, tip money.

(AP Photo/The Rocky Mountain News, Rodolfo Gonzalez)

At The Movies with Aman and Chris: Denzel Washington’s rant inspires Russell Crowe conversation

Even at the end of a long work day, we Suburbarazzi talk about things. Y’know, everyday stuff. Socioeconomic development in Uganda. Fluffy bunnies. And movies, I guess.

us.jpgSo when I asked my fellow Suburbarazzo via Facebook chat tonight about today’s appearance by Denzel Washington in Mount Vernon, it segued into a discussion about former Nyack dweller, Russell Crowe.

The conversation below has been edited for clarity and to make us look like we care about capitalization in online conversation. Please note that I made Aman — a stand-up comedian — laugh twice or at least write out the phrase “hahahaha” two times to pretend he was. Either way, I’ll pretend he was in hysterics reading my hilarious words of hilarity.

The chat at one point picked up when Aman told me Washington said he was “really upset” about the Mount Vernon’s school district’s budget woes.

Aman: He was just really heated about the whole subject
Chris: Why does one of the world’s best actors need to be defensive about that, though?
Chris: Maybe he feels guilty, in retrospect, that he donated money to athletics when teaching jobs were later cut
Aman: One thing I give Denzel serious props about, that man seriously knows how to select good movie scripts to act in
Aman: Like whats the last flop movie he was in?
Chris: Absolutely. He’s amazing.
Chris: Even Russell Crowe does “A Good Year” now and then
Aman: Meh, “Master and Commander” I wasn’t a fan of
Chris: My dad likes that flick
Chris: But no one liked “A Good Year”
Aman: Yeah I dont think I saw that one
Chris: I think Russell Crowe attended its premiere, threw his cell phone at the projectionist and walked out the emergency exit door, setting off the fire alarm and sprinklers
Aman: Hahahaha
Aman: Apparently he’s going to play Bill Hicks in a biopic movie
Chris: I still love that guy though.
Chris: Like, will defend him 100 percent
Aman: Oh I like him too
Chris: That (Bill Hicks movie)’d be good. “The Insider” is one of my favorite movies
Chris: And maybe his best acting performance ever
Aman: Agreed, I do have a soft spot for “Gladiator” though
Chris: Good movie. Not great.
Chris: Although I like that Jay-Z uses his “Is this not why you are here?” speech to open “What More Can I Say?”
Aman: Hahahaha

(Non-AP photo of Aman Ali and Chris Serico wearing ironic T-shirts featuring puns involving the original Nintendo Entertainment System/Aman Ali and Chris Serico)

Wanna be on national TV? It helps if you’re from Westchester. Just ask Kara DioGuardi and Bobby Moynihan.

August has been a good month for Westchester natives who seek a national network TV audience.

kara2.JPGToday it was announced that Kara DioGuardi, who grew up in New Rochelle, was named the unprecedented fourth judge on “American Idol.”

I spoke this afternoon with her proud papa, Joe DioGuardi, an Ossining resident and former U.S. Congressman. He told me Kara was raised in the Wilmot Woods section of New Rochelle, attended the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Scarsdale and graduated from The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry. He said his phone has been ringing off the hook today but was proud of and thrilled for his daughter.

It’ll be interesting to see with whom she most often sides on the panel. I’m guessing she’ll have the compassion of Paula but the ear of Simon, which in my mind is the ideal combination.


This was the second bit of exciting news for Westchester natives this month. As I reported last week for sister blog Remote Access, Eastchester’s Bobby Moynihan is joining the cast of “Saturday Night Live.”

I’m psyched not only because he’s a talented product of the Lower Hudson Valley and because I love the show, but also because I’ve been friends with him since we were in middle school. Call it full disclosure or name-dropping. Either way, I’m proud of him.

With a budding film career and tons of experience performing at the Upright Citizens Brigage Theatre in Manhattan, Moynihan’s an outstanding sketch and improv comedian and will quickly become an audience favorite.

Want some gossip about him? He really likes peach Snapple. Ooooh! Call the Enquirer!

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello; Moynihan photo/Brendan McMullen)

No, YOU’RE fired: Ed McMahon nixes Donald Trump’s offer to buy McMahon-sion

I can’t say I’m surprised Donald Trump was yet again speaking too soon and with too much self-assurance, but still.

eddonald.jpgDespite previous reports to the contrary (sorry!), Ed McMahon agreed to sell his house to a private buyer but reportedly not to the Westchester real estate maven, who said he was in talks to buy the home and lease it to the former talk-show sidekick. McMahon, whose family once lived in Bronxville, had defaulted on $4.8 million in loans.

McMahon is slated to move out after the sale. Maybe he should call Mark Cronin to see if the next season of “The Surreal Life” will allow him to bunk with Carrot Top.

(AP Photo of McMahon/Matt Sayles; AP Photo of Trump/Jason DeCrow.)

Dave Matthews’ saxophonist dies from ATV accident complications

From bands that have been popular in my lifetime, there may be about three rock saxophonists I can name off the top of my head. Clarence Clemmons (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band), Kirk Pengilly (the hugely underrated INXS) and LeRoi Moore (Dave Matthews Band). In part, their names stick out not only because they’ve been a part of high-profile acts, but also because of their natural talent and distinct sound as individuals.

moore.jpgSo as someone who loved playing alto sax through high school and likes his share of Dave Matthews Band material, I was sad to read that Moore, 46, died yesterday afternoon of complications relating to an all-terrain vehicle accident he had June 30. He was to begin physical therapy in Los Angeles, where the band played last night.

Matthews, who spent much of his childhood in Yorktown, talked about his friend’s death to the crowd after his band’s opening number last night:

(Our) good friend LeRoi Moore … gave up his ghost to heaven and we will miss him always.

If I had to pick one sax solo to remember Moore by, it’d be “Ants Marching,” because it’s upbeat, lively and fun. Just like the man himself.

(AP Photo/Michael Kim)

Faux-lympians Al Roker, Matt Lauer weave dreams with rhythmic gymnastic exhibition

“Today” hosts Al Roker, formerly of Yorktown, and Matt Lauer, formerly of Chappaqua, Ardsley and Hartsdale, did the Lower Hudson Valley and America proud this morning with the following triumphant athletic exhibition:

<iframe height=”339″ width=”425″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

(Courtesy of; via

If DMX and Lucky Me met in jail, what would happen?

DMX is slated to remain in jail through his court date in October — the same month when fellow LoHud rapper Lucky Me is expected to be sentenced.

This begs the question: If the Yonkers-raised, Bedford-dwelling Ruff Ryder and the Central Nyack icon met behind bars, would the encounter more likely spawn a triple-platinum collaboration or rap’s best beef since 50 Cent and Ja Rule? Post your predictions below. Hypothetical (and clean) song titles are also welcome.


And while you’re at it, vote in the new poll in the right margin: Who’s the best rapper with ties to the Lower Hudson Valley? We’re starting you off with Diddy (Mount Vernon), DMX, Heavy D (Mount Vernon), Jadakiss (Yonkers), Jay-Z (Scarsdale), Lucky Me and Styles P (Yonkers). Feel free to add your own suggestions as long as they actually exist and at some point lived in the LoHud (Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties).

(Photo of DMX: AP Photo/Louis Lanzano; Photo of Lucky Me: The Journal News/Vincent DiSalvio.)

Confirmed: Laurence Fishburne joins ‘CSI’ cast

The rumor is now true. New Rochelle’s Laurence Fishburne will be joining the cast of the original “CSI” in the upcoming season’s ninth episode.


Despite Aman Ali’s reservations about “having Morpheus on the show,” I think my fellow Suburbarazzo is focusing on the wrong Fishburne character. What the CBS melodrama could use is a little more levity, a little more of a stereotypical Western edge, a little more guitar playing without concern for making the chords look legit.

Yes, I’m talking about channeling his Cowboy Curtis character from “Pee-wee’s Playhouse.”

What better way to convey a “doctor/scientist outsider to the CSI unit who has the same genetic profile as a serial killer but hasn’t previously acted on any homicidal impulses”? Especially when everyone around Cowboy Curtis has always been prepared to “scream real loud”?

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

More like Unlucky Him: Rockland rapper Lucky Me faces up to 3 years in jail

Central Nyack rapper Lucky Me faces prison time for possessing cocaine, according to Journal News colleague Steve Lieberman.


Born Stephon Redmond, Lucky Me pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. At an Oct. 8 sentencing, he faces one to three years in jail.

The 26-year-old chatted exclusively with Suburbarazzi over instant messenger earlier this year. In it, he gave a shout-out to his No. 1 fan from Nyack, “Brooke Cookie.” No word on whether or not Ms. Cookie is a part of his legal team.

(Photo by Vincent DiSalvio/The Journal News.)

Un-Bill-leap-able! AP posts video of Bill Murray’s skydive

If Suburbarazzi’s photo album of Bill Murray’s skydive Friday afternoon didn’t have enough frames or sound for your liking, click here for the Associated Press’ two-minute YouTube video of the Sneden’s Landing resident’s leap over Chicago.

bill3.jpgJust before his jump, two-and-a-half miles above his native city, Murray was asked by a videographer if things could get any better. His reply?

Well, I suppose we could be landing in the middle of Wrigley Field for the final game of the World Series.

Considering the Cubs’ luck over the last century, I wouldn’t be surprised if Murray’s hypothetical landing knocked over Kosuke Fukudome as he attempted to make a run-of-the-mill catch, causing the winning runs to score en route to the Angels’ sweep. And even as a die-hard Yankee fan, I like the Cubs. I’m just sayin’.

Un-Bill-leap-able! First photos of Bill Murray’s Chicago skydiving adventure

Bill Murray flew into Chicago today. And, boy, is his tandem parachute partner tired.

bill1.jpgWith Army Staff Sgt. Joe Jones of the Golden Knights skydiving team strapped to his back, the Sneden’s Landing resident found a safe landing on North Avenue beach in the Windy City just after 4 p.m. EST today at the Chicago Air and Water Show.

The Chicago Tribune said a crowd of thousands greeted him with loud applause. Also according to the Trib:

Laughing and looking relieved as soldiers unhooked him from the parachute harness, Murray waved to the crowd and feigned limpness as he shuffled toward smiling officials in the reviewing stand next to the North Avenue Beach House.

Near the end of the jump from 13,500 feet, the tandem struck up an odd conversation once the parachute opened, according to Jones:

We talked about golf. Not even really about Caddyshack.

I would have discussed the metaphysical and socioeconomic implications of “Ghostbusters,” myself, but to each his own. A 13-photo slideshow of the comic’s afternoon adventures is after the break. Continue reading