EXCLUSIVE: Bobby Moynihan talks SNL

Eastchester’s very own Bobby Moynihan chats with Suburbarazzi in his first interview since landing a spot on Saturday Night Live this season.tjndc5-5mfgalpb1lu5ksy861h_original.jpg

My tag-team partner Chris Serico (whose been harder to find than Dick Cheney these days on the blog) caught up with Moynihan, and reminisced their middle school days together in Eastchester.

During the first episode this season with Michael Phelps, Moynihan had his first break-out sketch about an overzealous pizza waiter, a character he formed during his days of being a bartender at Uno’s in Yonkers.

Most importantly, Moynihan talks about rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bill Murray and Sarah Palin, and most importantly, what it was like to spank Anne Hathaway (hay chihuahua).

Moynihan gave another interview to the Journal News with Heather Salerno, which means he either really likes our paper, or our editors are really bad at coordinating coverage hahahaha.

(NBC Photo: Dana Edelson)

Diddy said he feels like MLK

Many of you still may not understand my obsession with Diddy. Hopefully his interview with the AP today will change that.aleqm5gj6vbmmbt1ygp-xjqcj-alyas6za.jpeg

After voting for Barack Obama today, Diddy exclaimed “I felt like my vote was the vote that put him into office. It was down to one vote, and that was going to be my vote.”

Still not convinced? Read what he said next:

“I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I just felt like, Martin Luther King, and I felt the whole civil rights movement, I felt all that energy.”

I rest my case.

(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Larchmont reference in Planet of the Apes?

This little tidbit isn’t exactly “new” by any means, but it sure is interesting.tjndc5-5b3kh7tl747lqnf2h5a_original.jpg

Planet of the Apes (not to be confused with the lame 2001 remake) has Charleton Heston running around in the future in a monkey-run New York City.

Well according to this writer, the scene at the end where two Chimp doctors hold up a map to Heston, Heston points to the shore that he arrived at. One of the doctor’s responds by calling it the “forbidden zone.”

Well if you look closely at this map, the forbidden zone is none other than the Larchmont Harbor. Score!

Now you have something to chat about at your next party.

By the way, go vote. Cuz Diddy said so.

(AP File Photo)

Update: Olbermann responds to SNL skit

tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_original.jpgJohn McCain’s campaign not only praised the senator’s performance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, but spent even more time talking about the sketch making fun of MSNBC anchor and Tarrytown native Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann responded to Time magazine today with these words:

“Honestly, everybody deserves a laugh but if on the weekend before the presidential election they spent more than seven seconds bothering with ME, the campaign staff has even less of a clue than I thought.”

Olbermann then goes on to credit the McCain campaign for helping him beat Bill O’Reilly in the TV ratings, and then teases to this juicy tidbit that he’s going to reveal on his show tonight:

“One last SNL thing: I’ll be reporting the details on this tonight. ask them why Governor Palin didn’t say her first line as scripted three shows ago. As they pulled back from the monitor shot of Tina doing the impression she was supposed to compliment Tina. Could’ve been a real rehab to her image – why’d she refuse?”


(AP File Photo)

Olbermann skewered on SNL

Ben Affleck nailed an over-the-top impression of Keith Olbermann this weekend in a sketch for Saturday Night Live.

Olbermann apparently was so curious to see how Affleck was going to portray him that he crashed the SNL set on Friday to watch the rehearsal.

If you’ve never watched Olbermann’s Countdown show on MSNBC, he’s known for being a bit extreme in his commentaries, calling just about everyone a fascist dictator and demanding their resignation.

My fave part was the Special Comment segment at the end. Check out the sketch below:

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But my fave Olbermann impression of all time is still this YouTube video.