Bye-bye Brokaw

Pound Ridge resident Tom Brokaw (or as I like to call him, “T-Bro”) has officially stepped down as interim host of NBC’s Meet the Press and passed off the baton to White House reporter David Gregory, also a host of his own show on MSNBC.

Granted, I have a healthy heterosexual man crush on Tom Brokaw, but I think he truly deserves some kudos.

Here’s a guy who for over 20 years anchored NBC’s nightly newscast and is no doubt one of the greatest journalists in our generation. And after Meet the Press host Tim Russert (another one of my healthy heterosexual man crushes) unexpectedly died this summer, Brokaw came out of retirement and took over while NBC searched for a replacement.

The show made several headlines under Brokaw’s short tenure, including former Secretary of State Collin Powell who told Brokaw on Meet the Press that he was endorsing Barack Obama instead of John McCain.

And according to the Baltimore Sun, Brokaw actually brought in a larger audience than Russert. In November, Meet the Press averaged 4.491 million viewers a week — almost a million more than ABC’s Sunday show and almost 3 million more than Fox’s.

For that T-Bro, we salute you.

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Aman Ali

Aman Ali has been a mobile journalist for the Journal News since 2007. Prior to that he worked in Washington, D.C., for The Hill covering Capitol Hill politics and the 2008 Presidential race. An Ohio native, Ali received his degree in newspaper journalism from Kent State University. If he's not on assignment reporting, he can be found at home beating 12-year-olds online in Madden football on his Xbox 360.