Larchmont reference in Planet of the Apes?

This little tidbit isn’t exactly “new” by any means, but it sure is interesting.tjndc5-5b3kh7tl747lqnf2h5a_original.jpg

Planet of the Apes (not to be confused with the lame 2001 remake) has Charleton Heston running around in the future in a monkey-run New York City.

Well according to this writer, the scene at the end where two Chimp doctors hold up a map to Heston, Heston points to the shore that he arrived at. One of the doctor’s responds by calling it the “forbidden zone.”

Well if you look closely at this map, the forbidden zone is none other than the Larchmont Harbor. Score!

Now you have something to chat about at your next party.

By the way, go vote. Cuz Diddy said so.

(AP File Photo)

Aman Ali

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