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The Voting Woes Tale of Tim Robbins

Posted by: Aman Ali - Posted in Uncategorized on Nov 12, 2008

This one is epic.

Tim Robbins tried performing his civic duty by voting last week, when he was told at his polling location that his name was not on the list.

“I had been voting there for years,” he told the Associated Press. “I have not moved, I have not changed party affiliations. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be in the rolls. So I was given a paper ballot and filled it out, but I wanted my vote to be registered there — and I don’t trust paper ballots.”

So then, he asked to talk to someone at the Board of Elections and refused to leave until someone from the board came down to the polling place.

Go Tim!

Robbins was offered a paper ballot but he refused because “oftentimes those things get lost or thrown away.”

After hours of waiting, Robbins was told to go the Board of Elections office in downtown Manhattan to verify his voter registration.

A judge then issued a court order allowing him to vote, so Robbins went back to his original polling place and was allowed to cast his ballo

“This is just one example of how difficult it is to vote in the United States,” he said.

Wow, he fought for hours for his right to vote. And here I am throwing a hissy fit every time my Taco Bell order takes more than 3 minutes to make.

(AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock)