LoHud rocks: Elliott Yamin to headline Playland, The B-52s open for what’s (allegedly) The Police’s final show

As I reported for sister-blog Remote Access late last night, Elliott Yamin — the super-likable “American Idol” underdog alumnus — will be headlining a concert at Playland in Rye tomorrow night.

elliott2.jpgPerhaps Yamin, who finished third ahead of superstar Chris Daughtry and just behind winner Taylor Hicks and runner-up Katharine McPhee, is headed to the Lower Hudson Valley in attempt to outdo Hicks’ riveting promo for Remote Access.

Sadly, I will not be in attendance for Yamin’s performance, as I will be screaming and singing my face off at another concert venue — Madison Square Garden — for what will (allegedly) be the final concert ever for my favorite band, The Police. (Note to self: Bookmark this post for June 2010, when I’ll be blogging about the group’s final FINAL reunion tour.)

Last summer, I caught The Police’s first Madison Square Garden show in 25 years. Worth the wait, it was without question one of the best concerts I’d ever seen. Picking favorites from their library of songs is like picking from my children (hopefully nonexistent at this point), so whatever set list they bust out will be perfectly fine by me.

b-52s.jpgSting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers have no slouch of an opening act, either, in The B-52s, who once lived in Mahopac.

Much like The Police, The B-52s were one of the first bands I ever got into. While most people know them for “Rock Lobster,” “Love Shack” and “Roam,” I was equally familiar with deeper album cuts like “Planet Claire,” “Private Idaho,” “Lava,” “Song for a Future Generation,” “Legal Tender,” “Channel Z” and “Good Stuff.” I lost track of them shortly after the “Good Stuff” album came out in the early ’90s, but have always appreciated their musicianship and quest to live up to their billing as the “World’s Greatest Party Band.”

Check back in Friday for a full report on both bands’ performances.

The Brangelina Drawing Saga Continues!

So I was reading an Associated Press article saying that former Sneden’s Landing resident Angelina Jolie is using the $14 million she got from her newborn baby pics to set up an international children’s fund.

Which gave me an idea. As you know, we here at Suburbarazzi are hawking EXCLUSIVE drawings of Brangelina’s twins and to help motivate you guys to bid, I’ve decided to recruit my charity celebrity friends. Ok fine, I don’t know any of these people, but I’m pretty awesome at using Microsoft Paint.




(Alan Sader: AP Photo)

(Sally Struthers: AP Photo/Lee Celano)

(DMX: AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano)

Gunfire at Diddy’s Party on Saturday

Zoinks! Looks like a party got rowdy over the weekend at a nightclub party hosted by Jermaine Dupri and Diddy.

According to People magazine, shots were fired during SoSo Def Summerjam, an event in Atlanta attended by over 3,000 people including Usher, Nelly, Gabrielle Union and Larenz Tate. One security guard was reportedly wounded.


Police said a few guests were upset they had to pay extra money to get into the party’s VIP section and one of them pulled out a gun and began firing.

What possesses people to bring guns to a party where everyone else is simply trying to have a good time? I wonder what goes on in their head as they get ready to leave the house:

“Cologne? Check. Deodorant? Check. Beretta M9 pistol with hollow point bullets? Check. Ladies, here I come!”

Or they call up a friend like:

“Hey man, do you mind if I borrow your Smith and Wesson XVR revolver? It’ll look really cute with this top I’m wearing to the club tonight. Dude, I know I still have to return your AR-15 semi-automatic rifle from the other night, but I promise to give them both back on Monday.”

(I play a lot of Call of Duty on Xbox 360, so don’t judge me. )

Pics of Brangelina babies go for $14 million

People magazine spent $14 million to get pics of Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins. Holy Shiite!

That’s 14 million junior bacon cheeseburgers! Considering the grim economic times for the news business, that definitely isn’t chump change. I’m heartbroken they didn’t consider my sketches of the babies, which would have been a bargain for People mag at $1 million:


Look how cute they are. I think Knox has Brad Pitt’s eyes.

Well, these pics are still up for grabs. Tiger Beat magazine, now is the time to step up to the plate and throw down some cash.

‘W.’ trailer is a Winner

UPDATE: Turns out there’s a much better reason for us posting the “W.” trailer. Aside from starring Nyack’s Ellen Burstyn (who plays Barbara Bush), a new LoHud connection has emerged. This Thursday, director Oliver Stone will be paying a visit to the Jacob Burns film center to screen “Nixon” and do a Q&A with Janet Maslin. The event begins at 6:30 p.m., and tickets are $15 for members, $20 for nonmembers.

Click here to buy tickets.

As for the “W.” trailer, it’s a doozey! Love the part where James Cromwell, as H.W., tells James Brolin’s boozed up W.:

Who do you think you are, a Kennedy?

You’re a Bush.

Act like one.

Can’t wait for this one to come out. Enjoy.


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‘Mad Men’ gives Westchester its props

I might be a little late with this story, about a year to be exact.

So I just started watching the show Mad Men on AMC this past weekend and realized many of the people in the show live in Westchester. In one of the early episodes, you can see the main character Don Draper get off a Metro North train at a station in Ossining. I almost choked on my Capri Sun out of excitement when I saw that.


By the way, Mad Men is an amazing show if you haven’t seen it already.

The show really does a good job capturing the whole vibe from the late 50s/early 60s. Kinda makes me wish I grew up during that period, well except for the fact that I’d probably be limited to the number of water fountains I could drink from 🙂

Season 2 just started, but you can play catch up by watching them for free on demand if you have a cable box.

(AP Photo/AMC)

EXCLUSIVE: As a football player, comedian Nick Di Paolo teamed up with Mark Bavaro, lettered 2 years at Maine

I finish our extensive and exclusive Nick Di Paolo coverage with a SportsCenter-style Did You Know and a link to my full feature article about him in today’s Journal News.

nick-pic-2.jpgDid You Know the stand-up comedian and Massachusetts native helped captain a Danvers High School football team that included former New York Giants star Mark Bavaro, then lettered two years on the University of Maine squad? Seriously!

Now a northern Westchester resident, Di Paolo said his favorite on-the-field moment was against the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), whom Maine hadn’t defeated in about two decades:

“My first starting job was as a running back against UMass on Homecoming, and we did a double-reverse. I went 65 yards, outran a kid, Grady Fuller, who ran a sub-4.4 40 (yard dash), and I outran him. … I went around this kid like he was standing still. The coaches kept rewinding it, because this kid was an All-American and (stuff). So I had the reverse for the touchdown — I had two touchdowns that day and I had 85 yards on the ground and 65 in receptions for 150. And we won 42-16 or something like that.”

Even cooler is the fact that Di Paolo said he caught the comedy bug as a high school senior when he did running commentary for a slideshow at Danvers’ football banquet:

“I killed! It was like 300, 400 people there and the pictures were killing. I remember going home really excited.”

(Photo by Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal News)

‘Razzi Rundown: Where alliteration lives, puns are fun and timeliness is optional

Disclaimer: I’m an avid reader of BestWeekEver.tv, one of my favorite non-LoHud blogs out there these days. So if this quick-hitter format and source material looks familiar, it is, and I’m coming clean with that up-front. Plagiarism kills, kids!

jayz.jpgRINGDOM COME: New Scarsdale resident Jay-Z is finally wearing a wedding ring these days. You might have “the hottest chick in the game wearin’ (your) chain,” Shawn, but Beyoncé seems pretty intent on your wearing jewels of Hova matrimony. (Source: MollyGood via BestWeekEver.tv)

MUNCH SINGS!: My friend and comedienne extraordinaire Abbi Crutchfield caught comedian Richard Belzer’s recent act at Comix, where he was lauded by Robert Klein of Briarcliff Manor from the crowd and backed by Bedford’s Paul Shaffer and the Belzonics on stage. No word on if Ice-T offered similar musical collaboration, which surely would have been accompanied by the echoey “Law & Order” gavel. (Source: The Apiary)

PANETTIERE IS FRENCH FOR ‘PARKING ANYWHERE’: “Heroes” star and Palisades native Hayden Penettiere appears to have been busted for a parking violation. It’s unknown if similar fines are pending for a subpar second season. (Source: I’m Not Obsessed via BestWeekEver.tv)

BA-ED NEWS, GOO-ED NEWS: Ed McMahon, whose family once lived in Bronxville, is being sued for money he allegedly owes his daughter’s divorce attorney. At least his new gig helping out Jimmy Kimmel will help Ed pay off his McMahon-sion. Hiyo! (Source: E!)

VIEIRON MAIDEN: With Irvington resident Meredith Vieira on lead vocals, former Yorktown resident Al Roker on drums and former Chappaqua-Ardsley-Hartsdale resident Matt Lauer on “guitar,” the Today Show’s attempt to play Rock Band is almost as bizarre as the Willard Scott ditty that follows it. (Source: BestWeekEver.tv.)