‘SNL’ newbie Bobby Moynihan first topic of today’s Howard Stern show

The likeness of Eastchester native and new “Saturday Night Live” cast member Bobby Moynihan to comedian Artie Lange was the first topic of conversation on Howard Stern’s radio show Monday morning.


Lange serves as a sidekick to Stern, who launched his professional radio career in Briarcliff Manor.

Here’s how the show started while Rob Zombie and Stern’s “American Nightmare” theme music slowly faded in the background:


Howard Stern: I don’t even know where to begin.
Robin Quivers: Well, you could say ‘Good morning.’
HS: Uh, good morning. That’s a good place to begin. Every television show has like a Belushi type; now it’s the Artie type. ‘Saturday Night Live,’ look at the latest guy they got: Bobby Moynihan. Who’s he look like, Artie?
Artie Lange: (Laughs.) Does that look like me?
HS: You know, that— does that look like you?!
RQ: Oh, my God. Of course it does!
AL: No, well, uh—
HS: It’s like the Artie type—
AL: I told you— Artie type?! It’s the Belu—
HS: The Belushi type.
AL: John Belushi got guys like me a career. God bless that guy.

OK, so the entire Bobby Moynihan conversation lasted 35 seconds. But after only two “SNL” appearances, at least word is spreading fast and Stern’s assessment was rather benign.

As Bedford resident Chevy Chase will tell you, being an “SNL” alum on Stern’s cranky side can have serious pitfalls; only in recent years did Chase and Stern amicably settle a nasty public feud that raged for nearly two decades.

That said, the two consider each other friends these days, with Chase making his first visit to the Stern set on Thursday to promote a charity auction for The Center of Environment Education Online. During the candid chat, Chase said his mother and stepfather had been abusive, and explained how Belushi helped start — and tried to stop — the fisticuffs that broke out between Chase and Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray just before an episode of “SNL” in the late ’70s.

nick-d.jpgYet another comedian with ties to the Lower Hudson Valley, northern Westchester resident Nick Di Paolo, was a guest on the Stern show Tuesday. He was promoting his upcoming shows, including a Nov. 20 gig at the Tarrytown Music Hall; that show — his first major gig in the county — will return him to the village he called home for two years. More about that show to come.

(Photo of Moynihan courtesy of Moynihan; Photo of Stern: Richard Drew/AP; Photo of Di Paolo: Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal News)

Chris Serico

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